Monday, October 15, 2018

New Zealand Citizenship Means Having 8th Most Powerful Passport

Citizens of New Zealand are celebrating right now. This is because they now are the proud owners of the 8th most powerful passport in the whole world. Who would not be happy if this happened to them? It really would be quite the feat to be able to achieve this ranking and New Zealand has been able to do so. This is going to be another one of the top reasons why plenty of individuals from around the world are interested and are going to do their best to be able to make it to the country as immigrants at first. From there, they would then start working their way so that they would become a citizen of this really outstanding country.

As per the most recent results on powerful passports from around the world, New Zealand is now taking the 8th spot. This means that holders of the New Zealand passport would definitely be able to travel to plenty of other countries around the globe and not have to be asked for a visa. This means that they can definitely travel a lot without much hassle. The 8th spot may not be the top but it definitely is one of the most powerful ones out there.

The newest rankings for the most powerful passport

With New Zealand having the 8th most powerful passport that the world has, Japan is now at the top of the list, now holding the title as the country with the most powerful passport in the whole world today. What used to be Singapore’s spot is now Japan’s own.

As per the passport of New Zealand, those who have this can now visit and travel to 182 countries in the world. Holders would not need to work on having a visa from those 182 countries to be able to go there. The difference between the New Zealand passport and Japan’s passport is that the passport from Japan allows holders to go to 190 countries without the need for a visa. Or sometimes, what happens is that they may need a visa but they would be granted such once they get to the country. Singapore, now holding the 2nd rank, has a passport that allows its holders to be able to travel to one less country than Japan.

Behind the study

The study that was done is known as the Henley Passport Index. What this does is it goes through the various passports from the different countries in the world and does a ranking of which one has got the most power. The power to travel and go to various countries would be based on data that has been gotten from the group known as the International Air Transport Association.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Choosing The UK: Reasons Why Immigrants Do So

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There are plenty of immigrants in the United Kingdom at present. Some of them have already become citizens of the country. Though the number of immigrants in the country is quite high, there are still quite a huge number of potential immigrants trying to make their way to the country. This is something that is making plenty more come to the country.

The question though is what is in the United Kingdom that is making plenty want to go there? Well, read on and find out just what is it about the country that is making immigrants want to come and live there.

Communication – something Britons are good at.

Although plenty of people think of communication as something that is very natural and quite unnecessary, in daily life, if one is not able to communicate, it is quite a really a bad thing. This is because people basically have messages that they want to send across. It is a way of living with other people peacefully. However, there are times when people do not know how to communicate well and that could lead to plenty of problems.

Communication is not going to be a problem in the UK because the Britons are known to be quite good at this. Some may think that they can be too polite, a report has disclosed that the people here are definitely one of the top when it comes to communicating with other people. And speaking with them on a daily basis, immigrants get to learn the art of communication and that is good.

Engagement of the public is high.

The residents of the country may seem cold, but the truth is, they are pretty much quite engaged in public duties and activities. This is a hard thing to achieve especially in a country as big as the United Kingdom. It is a good thing to see that a huge portion of the population has made their way to voting precincts when they needed to because it was their responsibility.

Happiness can be found in the environment.

Not many environments around the world boast of happiness. Well, in the case of Britain, this is real. Britons and all other people in the country are happy and it is found and felt in the environment of the country. People in the UK are happy because of the support that they are getting from their government and how their country is performing. They have a good source of water and it is clean. They have clean air to breathe every day. Their food is fresh and they know that they got the government’s support when it comes to getting the basic needs. Getting the basics each and every day helps a person focus more on something deeper and happiness is just it.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Canada Quality Of Life: An Immigrant’s Dream

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Potential immigrants from around the world are all looking for a good country that they can move to. They want peace of mind and security. They also want financial stability. That is why plenty of people are doing their research to make sure that they would be able to find wherever it is that would offer them just what they need. Canada has always been one of the top countries eyed by many potential immigrants. So what is it exactly about Canada that makes it a dream for many potential immigrants?

Communities that are warm and welcoming.

The good thing about Canada is that it has a government that is more than open to immigration and immigrants. They know how difficult it is for newcomers to become settled in a totally strange country that is different from where they came from. That is why the Canadian government has a budget which they believe is an investment. This budget consists of millions in dollars and this is done yearly. This is made especially for making sure that communities are able to help out the new immigrants get settled into the new life that they would be making in the country.

The government has services for immigrants so that they would be able to get the assistance that they would need. For those immigrants who may need to learn the language, there are programs for that and they are free. That way, the immigrants can communicate well. After all, communication is key in daily living. There are also support groups that help immigrants get a job and even learn how life is in the country.

Education is world-renowned.

Those who have come to the country to get education are not disappointed. Education in the country is world-renowned. There are plenty of people who are in the country for education. Those who come with their families can be assured of quality education for their children. Education is highly regarded in the country that the government makes sure that it stays that way. This is reflected in the numbers that show that in the entire world, Canada is one of the top countries when it comes to literacy in reading, science, and math.

The environment is clean.

One can find a good amount of ecosystems in the country that are quite natural still. Wetland ecosystems in the country make up around a quarter of the whole world’s. There are also forests in the country still and those make up around 15% of the entire world’s. The 16% of the earth’s Arctic ecosystems can also be found in the country. Studies have also shown that the quality of air in Canada is also one of the cleanest. It is not a surprise why many choose to live here with the kind of quality of life that the country offers.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Living In New Zealand As Shared By Previous Immigrants

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How is life in New Zealand? Those who have been born in the country can only say so much because they have been born there. Whatever they see is something that they are used to seeing. Whatever they experience is something that they have been used to experiencing. A wise old man once said that the best way to understand something is to actually see it for the first time with different eyes. Once a person is out of their comfort zone, they are able to see things differently. And in the case of New Zealand, those who are able to see what New Zealand is all about are the immigrants who have come to the country with the freshest eyes.

So what is it about living in New Zealand? Well, read on and find out just what the country has got to offer. After all, it is really interesting to know just why plenty of individuals out there are doing their very best to be able to make it to the country.

Exploring something as beautiful as New Zealand.

Many immigrants in New Zealand actually have left their home countries because of the war or chaos that can be happening there. When they get to the country, they are able to see just how different this country is from the one that they just left behind. In fact, many immigrants in the country say that it is a really beautiful place to explore and find new adventures in. They also say that they find the country to be quite safe. Those who do try to find peace have mostly found it here. These makes people have a lot less stress and enjoy life as how people should.

The locals of the country are also quite supportive of newcomers. They know how to befriend new ones and help them out any way that they can. They are known as quite one of the friendliest citizens from around the world. This allows people to adjust better in their new surroundings and be able to cope well with whatever life throws at them.

Taking the time off

The government of New Zealand wants to make sure that its citizens and the people living in the country are happy. The way to do that would be to allow them to have freedom to do the things that they would like to do. They also make sure that prosperity is being enjoyed by those in the country. The government does this by making sure that immigrants are able to get the work that they would need in the country. They also encourage immigrants to take holidays and enjoy the natural wonders that New Zealand offers them.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

New Immigration System For UK Announced By Theresa May

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Many rumors have been going around on whether or not the government of the United Kingdom is actually doing or planning something about the immigration system in the country. After all, the plan of the government to make the country do an exit from its membership in the European Union is just about to happen very soon. With that, it just may mean that the immigration system would have to be changed or just tweaked. It was the issue of immigration that has been one of the major reasons why the government has decided to do the exit.

Now, recently, the Prime Minister of the country has announced that the United Kingdom would be having a huge change when it comes to the immigration system which would soon be in place. Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Britain, has mentioned that the new immigration system has been designed around a certain plan. This plan is to actually put more favor to those potential immigrants who come with skills that the country needs. This is in terms of those who would be coming from European Union member nations.

The overhaul that has happened to the UK immigration system

According to the UK’s Prime Minister, she is working her best to make sure that there is an overhaul when it comes to the immigration system that the UK currently has. This would mean that with the exit, there would also be an end to the freedom of movement that is happening between the United Kingdom and all other EU member nations. And to replace that would be a new system for visas where any citizens who have come from the EU would not be treated any different from those who are coming from anywhere else in the globe.

Indeed, this is definitely a good plan because it definitely shows no favoritism. It also shows that anybody from anywhere can get into the country as long as they follow the requirements that have been set out for them. Aside from that, the country of origin would not be a big problem since everybody would be treated the same.

The plans of the new immigration system

The statement that came from the Prime Minister mentioned that the new system would be used so that there would be a lot less of immigrants coming in the country that had a low set of skills with them. Highly skilled individuals are what the new system is aiming for. This is not just basically about those from the European Union but also from just about anywhere else in the world. So for those who are planning on applying to be an immigrant in Britain, getting more skills and enhancing what one currently has would be a big help.

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Reasons Why Immigrants Are Needed In Canada

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Canada is one really progressive country. It also is known to be one of the major powers and movers in today’s world. However, despite that, this country is definitely one of the most liked countries by many individuals from around the world. This is not because of Canada’s power but it is because of how things work in the country.

Around the world, one can find plenty of individuals who would really like to be an immigrant in a new place. With that, they do their very best to find that place that would be really good for them. Canada is one of the most popular and that is because of just how welcoming the country is when it comes to immigrants. In a recent study, it does seem like Canada is in need of immigrants just the way that immigrants are also in need of Canada. It is a win-win situation for both and the two parties are doing their best to make sure that they are able to get what is needed.

So why is Canada needing immigrants? Read on and find out.

The need for individuals who are professionals and who have skills.

The country is competitive. And the way to be able to achieve greatness is to make sure that they would have the best people on their side. This is why the country is in need of individuals who are professionals in their field. It is also looking for individuals who come with the skills that the economy needs. There is not enough of those in the country at present and so looking for individuals who are in other countries is what the country is doing at present.

There are a lot less expenses.

To be able to save on money is a really great thing. With that, Canada has seen that it is able to save up on money if it took advantage of immigrants to do a good amount of work. Locals can charge really high up as compared to immigrants. And so having immigrants do the work is really helping the country save. However, it is not a really big thing as the locals definitely still do get work and there are still plenty of jobs open for them.

They help with the economy’s growth.

Canada is definitely experiencing a shortage when it comes to skilled individuals. With that, immigrants are the best option to get that. With these people on their side, businesses can definitely flourish and grow. Businesses that are successful are a really big help when it comes to the growth of the country’s economy. This is what is happening in Canada and that is why the government is very open to immigration and immigrants.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Living In New Zealand: What Immigrants Need To Know

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Thousands of individuals try their very best to make sure that they comply with the requirements that New Zealand asks for those who want to be immigrants there. However, only a small percentage of those are able to get the approval that they are aiming for. And for those who have been approved, these people are definitely excited to make their way to this awesome country. That is why previous immigrants to New Zealand are more than willing to share just what they know regarding the country so as to help prepare the newcomers before they actually set foot on New Zealand soil.

So what exactly are these things? Read on and find out.

A place to live in

Immigrants in New Zealand would be more than happy to know that if they are the ones who are looking for a country that is not too stressful, then this is definitely the country for them. The country is known for its relaxed lifestyle. Those who live in the country are able to enjoy just what the country has to offer them. The cities are bustling but they are a lot less stressful as like most big cities in the world. There are a lot of opportunities to enjoy the culture that the country has.

Cities as well as towns in the country are mostly small. They are also not too crowded like most big cities and towns in the world. Commuting is far easier than in any other place in the world. There would be a lot less time on the commute and more time to do things that one enjoys to do. And it seems like places for recreation and relaxation like parks and beaches are definitely not too far anywhere.

Daily living

New Zealand is just about the same size as the United Kingdom as well as Japan. However, what makes this country special is that it has a small population. That is why overcrowding is definitely not going to be a problem. There is just enough space for everyone that one does not need to actually spend too much time in queues or even not having enough space during the daily commute. Those who need space for themselves can find that in this country.

The country also promotes a work-life balance which is well known all over the world. To do this, the government makes sure that the citizens and the immigrants get enough time to do the things that they want to do. That way, they would be able to de-stress and relax after a day’s work. In other countries, there is too much time spent commuting or working that people do not get to relax. This is not the case for New Zealand and it definitely is a great thing.

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Thursday, October 4, 2018

UK Locals Have Positive Attitude Towards Immigration, Says Study

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Culture is important. In fact, it is so important that countries and governments must make sure that their culture remains rich. It connects the past with the present. It tells a lot about the history of a country. And it shows the rest of the world just what that country is all about. That is why it is such a good thing that the government of the United Kingdom has recognized the importance of its rich culture. With that, it has made sure that it works on keeping it rich and beautiful.

Recently, a study was done and the results of this study have shown that the attitude of Britons when it comes to immigration is quite positive. In fact, the results reflect that most Britons are positive when it comes to how the immigrants are able to integrate well into the UK society. It was also further discovered via the study that out of ten people, six of those feel that immigration brings positive results for the whole country. With that kind of results, it definitely is going to be good for immigrants in the country because they do know that they would have most of the support of the locals.

The study that was done

The study done is known as the National Conversation on Immigration. Behind such are two groups – Hope not Hate and British Future. British Future is a thinktank that has a goal of making sure that people are involved with conversation with each other. As for Hope not Hate, this group has an aim of making sure that racism as well as mistrust is eliminated from society and it does so by taking advantage of education, public engagement, as well as research. Together, they have done a survey that looked at British attitude on immigration.

As per the study done, there were three factors. The first factor would be the focus group discussions that were done right through 60 cities as well as towns from around the country. The second factor that was part of the study was a survey that was done online. This was kept running for 18 months and there were 9,327 individuals who took part in the survey. The third factor was another survey – this time done on 3,667 adults in the country and were only done for one month which was June of 2018.

Valuable to the UK

The study also discovered that the out of three locals who took part in the study feel that these immigrants are actually valuable to the country. After all, these immigrants are always ready to take on jobs. And so, the locals believe that their skills are really a big asset of the UK.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Record Numbers For Immigration In Canada For Q2 of 2018

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Canada has really remarkable policies on immigration. The government of the country knows just how important this is to the country. And so, unlike other countries, they have a policy on immigration that allows them to get more immigrants rather than put a limit on the maximum. In fact, instead of having a maximum, they put a minimum limit. This definitely means that the more immigrants they accept to the country, the better it would be.

As per recent news, it does seem like the country is getting what it wants. It seems like there is a huge amount of immigrants coming to the country. In fact, as per data, it has been reported that the growth of the population of the country that had happened from April 1st until the 1st of July this year has been remarkable. And from that growth, 82% of that can be attributed to immigration. Now that definitely is a big number and it shows just how much people really want to move to the country and live there.

The numbers for immigration in Canada

According to a report that was published recently, the country has accomplished quite an exceptional number when it comes to immigration for the mentioned period earlier. With this big immigration number, the population of the country has definitely gone up. In fact, this has been noted to be quite the second biggest number that the country has ever been able to record for a period of just three months. The biggest total of immigrants coming to the country that the country has recorded was back in 1971.

Because of the huge number of immigrants coming to the country, the population of Canada had gone up with an additional 168,687. This is just for the second quarter of the country. Of this total, 82% of the whole increase actually was thanks to the immigrants coming to the country. This 82% amounts to a total of 138,978, which is definitely huge. For a period of just three months, to be able to accomplish this big a number is a huge thing. In other countries, this number could simply be the maximum number of immigrants that they would allow. But definitely not what is happening in Canada.

The analysis of the data

Statistics Canada is the official agency of the Canadian government that deals with numbers on immigration and population. According to the agency, this is quite a high level for immigration. And according to them, this phenomenon has not been seen before for any three months. The growth of the population definitely was thanks to this phenomenon. And it was not only the whole country that experienced that growth but also provinces in the country did the same.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Why Are People Choosing New Zealand For Immigration?

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Immigration is a phenomenon that happens all around the world. People leave their homes and choose to move to another place and live there. There are many reasons why people do this and it is interesting to take a look at those reasons. It definitely just displays how varied people’s reasons are when it comes to why they choose to be an immigrant in a strange, new country.

In the case of New Zealand, this country is one of the top destinations for plenty of immigrants or potential immigrants. A huge number of people from around the world choose this country over any other countries in the world. And why do they do that? Well, read on and find out the reasons why individuals from around the world are choosing this country.

New Zealand offers people plenty of activities.

Adventure is everywhere in New Zealand. This is why plenty of people admire the country and want to be immigrants there. Outdoor lovers try and make sure that they get to visit the country. Once they get there and experience what the country has to offer, they do their very best to make sure that they become an immigrant there.

So what can one expect to do in New Zealand? Well, aside from the usual stuff of trying the local cuisine and exploring the cities, one can also try and hike mountains and hills that are plenty in the country. The country is also home to plenty of beaches and so just getting some sun while frolicking in the beach can also be an activity in the country. Other outdoor activities one can find in NZ include kayaking, fishing, bungee jumping, and many others.

Work is not limited.

There is plenty of work to be done in the country. Even those who are in the country to get the education that they want. Immigrant students in the country are allowed to do work as long as the maximum is only 20 hours for one week. This is available as long as the individual is enrolled in a university or any educational institution. However, when vacation time comes around and the immigrant student is still in the country, the government allows these individuals to be able to clock in a maximum of 40 hours for each week.

Fast process towards getting a visa

Unlike other countries in the world, obtaining a visa in New Zealand can be quite quick. In fact, it is said that getting a visa from NZ is basically quite simple if compared to getting a visa from other countries. Rejection does not come too often – unless, of course, an applicant does not have the requirements with them or they simply did not follow the rules of the process.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

New Immigration Plan For UK To Be Announced By PM Theresa May

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One may not notice it but the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will be happening sooner than most people think. This is why there are some groups and individuals who are updated and know what is happening that they really do try and find answers to the possibilities that could happen after this happens. After all, the exit is a really big deal and it really can affect the country in a negative way if the government does not prepare well for what could possibly happen.

In recent news, one of the things that have been reported was the country’s Prime Minister and the possibility of a new announcement on what the country’s immigration plan would be right after the exit happens. Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, has spoken of agreeing to an immigration system that would be set in place right after the exit happens. This new system could potentially offer immigrants the chance to get visas. Those who would be given such would be all based on their qualifications, their skills and their wealth. The system that would be used would be tiered.

The predictions on the policy

In a recent report, it seems like the Prime Minister is planning on announcing the new plans on immigration for the United Kingdom really soon. The new system on immigration is assumed to be a kind of flagship policy. Experts are saying that it is quite possible that the announcement on the flagship policy would be disclosed by the Prime Minister during a conference that will be held by the Conservative party. This event is going to happen by the first week of October this year.

As per information, it is highly likely that the new immigration system would be focusing on individuals with skills. Those who do have the skills that the country needs and are more than willing to be employed in the country are the ones who would have higher chances of getting those precious visas. Those who do not have skills may not be given top priority. It is also quite possible that the new system would not be giving any favoritism to the country of origin of the potential immigrant. This means that even if one is from the European Union, he or she will not be given any preferential treatment.

Trade deals that could open up

There may be some favorites being played when it comes to individuals who come from countries or areas that are able to get a trade deal that is free with Britain. This also includes the European Union. Those who do that will have its citizens be given a higher chance of getting to the country via their skills. Right now, Canada and the United States are not yet included in the list but there seems to be a good chance that this would happen later on.

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