Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Immigration New Zealand Grants Chelsea Manning Work Visa

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A work visa has been granted by the Immigration New Zealand to Chelsea Manning so that she can continue on with her tour which has a stop in New Zealand. With her work visa, she can speak at the events that have been scheduled in two of the big cities of the country – Wellington and Auckland. This means that Manning can go ahead and push on with her tour which has been receiving quite a big event from all around the globe.

Think INC is the promoter of Manning and her tour. According to the promoters and organizers, Manning has already received her work visa from Immigration New Zealand and that work visa has been sent to her already. This means that the country has already said yes to her working in the country. Though it may not seem like the usual kind of work, what Manning is doing is still work. It was just a week ago that this individual has been given the special privilege to be able to apply for the visa in New Zealand.

Who is Chelsea Manning?

Chelsea Manning is a former soldier of the United States. She has become quite famous as an activist in the country, and also as a whistleblower. She has also been put to join for seven years because she was the person who had sent around 750,000 documents that were of diplomatic and of military nature to WikiLeaks. Those documents were not just any documents but were actually holding classified information that pertained to diplomats from the US as well as information on the military of the country. She was supposed to be in prison for 35 years as given in her sentence back in 2013. However, she was able to get out earlier when then President of the US, Barack Obama, had cut her sentence short.

She was also passionate about things and she is transgender. She was born a male but chose to become female. She started to have hormone therapy so that she can become totally female. She chose her own name, Chelsea.

Her New Zealand leg

Though Manning was not granted a work visa by Australia, she will still do her shows in Melbourne and Brisbane via videolink so despite not having per physical presence in the country, she can still do her shows. She will be doing that in New Zealand. Manning will be staying far longer in New Zealand as compared to other countries she has been to because of her plan to accommodate the planned Australian shows, which she will be doing in New Zealand. Tickets to her shows have been selling quite good, says her promoter. Many are interested to know what she has to talk about.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

EU And Non-EU: The Urge To UK Gov’t To Treat Immigrants The Same

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It is not a secret that the whole world is waiting for what would be happening to the United Kingdom once its exit from the European Union happens. The UK is one of the largest and strongest economies in the world right now and people are seeing if this would still continue to happen with the exit. However, experts are saying that the UK is definitely strong and can continue to be such despite not being part of this big union.

Now that the country is going to not be a part of the union, Britain has to make sure that it is able to still be as strong as it is now. And one of the main concerns for people is that there is still that differentiation between EU citizens and non-EU citizens for Britain. People are now saying that the country’s government should not differentiate the two after the exit as these are still people and it does not matter where they come from. So when it comes to immigration, the treatment should be the same for both.

Treating them the same

Diane Abbott works as the shadow home secretary and she is pushing for the government to actually make sure that EU and non-EU citizens are given the same treatment when it comes to immigration to the United Kingdom. She has spoken about this and she has stated that she will make sure that the treatment would be the same. Those who are from the EU are really no different from those who are from anywhere else in the world and so treatment and requirements for potential immigrants should not be any different.

This actually is a big thing for Abbott as well as for the Labour party. This is why the party is going for making sure that the immigration policies and system after the exit would all be set and would not be giving any kind of special treatment to anyone, no matter where they may be from. People are people and it does not matter where they come from. This is Abbott’s campaign right now.

The proposal for immigration

Abbott had a speech just recently and during that event, she has mentioned that she is going to work on proposals that would make sure that the immigration policies in the country are going to be changed. There would be no differentiation between European Union citizens and those who are not from that part of country. Right now, the policy on work visas is currently under construction and Abbott has disclosed that this policy is being worked on so that the tiers would show the categories on employment. It does not state anything about the country of origin which is a good thing.

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Monday, September 17, 2018

How To Qualify For Business Immigration In Canada

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Plenty of people from around the globe have set their sights on Canada as the chosen destination for their immigration plans. Canada has been one of the most popular countries around the world when it comes to immigration destinations. And the country is more than open to welcome these newcomers as long as they meet the requirements set by the government. So how does one become an immigrant in Canada?

Well, there are plenty of ways that one can make it to the country. There are different programs that have been designed for specific purposes. There is a program for workers. There is a program for students. There are other programs and these programs depend on what the country needs. The government would create these specific programs depending on what their need is when it comes to immigrants and immigration. One of the programs that the country has is for those individuals who are on the business side and can bring some kind of investment in the country.

Immigration programs for business bringers

The good thing about Canada is it is open to individuals who are bringing businesses to the country. And those who are interested in being immigrants to the country and are bringing some kind of investment with them can actually do so via a number of immigration programs made especially for them. Though they may want to be in the country, they can definitely choose from a number of programs that would give them a higher chance of getting approved. They still would need to fulfill of the requirements that the government has set under each of those programs.

Via any of the immigration programs for businesses and business owners, these individuals can actually make their way to the country as immigrants. From there on, they can actually start working on paving a way towards getting that coveted citizenship. After all, being a permanent residence of the country would bring a whole lot of benefits that are really good and are not available to all immigrants.

The business immigration programs in Canada

How does one get to Canada via immigration? Well, one of the ways to do that would be the Buy A Business and Move to Canada and it would mean them getting a temporary work visa. And then there is the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program (which is also known as the IIVCP). With this one, an immigrant can actually later on apply for permanent residency, just like the first one. It also comes with a list of requirements when it comes to amount of investment, etc. Another program would be the Start-Up Visa Program which gives a permit to those entrepreneurs who want to be immigrants to the country.

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Friday, September 14, 2018

Economic Stability, Warm People: Key Factors Why Immigrants Choose New Zealand

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Finding a good country to live in and call home is a big decision to make. It is because it would have to take quite a huge amount of effort and expenses to pack up and leave home. It also means having to go through an arduous process just to be able to get all of the needed requirements ready and complete. Those immigrants who have successfully made it to their country of choice can definitely say just how difficult the whole journey has been. However, it is not just about the difficulty. The difficulty is only the road. Once they get to their destination, they are more than happy to say that the journey was all worth it.

In the case of those who have been eyeing New Zealand as their new country, the journey is just about the same. So what makes this country quite attractive for those potential immigrants? Two things make it to the top of most immigrants’ list – the warm people and the economic stability.

Warm people.

Around the world, these people from New Zealand are known to be one of the warmest people that one can ever meet. They are also known to be quite welcoming and so a lot of immigrants really find it easy to find a friend in the country because the locals know how to interact with new people on their soil. Most immigrants say that locals will make immigrants feel like they have been friends for a really long time already even if they have just met today.

Studies have it that this kind of attitude from the locals is what is attracting all of those new immigrants to the country. After all, if it is easy to interact with really warm people, then those new people can definitely find good footing on New Zealand soil much faster than if they were in a country where people simply did not care about them or were hard on them.

Economic stability.

Despite New Zealand not making big headlines like really huge and powerful countries like China, the United States, and Germany, this country is one with a really stable economy. Yes, that is quite correct, and that is one of the major reasons why immigrants love the place. It means that prices are just right, cost of living is quite low, and there is no need to worry about businesses going out of business. In fact, the government is more than happy to support businesses and employers so that employees do not have to worry about where to find a job next. Finances and the economy are two things that immigrants need not worry about once they are living in this country and that is definitely a good thing.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Studying In The UK: Why Immigrant Students Are Choosing Britain

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For some people, it is the pursuit of knowledge that drives them. This is their main goal in life and nothing can hinder them from getting the education that they want to achieve. Though there are some people who do not have that enough drive to continue their studies, there are people though who are wishing for a better education. The world needs people like them for they will be the ones to discover more things that would help make the world a better place.

Plenty of those seeking to learn more want to make sure that they get their education from some of the top schools in the world. After all, getting education would mean spending time on that one. It also means having to work really hard to be able to finish a whole program. It should also equate to spending time and money. So if one is investing all of that just to finish a whole program, then it is highly interesting to see how many of them are willing to get to the best schools possible so that they would be able to  get their money’s worth. The United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for immigrant students and here are reasons why.

Shorter programs, lesser on expenses.

Most of the courses for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the country are a lot shorter as compared to other countries in the world. With that, it does not necessarily mean that the quality of education in the country would also go down. That is not the case as the country is known to have really quality standards when it comes to their educational system. That being said, more and more immigrant students are choosing this country to get their education because it means that they would be able to learn more, and yet do not have to spend a lot more as the daily cost of living can really take a toll on one’s pocket especially when living in another country.

Studying and working.

What is interesting about studying in the United Kingdom is that international students are actually allowed to get jobs while they are still studying. Of course, there is a limitation to this one. International students can only do 20 hours of work each week as long as they are still students in the country. That means that those who may need more finances to get them through the whole course can get that by working. It should also allow them to focus on their studies and not have to worry about the costs that come with getting the right education. This is one of the top reasons why immigrant students are trying their very best to get to the UK for further studies.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Biometrics And The Canadian Immigration System

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For all of those individuals who are interested in making it to Canada as an immigrant, it is important to know just what is required of them by the government of the mentioned country. By knowing this, they would be able to prepare all of what is needed from them so that their applications are processed. It would also allow them to gauge if they can be approved to be an immigrant.

One of the things that is required of them would be biometrics. This is a requirement for all of those who would want to be an immigrant in the country. Read on and learn about just what it is about biometrics and how it would be used by the Canadian immigration branch for one’s application.

Who needs biometrics?

An individual who would like to be an immigrant in Canada must submit all of the requirements. Two of those requirements would be their fingerprints as well as their photograph. This is a requirement before they are all actually able to step on Canadian soil. It is a new thing in the whole process of immigration and it is a need that this is fulfilled.

Those who would be asked for such would include those individuals who have sent in their applications to get a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa. This would also be asked and required for those individuals who are applying for a Study Permit, a Temporary Resident Permit, a Permanent Residence status, and a Work Permit.

When did this start?

As per news, this requirement for biometrics had started back on the 31st of July this year. All of those who would be hailing from Africa, the Middle East, and Europe would be asked to provide such requirements to the government of Canada. By the end of this year, December 31st, this requirement would be asked for all of those potential immigrants who would be coming from the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Asia.

This requirement would be asked only for those who are still outside of the country. However, for those individuals who are still in their home countries and have yet to step food inside Canadian territory, biometrics would be a must. The officials are saying though that this may be just what is planned but there are more future plans for biometrics. It is quite possible that by next year, biometrics would be a requirement for those applicants who are already in Canadian ground.

Why the need for biometrics?

According to the government of Canada, this requirement would be needed so that they would have information on immigrants. It would allow them to have a good grasp on their identities and that would be part of their plan to make sure that Canadians would stay healthy, safe, and secure. That is their priority above anything else.

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Aiming For Automation: Immigration New Zealand Gets Qrious For Help

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In this day and age, going automated is a big thing. Automation helps keep processes going smoothly and a lot faster. It also allows workers to spend more time doing other more important tasks as they would not have to deal with working with the laborious and tedious tasks that the automation program or hardware can do. Clients and customers would also not to have to wait for long to be able to get the processes completed as the waiting time would be cut shorter. Definitely a good thing to have around.

In the case of New Zealand, the country’s branch on immigration, Immigration New Zealand (which is also known as the INZ), has already seen the benefits that come with automation. And that is why they have decided on bringing automation to help out with their processes. The main goal of investing in such is that it should help all of those individuals who are aspiring immigrants to the country to be able to have a guide that would show them the way towards getting all of the application requirements and objectives done without going through much hassle. By using automation, the INZ can definitely serve more customers.

The goal in mind

As per an interview with the Immigration New Zealand, the government agency has disclosed that this was a big thing for them as they wanted to make sure that they were able to help out get the process done faster for those immigrants that are included in the list of those will skills. Those potential immigrants to the country can actually get help through automation. The INZ would be sending them the information that they would need to make sure that New Zealand is at the top of their list when it comes to choosing the country that they would be going to. The INZ also disclosed that automation would also be able to provide those potential immigrants with the support that they would need once they do pursue applying to get to the country and getting there.

Automation would be very helpful was it would be then sending out the information to those potential immigrants and the messages would be personalized. The more personalized it is, the better it would be for the immigrants as they would be able to see that they are being handled as an individual and not just as a person coming from a whole group of other aspiring immigrants.

The automation from Qrious

The automation would be coming from the platform known as Ubiquity. This has been a product of Qrious, one of the top companies in the world that works on creating programs that could help out a lot of people.

This automation would be fed some information by the INZ. Once it has received that data, the automation would then send out personalized messages via email that would include all of the pertinent information so the country can lure the top skilled individuals from around the world.

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