Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Immigration In Newfoundland And Labrador To Go Over Projected Target For 2022

Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada is known as the Maritime province of the country. Two years ago, it had released a new immigration strategy to help the province bring in the needed immigrants. Now, two years after, Newfoundland and Labrador has been able to get quite a good amount of applications from individuals who are willing to be immigrants in the province and in Canada. In fact, the province’s local immigration officials have mentioned that they have become overwhelmed with the huge amount of applications that have come in.

The immigration strategy that the province has put together and has launched two years ago is aimed at bringing in a certain number of immigrants and it would be running up until 2022. However, it does seem like with the tons of applicants sending in their interest and getting approved, the province would be able to reach their target and even go over that amount by this year despite the immigration program’s target to be three years from now.

Back in 2017

The local government of Newfoundland and Labrador has launched an immigration program in 2017. During that time, they had been positive that they would be able to bring in 50% more individuals each year until 2022. This was based on the immigration rate back in 2015 and during that time, the province was able to give out 1,122 permanent residency visas. With the given target, the Canada province was going to focus on bringing in an additional 600 immigrants so that they can hit their goal.

Bernard Davis works as the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills, and Labor of the Canada province and on this, he said that when the whole program was put into action, the local government has believed that the target of bringing in 1,700 total immigrants per year was actually quite a huge goal. They thought it was going to be hard to reach but they were willing to work hard to be able to achieve it. now, Davis is happy that they have received good results with their immigration program. In fact, he mentioned that they believe that they would be able to go over their target.

Immigrants coming in

According to the data from Newfoundland and Labrador, the number of people sending in their applications to be immigrants in this Canada maritime province has doubled from the time the program was put in place – 2018 to 2019. They believe that it was all thanks to the immigration program that was working alongside the Canada government’s Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (which is also known as the AIPP). Davis said that the results are showing that they are now starting to reap all of the fruits of all the work that they have done.

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Monday, August 19, 2019

Edinburgh: The Capital Of Scotland, United Kingdom That Lures Immigrants And Tourists In

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland in the United Kingdom and it is one of the top cities in the country that is able to lure in immigrants, tourists and locals. It is quite beautiful and it surely is worth visiting. The city is known for being the top most visited spot in the UK and that is not quite surprising given what is in store there.

Immigrants are very happy to be in the city as a visitor. They are also quite happy to be living there if their job or their studies ask them to live there. It is quite beautiful and immigrants say that they are always amazed each day just being there and watching everything and exploring just what the city has to offer. It is quite picturesque and it can bring about joy and awe to people.

Buildings that have stood the test of time

Edinburgh is surely quite beautiful and it is not surprising why a lot of people choose to live here or visit here. Immigrants are always amazed at how things are in this city. It has plenty of buildings that carry a lot of history with them and they have stood the test of time. They have also been kept well, thanks to government policies on preservation as well as the cooperation of people.

One of the most popular buildings in UK history can be found in this city. This is the Edinburgh Castle which is quite majestic. It can be found on top of a rocky point in the city so it seems like to tower over everything else. It has been built during the 13th century and has stood as a fortress for the royal family. Inside this castle, visitors can find some awesome things like the One O’Clock Salute which is quite well-known and is done daily. The castle also holds the Crown Jewels of Scotland, the Stone of Destiny (which is also known as the Stone of Scone), and the National War Memorial of Scotland.

Other spots in Edinburgh worth visiting

After taking a trip to the Edinburgh castle, immigrants, tourists, and locals can enjoy the rest of the city. There are other historic places there that are also quite important in UK history. The most popular place here is the Royal Mile of Old Town and here, one can find beautiful architecture pieces. There are also boutiques and cafes and art galleries, and restaurants. There is also the Palace of Holyroodhouse that is old and quite remarkable. People can also visit the National Gallery of the country which can be found in this city as well as the Royal Botanical Garden which holds quite a lot of precious plants to marvel at.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

New Zealand Nature: Luring The Immigrants In

In many countries around the world, nature is seemingly taken for granted. People and governments would choose to build skyscrapers and cities and sacrifice nature. Forests would be paved to make way for roads. Beautiful and picturesque spots would be commercialized to bring in the tourists. Mines would be created to tap into the oil reserves and all other precious minerals. This situation is bringing in more people to New Zealand as immigrants to escape from the growth of modernization in their home countries and enjoy nature that New Zealand has.

New Zealand is not a place where there are no traces of modernization. The country is one of the most modernized countries in the whole world and it also has one of the strongest economies in the world. It has bustling cities and busy urban areas. However, the government here has made sure that they do not abuse nature. They would only use a part of the country for cities and urban areas and they make sure that nature is still preserved everywhere else. Immigrants find the whole setup to be really good and that has made them come to the country amidst all other countries in the world.

Landscapes in the country are beautiful.

The daily grind can get to anyone. It must be pretty difficult especially for immigrants who do not have their close friends or their family nearby. In the case of New Zealand, there is always a good way to take out all of the stress, thanks to the beautiful landscapes that are seemingly everywhere. No landscape is too far from the city and so people can simply go for a drive and find a spot where they can simply gaze at what is in front of them and feel the stress flowing away.

The wonders of volcanoes exist.

The country has plenty of volcanoes. Not all people appreciate volcanoes but those who do would find New Zealand to be a pretty beautiful place. In Auckland, there are over 40 volcanic cones. In Rotorua, one can find hot springs and geothermal geysers. The country has also been carved from all the activities of the volcanoes in the area and they are quite marvelous to look at and visit each and every time.

The wildlife is pretty harmless.

Australia may be New Zealand’s neighbor but the wildlife in NewZealand is pretty harmless as compared to those that one can find in Australia. Immigrants who are afraid of snakes, poisonous spiders, or scorpions will be happy to know that there are no such creatures in New Zealand. Instead, one can find cute animals like penguins, birds, seals, dolphins, and small reptiles. There are some harmful creatures though like jellyfish but these are not regularly meet in one’s daily life.

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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Tickle The Taste Buds: Food In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Should Try

Food is a necessity. A person cannot live without food. This is one of the main things that an immigrant in the United Kingdom should be familiar with when they start living in the country. They may still have food from home with them but that supply would not last long. They would have to start looking for food sources in the UK since it would be the cheaper option.

So what dishes can an immigrant in the UK expect when he or she is already in the country? Well, there are plenty of options out there and it is important to learn about them. Plus, food in the UK does not come to be quite unique or different if a person’s taste buds are not that familiar with it. Those who have tried UK food for the first time have mentioned that it is really not that weird and can be delightful even.

To get to know which food and dishes in the United Kingdom is worth trying, here are some that immigrants should know of.

English breakfast

The English breakfast is one of the most popular dishes in the UK. It is served all around the country – from hotels and restaurants to small pubs and food shops. There are also versions of the English breakfast in other countries as well.

It is a traditional breakfast meal and comes with eggs, sausages, mushrooms, toast, marmalade, tea, grilled tomatoes, and bacon. This dish is believed to have been first served during the middle of the 19th century. That time, the rural workers of the UK chose to eat this for breakfast to get a good start to their day. They had a lot of work to do and so they needed to have a heart meal in the morning.

Salt beef bagel

This food has been served and eaten in the United Kingdom since the late part of the 1800s. It is known as the salt beef bagel and most of those who ate it that time were the Jewish people living in the part of East London. It is known as a staple food for a long time and it still continues to be one today. The only change with the salt beef bagel today is that the beef has been altered in terms of taste and they now come in freshly baked bagels.

Bara brith bread

Bara brith bread is also known as the Welsh tea bread. It is actually Welsh and when translated to English means speckled bread. It is a classic type of bread in the United Kingdom that is usually paired with tea. It is made using dried fruits as well as spices so it can be pretty tasty. Immigrants who are not used to the taste may find it different but it has its own charm.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Spots In Canada That Continues To Draw Immigrants And Tourists In

People become immigrants in Canada for a variety of things. The list of reasons why they chose Canada includes the country’s strong economy, the tons of job opportunities, the good quality of life, and the attitude of the locals when it comes to immigrants. Of course, these are just a few. There are other reasons why immigrants choose the country.

Canada is filled with plenty of beautiful spots that are known around the world. It is not usually disclosed by immigrants but talking to them, one can see just how happy they are to be in a country that has plenty of beautiful wonders to visit. Immigrants in the country enjoy visiting these awesome locations and they do whatever they can to enjoy everything that the country has to offer. If locals get to enjoy the wonders of Canada, one can simply imagine the height of the excitement and happiness that the immigrants would have.

There are popular spots that often get visited by people in Canada. Here are some of them.

Jasper National Park

This park can be found in the Canadian Rockies and it is the biggest of its kind in the area. Immigrants and visitors to the Jasper National Park enjoy visiting the place and exploring what the place has to offer. There are plenty of adventures to try out like going on a hike on the Maligne Canyon. Some enjoy whitewater rafting right on the Athabasca River. Spirit Island is also a great place to get great photos. Those who wish to take on the Jasper SkyTram get to enjoy the beautiful scene below them from a bird’s eye view. This national park is also home to 53 different mammal species.


Also found in the Canadian Rockies, Banff is a small town that can be found in the foot of the mountain range. It is in Alberta and it has drawn the attention of nature lovers and those who seek luxury. Many people visit this place and do various activities. They can ski. They can also enjoy a hike at the Banff National Park. They may also go floating on the Bow River. The place also is littered with a number of luxurious hotels where visitors can stay in. There are also trips to the Moraine Lake as well as Columbia Icefield.

Niagara Falls

This is one of the most popular spots in Canada and it is usually one of the top places that immigrants go to, next to the Statue of Liberty, of course. It is a natural wonder and there are activities that one can do when they are in the place. There is a boat known as the Maid of the Mist where visitors can hop on. The boat would take its passengers near the falls for a better view. They have to get soaked though because of the mist and the water coming from the rushing falls.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Less Senior Positions To Give Way To More New Jobs In Immigration New Zealand

It is said that those who are in senior management positions can become quite lax and would not really do much of the hard work. They know that they are in good standing and they do not have to prove themselves anymore since they are at the top of the ranks. However, in the case of New Zealand, Immigration New Zealand is planning on shaking those who are in senior management positions and then create new jobs. The whole aim of this plan would be to build good bridges between the agency and businesses. It is also aimed at taking out any fraudulent activities within the organization as well as do away with the exploitation of employees.

The agency also believes that it is high time to have a restructuring within the organization. The policies need to be changed and that people working in Immigration New Zealand should always be on their toes. The job that they do is important to New Zealand and thus they should always be ready to take on the challenges and obstacles that may appear on their path.

Less with the old, more with the new

According to Immigration New Zealand, the agency has done a study of the whole organization and its work processes. The result was to take out 22 senior positions. In place of these, they will be creating 40 new jobs. The cost of this plan would be around $4.5 million per year.

June Ranson is the chairperson for the Association for Migration and Investment and she said that they are very much open to being in a dialogue and are open to communicating with those who will be affected. She also has disclosed that they believe that though they may have a plan for NewZealand’s immigration agency, they do understand that the plan would not fix all the issues in just a snap.

Ranson also continued to disclose that Immigration New Zealand knows that it needs feedback from those who are dealing with them so as to be able to know what needs improvement and which processes are working fine. That way, they would be able to create a good plan moving forward.

The need for more staff

Another reason why the INZ has decided on opening new jobs is to be able to bring in the needed manpower to help out with all the processes especially with checking and approving applications for visa. The trends in the past have shown that one of the reasons why the INZ has been having a bulk of unprocessed visa applications is because there are not enough hands on deck. With New Zealand being one of the top popular immigrant destinations, it is not surprising if there are a lot of applications coming in each day. And with that volume coming in, more hands to help out would be a very big help for the INZ and also for the applicants.

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Enjoy Nature In New Zealand As Immigrants Do

New Zealand is a haven for many individuals who love nature. The country is seemingly blessed with a beautiful environment and it is embedded in the locals’ culture to take care of what has been given to them. The government has programs that keep nature as it is. Despite advances and development in the country, the government makes sure that there are only certain spots like big cities where such growth and development can occur. New Zealand definitely is a great place to live in and it is not surprising why plenty of people choose to be immigrants here.

New Zealand is beautiful and photos that one can see on the internet just could not do them justice. This is why plenty of people are encouraged to visit the place. And many of these tourists end up not wanting to leave the place. They do their best to make it to the country and become immigrants. Being able to commune with nature in New Zealand is always possible. Here are some of the reasons why immigrants love the country in terms of nature.

One can never be too far from nature.

Kiwis and immigrants are lucky. They can be anywhere in New Zealand and be able to have access to nature easily. One may have to drive but they are easily reachable. Nature has powers that help people heal and feel positive about things – and people in New Zealand can do that. This is probably why the people in the country are also very friendly and are always positive about things. The country is home to trails and forests and parks and gardens and beaches and islands among many others.

Plenty of beaches in the country.

Another beautiful thing about being in New Zealand is that beaches are also within easy reach. People in the country know that if they want to spend some time near the waves, they can always do that. This is not a surprise since the country is completely surrounded by water so getting to the beach is quite easy. The beaches in the country are also quite clean and kept clean. There are plenty of wonderful parks and beautiful places in these areas. Plus, there are also some beaches which visitors can explore.

The landscapes are always breathtaking.

Nature is always awesome. One can spend a whole lot of time just enjoying the views. This is always possible in New Zealand. Locals say that if an immigrant is in the South Island of the country, they may have easy access to the beauty that the place offers. The landscapes here are quite breathtaking that it may make one feel like they are right in a painting.

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