Friday, December 2, 2022

Keeping Up With The Slang: An Immigrant’s Guide To Lingo Used In New Zealand

Although English is the language that is mainly spoken in New Zealand, immigrants who have chosen to move to this country and call it their new home still have got to learn how to properly communicate with the locals. The thing about New Zealand is that the locals also have an accent that not a lot can easily understand, so immigrants may have a hard time trying to understand them on their first days or weeks. Another thing about communicating is that the locals are prone to using slang, and this can be difficult for immigrants to understand.


However, immigrants are quite lucky because they can prepare for their move to New Zealand by checking out articles like this one that should help them become familiar with some of the slang used in the country. That way, they can already learn about the terms before they actually move to New Zealand soil.




This slang in New Zealand means that something has become really broken, that if one should try to put it together, it would be quite the challenge. It also means that someone has become really drunk or highly intoxicated.


It was Nora’s first time drinking at Cyrene’s party. She was really munted by the end of the night that we had to carry her back to her house.




Those who are really into surfing can be familiar with this slang. This is usually used by surfers when they have had a grand time on the waves. And when used in New Zealand, this slang actually means that someone is really happy about something.


Lisa found out that she had just won the lottery and she was pretty stoked. I think she has already started creating a list of the things that she would buy.




Chook is a slang that is used to refer to a chicken. There are also people who use this slang as a term of endearment.


I really love having chook as a meal but I have to deal with the allergies later.




In New Zealand, ‘eh’ is actually pronounced as ‘ay.’ It is a way of saying or asking, “Don’t you agree?”


Sara learned that being in a relationship is fun at first but can be quite complicated later on, eh?




When someone uses this slang in New Zealand, it means that they are saying thank you.


That chocolate mousse was definitely something. I haven’t had anything delectable in such a long time. Ta!




People in the country use this slang to mean “No.” However, it can also mean “maybe.” Of course, that would depend on the context.


Damian had been asking me to join him on a backpacking trip he had been planning. Yeah… nah. I don’t think I have the energy for that.




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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Knowledge For Immigrants: Traditional Roast On A Sunday And Other Common Traits Of The Locals Of The United Kingdom

Knowing about the characteristics of the locals is one thing that many new immigrants have to do. This is an important step in adjusting to the new life that they would be living in the new country that they have chosen to move to. Each day, immigrants interact with the locals, and they should be aware of how the locals act and do things. This helps them understand the locals better and would also help them know how to act so they do not have to stand out like a sore thumb. That is why immigrants who have chosen to live in the United Kingdom are quite lucky because there are many sources like this article that would help them have a grasp of the traits of the locals.


So what are these common traits? Here are some of them.


Traditional roast on Sundays


One of the things that the locals of the UK do is having traditional roast on Sundays. It is something that they have been doing for ages and so immigrants should not be surprised if they find the locals having that on a weekly basis.


Traditional roast is usually roasted meat, usually beef. But it is not just that. The dish is served with a variety of other ingredients which include roasted vegetables, like potatoes and parsnips. Aside from that, the dish also is served with cauliflower, carrots, greens, cabbage, and cheese. It is just a delectable meal that it is not surprising that the UK’s really would have it on Sundays.


Crisis calls for kettle on the stove


The Brits are also quite known for handling a crisis by first putting the kettle on the stove. It is the very step that they usually do when they have to face a crisis or a problem. Well, that kettle is not on the stove for nothing. It is there to heat some water, which would be used to make some tea. Having a hot beverage helps them think better and process the information that had just been handed to them. Well, this looks like a great thing to do rather than act rashly upon learning about a crisis or a problem.


The full English breakfast


Another trait that the Brits have is their need to have a full English breakfast. This is a dish that can be found just about anywhere in the United Kingdom and immigrants have also been known to actually want to have this as regularly as possible. This is really not surprising because it is one of the best meals out there.


The full English breakfast is a real delight. It is made up of bacon, sausages, eggs, grilled or fried tomatoes, fried mushrooms, and fried bread.




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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Immigrants In Canada Enjoy The Activities That Resort Destination Whistler Has To Offer

Each year, thousands of individuals try their luck and send in their applications to become immigrants in Canada. They have chosen the country for a variety of reasons, and that includes Canada’s healthcare system, education quality, beautiful spots, and culture among many other things. Immigrants also love the fact that the country would allow them to experience the different seasons, especially those who have been living their whole lives in places where the sun shines the whole year through. With these seasons, people are able to experience not just the change in temperature but also experience the many activities that come with the change in weather.


This is the very reason why immigrants in Canada really love visiting Whistler. It is a resort destination that experiences the different seasons. The place offers different activities depending on the weather at that time.


Where is Whistler?


Whistler is a municipality in the regional district of Squamish-Lillooet that is known for its resorts. It can be found in British Columbia, and is in the southern part of the Pacific Ranges. Because it is a resort town, many people visit this place in Canada each year. It is estimated that it welcomes more than two million people each year. To go there, one must take a two-hour drive straight from Vancouver. Because it has become versatile in the many activities offered there, people go there during the different times of the year.


What activities are offered in Whistler in winter?


Whistler is quite famous for the many winter activities that one can enjoy there. One can go snowmobiling there, and even go cross-country skiing. Those who are not that good on skis but would like to explore the place can also go snowshoeing instead. People can also enjoy winter ziplining in this beautiful place in Canada. They can also visit the tube park and go sliding down hills on tubes. Bungee jumping is also an activity one can do there during winter. Other activities include ice fishing, ice skating, ice climbing, and dog sledding.


What activities are offered in Whistler in summer?


When the sun is up and there is no more ice, people still visit Whistler for the many activities that are available there. This spot in Canada is great for enjoying the views by riding a gondola that go from one peak to another. People can also enjoy hiking there as well as take cool dips in the many lakes and beaches there. Those who are on the more adventurous side and would like to see things from above can choose to go sightseeing on a floatplane or on a helicopter. Other activities to try out there include mountain biking, golfing, visiting the local market for the freshest produce, and paddleboarding.




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Monday, November 28, 2022

Paying The Bills, And Other Things: An Immigrant’s Guide To Culture In The United States Of America

It is really exciting to become an immigrant in an amazing country like the United States of America. That is why each year, many people do their best to be able to make that big leap. In preparation for that move, immigrants try to learn as much as they can about the country and its people so that they will be ready when they arrive there. It is a good thing that there are good resources such as this one that would help immigrants who have chosen to live in the United States of America.


The culture of the USA has been highlighted in many TV shows and movies. Some of the most common things in the country include the following. May these guide new immigrants and help them adapt better to the USA.


Going Dutch.


Going Dutch does not mean embracing the Dutch culture. In the USA, it simply means that when a group of friends go to a restaurant, they pay their own share. Sometimes, they would split the bill. This is why some people would not agree to eating out especially if they do not have enough budget for that.


Turning off the TV.


When guests come over, people would usually turn off the TV so that they can focus better on their guests. If there is music, it is adjusted so that it is not too loud that it would interfere with their conversation.


Having parties.


Parties are common in the United States of America. The Americans have such for many different reasons. One of those reasons is the chance to be with friends, or even meet new people. However, unlike how things are depicted in pop culture, a usual party in the USA does not involve loud music and lots of dancing.


Meeting Americans.


When an immigrant meets an American, it is important that they look them straight in the eye. It is also important to smile while shaking hands with them. This would show them that they are interested and glad to meet them.


Making small talk.


Small talk is usually used before an actual conversation happens. Some of the common questions asked include, “How are you?”, “What do you do?”, and “How have you been doing?” It is the Americans’ way of breaking the ice and also getting to know the other person more.  


Gift registry.


While the gift registry is not that popular in many countries, it is a big thing in the USA. People usually have a gift registry when they would be having a wedding, or a shower. This gives guests a chance to have options on what to give as a gift. It would also allow the people having the celebration to get the gifts that they want to have. A gift registry is also good for guests because they do not have to rack their brains what to get as a gift, and it also helps avoid duplicates.




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Friday, November 25, 2022

Immigrants In New Zealand Learn More About The Country By Visiting The Many Cultural institutions There

Moving to a new country as an immigrant is one thing. Those who are able to successfully do so usually want to learn just about what they can do in the country. They also want to know how to go about places and where they can find the best spots, usually for food, groceries, and the like. They would also want to see what activities they can do. In the case of immigrants in New Zealand, many of them also want to learn more about the culture of the country. By doing so, they are able to better understand the new country that they are living in, as well as the people who live there.


One of the good things about living in New Zealand is that it has a rich culture, which has been preserved through the ages. With that, the country has ensured that people do not forget their culture and they do this by opening a number of cultural institutions which people can visit. Immigrants enjoy visiting these not only to learn about New Zealand but also to have a great time there.


What are some of the best cultural institutions in New Zealand? Here are some of them.


Te Papa Tongarewa


This is a museum that people in New Zealand can visit, and it is the national museum of the country. The exhibits found in this museum have themes that include the national history of New Zealand, as well as its natural history. There is even a recreation of the island, exhibits of the country’s wildlife, as well as a great art collection that people can marvel at.


Auckland Museum


Another place that people go to is the Auckland Museum, which is also known as the Auckland War Memorial Museum. This place shows immigrants the story of the country and its people. It is also a war memorial for Auckland, and has one of the country’s top three libraries on heritage.


New Zealand Drama School


This school in New Zealand is also known as the Toi Whakaari. It is a prestigious organization in Wellington that focuses on tertiary training. It has been around for more than a century and it has been able to meet its goal of training individuals to become the best designers, performers, and craftspeople that they can be. It is also great that it has opened its doors not only to the locals but also to students from other parts of the world.


New Zealand Opera Company


More simply known as the New Zealand Opera, this professional opera company is the only one of its kind in the country. It was born just over two decades ago. Its headquarters is in Auckland and it puts together a number of productions each year. It also has educational programs, and helps opera singers early in their careers.




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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Some Of The Most Used Slang In The United Kingdom Which Immigrants Should Be Aware Of

One of the top reasons why many immigrants choose to move to the United Kingdom is because most of the country speaks English. This means that they can easily interact with the locals, especially if they already know the language. Those who may want to improve their English skills can actually do so in the United Kingdom when they interact and converse with the locals. However, what most immigrants do not really realize at first is that, just like in any country or community, there is always slang. And slang in the UK can sound like English but actually means something different.


So what are the usual slang that people in the UK usually use? Here are some of them.


Taking the biscuit


This slang, when used in the UK, actually means that a person is already starting to push their luck.


After asking for an extension on the class project, Rowan was happy when it was granted to them. But he didn’t stop there. He even asked if they could all get high grades even if the project wasn’t that good. That was when he took the biscuit.




A waffle can mean that delicious sweet treat that people enjoy. However, when used as slang in the United Kingdom, this means that someone is droning on and on about nothing important, and is just talking incessantly.


When Margaret gets nervous, she tends to waffle. And that’s what she has been doing while waiting for her test results to come back.




While some people may think that a welly is some sort of food, it is not. In the UK, it means that someone has really given something a really good go.


Paula really wanted to perform on stage but was scared to do it. So when it was her time on stage, she really gave it a welly and she did well!




Some people may believe that “wobbler” means someone who may be wobbling when they walk or move. But in UK slang, this term means that someone has had a tantrum or someone has had a temper.


I now totally understand why James really does not like kids. They can be wobblers over the smallest things, making them very difficult to handle. I really don’t have the patience for such, and so does James.




While a “yak” may be an animal, yakking in UK slang actually means that someone may be rambling on or talking too much.


Sean had been messaging me earlier. He was asking me to call him so that he could excuse himself from the date he was in. He said the woman was beautiful but she had been yakking since the start of the date. Poor Sean.




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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Some Common Slang Used In Canada: A Quick Guide For Immigrants

While English and French are primarily the main languages that are widely used and spoken in Canada, immigrants in the country should also realize that there are slang that have been developed and used by the locals. When immigrants usually encounter these, they are unsure if they heard things right because it is something that they may have heard before but just does not fit the usual meaning. What is even more interesting is that there are tons of slang that are used in Canada, and immigrants should at least be ready to learn at least some of the most used ones.


What are these slang? Well, here are some of the common slang that immigrants in Canada should be familiar with.




No, this is not a name. But it is a noun. This actually is used to mean a convenience store. It is mostly used in Quebec, and it is actually short for depanneur, which is the French term for “convenience store.” Other terms used aside from “dep” include bodega, milk bar, market, corner shop, and corner store.


I’m running to the dep in a bit. Anything you’d like me to get for you while I’m there?




This term is used in Canada, but it is more popularly used in Toronto. This is used not in the usual way but actually is used to mean going to an event or a place.


Tonight’s Daniel’s birthday party. You reaching?




When someone is said to be a keener, it means that this person can be over-eager, or someone who may be trying too hard. It also means a brown-noser.


I honestly don’t like keeners. It seems like they just have to please everyone, and I hate that.


Loonie and Toonie


In Canada, loonie is actually used to refer to the one-dollar coins that have the bird loon on them, thus the term. On the other hand, a toonie is the Canadian two-dollar coin.


I can’t join you today. I forgot my wallet and all I have is a loonie and a toonie.




While many may think that this is used to refer to the animal, it can also be used to refer to dollars.


Can you spare me ten bucks? I forgot to withdraw some money earlier, and I’m short on cash. I have to pay for this stuff.




“Beauty” is another slang in Canada. It is often used to mean that something is good or is awesome.


Melissa and Kevin went on a camping trip just last weekend and they came home with raving descriptions of the place. They said that the entire experience was a beauty. This made me think that I should go there as well.




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