Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Going For A Canada Permanent Residency After Finishing Studies In The Country

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Tons of immigrant students do their very best to make sure that they are able to get the higher education that they want to achieve. For many, it is about going to the best schools. Canada is one of the top countries that immigrant students flock to because of its culture when it comes to immigrants and mainly because of the really good education that one can get in the country. Canada is home to some of the best universities and educational institutions in the world. The list includes the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Calgary, and University of Alberta.

After finishing a program in any of the universities and educational institutions in Canada, there are options for immigrant students. Included in that list is the chance to actually go back to their home country and apply what they have learned. On the other hand, there are those immigrant students who have loved the life in the country that they want to stay there. These individuals can actually push and apply for a permanent residency status after they have completed their studies.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

There are various ways in for those newly graduated immigrant students in Canada to be able to get that permanent residency that they want to get. First off, there is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. This is mostly driven by employers who are looking for the right people to be part of their staff. This program actually has a stream which is targeted at those immigrant students.

The Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

Ontario is known as the biggest province that Canada has. At present, it has a Provincial Nominee Program and it is a good way for immigrant students to get that goal. It has three different streams that are targeting three various levels of graduate immigrant students. Among those three streams, only one of those is actually requiring that an immigrant student must have a job offer in the country.

The Quebec International Graduate Stream

For those who are interested in being in Quebec, the province has a stream that is targeting international graduates. This one is fairly easy as it does not need for any graduate to actually have a job offer. All the individual needs to have is the ability to speak and write in French and it should be in an advanced level.

The Alberta Opportunity Stream

Those who are trying to be in Alberta or still have not decided on a place yet, Alberta would be a good place to be in. It has an Alberta Opportunity Stream and one of the rules in its list actually is aiming at those immigrant students who have graduated from the country.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Facts About New Zealand Immigrants Need To Know

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Before jumping into an airplane and traveling straight to New Zealand, it is best that one knows just what they would be expecting in the country. Although people know that this country is one of the best countries in the world to be an immigrant in, it is always good to have information on one’s side. It is best to do this so that one cannot be that surprised when they are actually in the country.

So what exactly should one know about New Zealand? Well, here are a variety of facts about the country that potential immigrants and approved immigrants must know before they actually get flying to the country.

Sheep versus people. People versus sheep.

There are plenty of sheep in the country. In fact, there are a lot of sheep in the country that the population of the animal is far more than the current population of people there. A study has disclosed that there are nine sheep for each individual in New Zealand. So that means that there are definitely a lot of them there! Who knows how many have been added as this article is being written? There could be a higher ratio now.

Lord of the Rings.

The famous trilogy, Lord of the Rings, and the other movies that have come after it, have been filmed in New Zealand. This shows and showcases just how beautiful the country is. If one has not seen the trilogy yet, they should, especially if they are going to be an immigrant in the country or are planning to be one. The place where the movie was shot is now a tourist attraction.

The country has been so attached to the movie that it took a part of the film and used it. This was seen back in 2012 when the country’s national television network had a broadcast where they used the Elvish language to actually share the weather report. Now, that sure is fascinating. The only question though is if the people who have watched that weather report understood what they were watching.

The love for golf.

Immigrants who are into golf would have a grand time in New Zealand. See, there are plenty of golf courses in this country. In fact, one can definitely find over 400 golf courses in the country. That sure is a lot! This just goes to show just how big the country is when it comes to land and how they are using it to provide outdoor activities for the citizens. So immigrants and upcoming immigrants in the country who really love the sport can practice their swings in any one of those 400+ golf courses that are available there. Surely, many who have simply traveled to the country have been more than surprised to see that many golf courses in one country.

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Professor Calls For UK Gov’t Supporting Immigrant Students After Graduation

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A good amount of immigrant students from around the world are making their way to the United Kingdom each year. Who would not want to be there and study there when this country is at the top when it comes to educational institutions? The country is home to many of the world’s best universities and educational institutions. And that is what has been attracting quite a huge amount of immigrant students there each year.

Ian Goldin works as a professor at England’s University of Oxford. Recently, he has spoken about immigration and how it is a key factor when it comes to the growth of the economy of the United Kingdom. Not a lot of countries see this but Goldin sure does. He believes that immigration is actually very important for a country to be able to experience growth in its economy. He believes that most people see the negative impacts of immigration which are fairly just minimal as compared to the huge benefits that a country gets from welcoming immigrants to its soil.

Support from the locals

According to a recent study, more and more locals of Britain are actually supporting immigrant students in terms of how they actually help out the country. They are even all for urging law makers to work on laws and policies that allow these immigrant students to be given the right to work in the country after they have finished their courses and their programs as students.

This is a really good thing as it means that immigrant students would not have to worry about having to leave the country after their studies are finished. It also means that they would have the support of the government and the support of the locals when it comes to local businesses giving them jobs. There are countries where locals frown upon those immigrants who are given jobs in their country. But with this kind of support, those immigrant students can definitely feel relaxed and not have to worry about their future after completing their studies.

Recommendations for policies for immigrant students

A report recently sent out by the Migration Advisory Committee has shown that they are recommending that policies on options for immigrant students after graduation be given a good extension. The top options for a good extension would be those who have finished courses and programs on science and technology, medicine, and also engineering. This is just the start of the list but there would definitely be more coming up later on as soon as the first recommendations become real policies. The government already sees the importance of these graduates and know that having them in the country to do work would definitely benefit the country a lot.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Immigration Benefits: Immigration Minister Of Canada Talks

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Not many countries and individuals around the world believe in the kind of benefits immigration brings to a country. In fact, not many countries are up to welcoming immigrants to their soil. There are plenty countries and governments which put a limit to the maximum number of individuals that they would accept each year. For Canada, the government of this country has put a limit on the minimum number of individuals who have applied to be immigrants and have passed all the requirements. The more immigrants the country gets each year, the merrier it would be for the government of Canada and the whole country.

In a recent event, Ahmed Hussen has talked about just how immigration is really beneficial to a country. Hussen works as the minister of immigration of Canada. He is also a former refugee who found himself in Canada. He is the perfect person to speak about immigration because he knows how it is and he is a really strong advocate for this. He calls this world to be full of countries which are closing their doors on people who need or want a new country to call their home.

The talk on immigration and refugees

It was during a visit to the University of New South Wales just recently that Hussen had talked about his beliefs and his advocacies on immigration and on refugees. This was one of his stops during his trip to Australia. There, he talked about being progressive and doing something about policies on refugees and on immigration. Being a former refugee, Hussen really does speak from experience and from his expertise on the subject. He knows what it is like to be one of them and that is why he has been found out to be a top person for this subject.

He was recorded to have stated that Canada is home not just to the locals but is also home to many immigrants and refugees. The Canada at present is not just about locals but is now a home of many immigrants and descents of those previous immigrants. He has stated that modern Canada has a history that is all connected to immigration and one can definitely see the results of that in the kind of country Canada is today.

His stance on immigration

Though many countries are not open to immigration, Hussen is proud that Canada is. Immigrants really help out a lot when it comes to the economy. He claims that in today’s world, investment as well as talent and skills are really mobile. People are more than willing to go to places that would be better for them. People are also more than willing to move to places where they feel like they are welcome. And that is what Canada is doing to its immigrants.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Immigration New Zealand Grants Chelsea Manning Work Visa

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A work visa has been granted by the Immigration New Zealand to Chelsea Manning so that she can continue on with her tour which has a stop in New Zealand. With her work visa, she can speak at the events that have been scheduled in two of the big cities of the country – Wellington and Auckland. This means that Manning can go ahead and push on with her tour which has been receiving quite a big event from all around the globe.

Think INC is the promoter of Manning and her tour. According to the promoters and organizers, Manning has already received her work visa from Immigration New Zealand and that work visa has been sent to her already. This means that the country has already said yes to her working in the country. Though it may not seem like the usual kind of work, what Manning is doing is still work. It was just a week ago that this individual has been given the special privilege to be able to apply for the visa in New Zealand.

Who is Chelsea Manning?

Chelsea Manning is a former soldier of the United States. She has become quite famous as an activist in the country, and also as a whistleblower. She has also been put to join for seven years because she was the person who had sent around 750,000 documents that were of diplomatic and of military nature to WikiLeaks. Those documents were not just any documents but were actually holding classified information that pertained to diplomats from the US as well as information on the military of the country. She was supposed to be in prison for 35 years as given in her sentence back in 2013. However, she was able to get out earlier when then President of the US, Barack Obama, had cut her sentence short.

She was also passionate about things and she is transgender. She was born a male but chose to become female. She started to have hormone therapy so that she can become totally female. She chose her own name, Chelsea.

Her New Zealand leg

Though Manning was not granted a work visa by Australia, she will still do her shows in Melbourne and Brisbane via videolink so despite not having per physical presence in the country, she can still do her shows. She will be doing that in New Zealand. Manning will be staying far longer in New Zealand as compared to other countries she has been to because of her plan to accommodate the planned Australian shows, which she will be doing in New Zealand. Tickets to her shows have been selling quite good, says her promoter. Many are interested to know what she has to talk about.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

EU And Non-EU: The Urge To UK Gov’t To Treat Immigrants The Same

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It is not a secret that the whole world is waiting for what would be happening to the United Kingdom once its exit from the European Union happens. The UK is one of the largest and strongest economies in the world right now and people are seeing if this would still continue to happen with the exit. However, experts are saying that the UK is definitely strong and can continue to be such despite not being part of this big union.

Now that the country is going to not be a part of the union, Britain has to make sure that it is able to still be as strong as it is now. And one of the main concerns for people is that there is still that differentiation between EU citizens and non-EU citizens for Britain. People are now saying that the country’s government should not differentiate the two after the exit as these are still people and it does not matter where they come from. So when it comes to immigration, the treatment should be the same for both.

Treating them the same

Diane Abbott works as the shadow home secretary and she is pushing for the government to actually make sure that EU and non-EU citizens are given the same treatment when it comes to immigration to the United Kingdom. She has spoken about this and she has stated that she will make sure that the treatment would be the same. Those who are from the EU are really no different from those who are from anywhere else in the world and so treatment and requirements for potential immigrants should not be any different.

This actually is a big thing for Abbott as well as for the Labour party. This is why the party is going for making sure that the immigration policies and system after the exit would all be set and would not be giving any kind of special treatment to anyone, no matter where they may be from. People are people and it does not matter where they come from. This is Abbott’s campaign right now.

The proposal for immigration

Abbott had a speech just recently and during that event, she has mentioned that she is going to work on proposals that would make sure that the immigration policies in the country are going to be changed. There would be no differentiation between European Union citizens and those who are not from that part of country. Right now, the policy on work visas is currently under construction and Abbott has disclosed that this policy is being worked on so that the tiers would show the categories on employment. It does not state anything about the country of origin which is a good thing.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

How To Qualify For Business Immigration In Canada

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Plenty of people from around the globe have set their sights on Canada as the chosen destination for their immigration plans. Canada has been one of the most popular countries around the world when it comes to immigration destinations. And the country is more than open to welcome these newcomers as long as they meet the requirements set by the government. So how does one become an immigrant in Canada?

Well, there are plenty of ways that one can make it to the country. There are different programs that have been designed for specific purposes. There is a program for workers. There is a program for students. There are other programs and these programs depend on what the country needs. The government would create these specific programs depending on what their need is when it comes to immigrants and immigration. One of the programs that the country has is for those individuals who are on the business side and can bring some kind of investment in the country.

Immigration programs for business bringers

The good thing about Canada is it is open to individuals who are bringing businesses to the country. And those who are interested in being immigrants to the country and are bringing some kind of investment with them can actually do so via a number of immigration programs made especially for them. Though they may want to be in the country, they can definitely choose from a number of programs that would give them a higher chance of getting approved. They still would need to fulfill of the requirements that the government has set under each of those programs.

Via any of the immigration programs for businesses and business owners, these individuals can actually make their way to the country as immigrants. From there on, they can actually start working on paving a way towards getting that coveted citizenship. After all, being a permanent residence of the country would bring a whole lot of benefits that are really good and are not available to all immigrants.

The business immigration programs in Canada

How does one get to Canada via immigration? Well, one of the ways to do that would be the Buy A Business and Move to Canada and it would mean them getting a temporary work visa. And then there is the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program (which is also known as the IIVCP). With this one, an immigrant can actually later on apply for permanent residency, just like the first one. It also comes with a list of requirements when it comes to amount of investment, etc. Another program would be the Start-Up Visa Program which gives a permit to those entrepreneurs who want to be immigrants to the country.

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