Friday, July 10, 2020

Frankfurt: One Of Germany’s Biggest Cities That Immigrants Should Explore

The world is huge and it is always a great thing to explore and see what it has to offer. It is a beautiful place that needs to be seen and experienced. And despite the lockdown that the world is going through at the moment because of the pandemic, many people are still raring to find out and experience everything. This is why immigrants who are in new countries like Germany should go and find the time to see what the new country that they are in has to offer when things are safer.

Frankfurt is one of the places that immigrants in Germany can visit when things allow them to. It is one of the biggest cities in the country and it holds a lot of different things to explore, experience, and just marvel at.

Knowing Frankfurt

In terms of size, Frankfurt ranks fifth among all the big cities in Germany. It is currently the home to over 700,000 individuals. In the state of Hesse, this city is the largest in area. It is also known as one of the global leaders in finance centers. This is where one can find huge financial institutions like the Deutsche Bank, the European Central Bank, and the German Federal bank among many others.

Frankfurt is also where immigrants may have landed in the country first. The city’s airport – the Airport of Frankfurt – is one of the busiest in the entire world. This airport is also one of the region’s biggest employers.

This huge city is also home to plenty of modern industries and that is what makes the living costs here go above the average. The opportunities for work here are huge though and that is what makes it a really popular city for immigrants in Germany. There are plenty of work opportunities and yet the rate of unemployment is quite low.

Spots to visit in Frankfurt

One of the interesting spots to visit for immigrants in Germany would be Römerberg. This is the Old Town Center of Frankfurt and one can find the really beautiful public square right here. There is also plenty of beautiful architecture that can be quite amazing to look at.

The Städel Museum is also another beautiful spot to visit in Frankfurt. Immigrants who visit this museum in Germany can view a grand collection of paintings and artwork that have been made in the 14th century. One can find various art pieces here made by the greats like Vermeer, Rembrandt, Degas, and Monet among many others.

Other places to visit in Frankfurt should include Museumsufer (also known as the Museum District), the Palm Garden (the biggest botanical garden in the country), the Senckenberg Natural History Museum (a modern museum featuring natural history), and the Frankfurt Cathedral that has been around for centuries.

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Talented And Skilled Immigrants Are Choosing To Move To Canada

Canada is an awesome country and many immigrants living there can attest to that. Entrepreneurs are very thankful for immigrants as they have brought great contributions to the growth and development of their business ventures. At present, because of the pandemic, the number of immigrants coming to the country has slowed down and gone down but plenty of business owners in Canada are still putting the country in a good light so as to keep enticing the potential immigrants to make their way to the country.

There are plenty of potential immigrants who have set their sights on moving to the United States but have not been able to do so because of the rules of the country on immigration. With that, these immigrants have chosen their sights on the nearest country that they can go to and that would be Canada. The country is open to immigrants and they are very welcoming of these newcomers.

Bringing the immigrants in

The government of Canada has been working on various programs and routes that would serve as pathways for potential immigrants to make it to Canada. These programs are different from each other and that would depend on what the country needs in terms of immigrants. One of these programs is the Global Talent Stream and this route has been able to bring in more than 40,000 new immigrants who have now shared their talents and skills and experience with various companies that they have worked for in the country. These immigrants have been given tech roles and these include web designers, digital media, design, computer engineers, and software engineers.

Under this program, skilled workers were able to get their work permit in two weeks right after they have received approval for the Labour Market Impact Assessment. For the approval, this should take about two weeks to get. This means that getting a work permit would be a lot faster as compared to other routes.

The need for immigrants

Canada has long been reliant on immigrants to help with their economy. Immigrants have also been very helpful for Canada in bringing up its birth rate as well as bringing up the average age of the population. Immigrants have also contributed a lot to the labor force and that is why the country has been open to immigration and has been very welcoming of them.

With the pandemic bringing about a lot of havoc to the entire world including Canada, many countries have closed their borders and have stopped bringing in immigrants. However, in the case of this country, Canada has still kept its immigration routes and programs open for those who wish to apply. This is good news as the pandemic has allowed a lot of people to want to go to countries where the pandemic has been handled properly.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Greeting People In New Zealand: A Guide For Immigrants

For immigrants who are in New Zealand, one of the things that they have to get used to would be the language. This is how they will communicate with the locals and it is important that they understand how people talk in the country. But there is no need to worry, especially for those who are planning on moving to New Zealand soon. See, the language of the country is basically English but has been mixed with other languages so it should not be fairly difficult.

The New Zealand language

This language can be said to be quite unique on its own. Though majority of it is English, it has been highly influenced by some phrases and words from the Maori language. It also has a mix of some slang from Australia. Those who are in the country say that it is important for immigrants to be familiar with some words and phrases from the Maori language as these are incorporated in the language used in the country. Some of the places in the country are also from the Maori language so it would be a big help to be familiar with those.

Learning a bit of Maori

There are five vowel sounds that are used in the Maori language. These are a, e, i, o, and u. A is pronounced just like the a in ‘car’. E is pronounced like the e in ‘egg’. I is pronounced like the ee in ‘wee’. O is pronounced like the o in ‘four’. And u is pronounced like the o in ‘to’.

The language also has consonants – eight of them – which are used just like how they are used in the English language. These consonants are h, k, m, n, p, r, t, and w. There are also two more consonants that are different than how they are used in English – wh and ng. Wh is pronounced just like how ‘f’ is pronounced in English. As for ng, it sounds just like that in ‘wing’. However, in Maori, there are words than can start with this consonant.

Greetings in Maori

It is always a good thing to learn how to greet the locals in New Zealand. Most of the greetings are in Maori and it helps to learn that. The locals are often surprised when they meet immigrants who can greet them in the native language and it can be a good conversation starter.
  • Hello – Kia ora
  • Hello everyone – Kia ora tatou
  • Greetings to you (to one person) – Tena koe
  • Greetings to all – Tena koutou
  • Welcome – Haere mai / Nau mai
  • How’s it going? – Kei te pehea koe?
  • Good – Kei te pai
  • Really good – Tino pai
  • Farewell / Goodbye – Haere ra / Ka kita ano
  • See you later – Hei konei ra

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Gender Roles In The United Kingdom That Immigrants Need To Be Knowledgeable About

Gender roles are quite prominent in some places. That is why it is important that immigrants know the gender roles in the new country that they will be living in to help them understand and not be surprised about how things go. Those who are in the United Kingdom may think that gender roles are just about the same as the ones in the country that they have come from but there may be some differences that they should know about.

There are countries where gender roles play a big part in society and there are some places where genders are really not a big deal. It is important for immigrants to understand these since they will be living in the new country for quite some time. In the case of the United Kingdom, gender roles are really not that huge but it is still a big thing for immigrants that they understand how things work there.

The dominance of the males

Males have pretty much dominated the genders for decades right until the mid-20th century in the UK. The male was always seen as the head of his household. As per jobs, most of the positions were mostly focused on males. These included drivers of lorries, trains, and buses. Men were seen as the more capable of the genders. They are also priorities when it comes to jobs that were related to banking and finance.

Women also were able to get jobs but they were always the next option after men. In the military, women can still serve there as well as with the police force. However, women usually were given roles that were a lot more passive as compared to the roles given to males.

The change in gender roles

By the 1970s in the United Kingdom, there have been debates about the rights of women especially when it comes to employment. The next decade saw the movement known as feminism which brought more attention to the females in the society. People were now talking about how women have also been instrumental in the development of the economy and so the views of women being second to males have been changing. People have also been thinking about how women were able to find a balance between doing work and keeping a home running.

Women in the workforce

At present, over half of the females who are in the UnitedKingdom are working. There are part-time workers and there are also those who are working full time. There has been a lot of changes in how women are looked at in the labor force and they are now deemed as equal with males. Of course, there are still some businesses that may prefer men over women but there are only a few of them.

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Has Helped Bring More People Interested In Being Immigrants In Canada

While some people may think that the current pandemic brought about by the coronavirus has dampened the plans of many individuals around the world to move to Canada, it seems like this is not the reality. The pandemic has had great impacts on economies around the world but people still are not deterred from doing what they need to do to become immigrants in Canada. Individuals around the world still believe that despite Canada being hit by the pandemic, the country is still very capable of handling its economy better than others and it will soon rise again and come back even stronger.

This is the result of a study that has been done recently that looked into any behavior or thought changes in people who may have had plans of moving to Canada as an immigrant. The study surely showed that people are still raring to move to the country because they believe that this country is resilient and strong enough to make it through this difficult time.

The study that was done

A survey has been recently done with 4,615 people joining as respondents. As per the results of that survey, 38% of the people have mentioned that they were interested about being immigrants in Canada. 57% of the respondents have mentioned that the coronavirus pandemic has not affected their interest in moving to Canada. Only 5% of the lot said that their interest in moving to Canada became a lot less. This is quite surprising given the global effects that the pandemic has. This surely shows just how well Canada has handled itself in terms of containing the virus and in terms of keeping its economy strong despite it.

The survey has been conducted just this April. It was around a month since the lockdown of borders of many countries in the world including Canada. That was a bit early to look at the numbers but it surely showed just how well Canada has been handling the situation despite the early stages of the whole chaos.

The participants of the study

Those who took part in the survey were not in Canada when they participated. They said that the COVID-19 situation made them even want to move to Canada because of how the country has responded to the whole thing. Many of those who mentioned that Canada was a good place to move to despite the pandemic were from Nigeria, China, and the Philippines. More than half of the participants in the survey have also disclosed that they believe that the pandemic is not going to have any impact on any expenses that would be incurred should they be able to move to Canada. Only 35% did share though that the pandemic may be a cause for them not to have the financial ability to move to Canada.

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Friday, July 3, 2020

Vegetarian Spatzle: A Delectable Food In Germany That Immigrants Will Enjoy

Food. It is definitely something that people cannot live without. If people do not have food, a person can suffer from a number of things including hunger, lower brain function, and lower energy. It is one of the essentials of living and so humans must eat properly and eat right. That is why immigrants who are in a country different like theirs, like Germany, should be familiar with the food that is available in the new place that they are living in. They surely cannot expect to find the same type of food that they have back home.

One of the top food or the most popular food in Germany that immigrants can have access to would be Spätzle which is a traditional egg noodle dish in Swabia. Many believe that it has meat in it but the truth is, this sumptuous dish really is all vegetarian. It has just been prepared so well and cooked to perfection that one may think that meat is an ingredient of this dish.

What is Spätzle made up of?

What immigrants in Germany need to know about Spätzle is that it is a type of pasta. Those who have tried this out and are fans of pasta have definitely given the dish a thumbs up. The dough that is used to make the pasta is made up of flour and eggs mainly. It also has a bit of salt and a splash of sparkling water that is used to make the dough become fluffier. However, in pure German style, people would often use beer instead of using sparkling water. They say that beer makes the dough even better than it usually is.

Where did Spätzle originate from?

Many restaurants in Germany have Spätzle as part of their menu and immigrants will find that this dish is a staple in many of these food places. Despite that, the food originally came from Baden-Wurttemberg, which can be found in the South West part of the country. This area is known as Swabia and the locals are quite proud of their very famous and delectable dish. They find it annoying when people call it German pasta so it is best that immigrants do not make that mistake.

In the traditional sense, Spätzle has been served to people as a side for many dishes that are quite meaty. However, with the changing of times, it has now been served as a main dish. The food is very amazing that locals, immigrants, and even tourists find themselves looking for a good serving of Spätzle whenever they go out.

This dish is made with plenty of cheese on top of it. Mountain cheese is used to make the taste even better and there is an additional Limburger to help with the consistency.

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Thursday, July 2, 2020

New Immigrants In Canada Are Doing Well In The Labor Market

A look at the labor market in Canada has shown quite an interesting fact. It has shown that immigrants are doing better in the labor market in the country in a number of instances and these individuals are doing even better as compared to workers who have been born and raised in Canada. This is definitely an interesting fact especially with the country having opened its doors to many immigrants each year. The country is known to be reliant on immigrant workers to help them out with the economy and it seems like it is indeed a wise decision given the performance of the immigrant workers once they are in the country.

With an aging population, a low birth rate, and lower people in the labor market, Canada has looked at immigrants to help out. That is why the country has been luring in and trying to have the immigrants stay in the country and contribute just as much as they can to the country that can offer them a ton of good deals like good job opportunities, world-class education, and great healthcare.

A look at the new immigrants

A study has been done and it was focused on the performance of the new immigrants in the country as part of the labor market. The data used was from 2006 until 2019. As per the study, the new immigrants that have made their way to Canada are younger on the average as compared to the workers who were born in Canada. Aside from this, the newcomers are also educated better. The study also showed that the immigrants also had a higher rate of participation as well as higher rate of employment. Despite this though, a gap in wages was still huge between immigrants and locals of the country.

The study took into consideration a number of factors to complete the data. It looked at employment rate, hourly wages, participation rate, and unemployment rate. It also looked at data of three different groups – immigrants who have been in the country for lower than five years; immigrants who have been in Canada for five years to ten years; and citizens who were born in the country.

The improvement of immigrants

The data has been analyzed and trends have been looked into to see why the immigrants have performed better as compared to the locals of Canada in the labor market. Experts said that more and more of the immigrants coming to the country had degrees from a university. Aside from that, the government of the country has been creating programs that were targeting at bringing in new immigrant workers and these programs have been designed to target those who were suited for the available jobs.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Keep The Doors Open For Immigrants, New Zealand Government Urged

The whole world is in chaos in the sense that nothing is normal anymore. Because of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and is transferred from human to human, the movement of people has been limited. This is the case in all countries all around the world and that includes New Zealand. The country has been one of the fastest to respond to the virus by putting a lockdown and closing its borders. Only those who are deemed as essential workers are allowed to move and that is why the country has been one of the fastest to recover and to slowly reopen businesses.

New Zealand felt the blow though because it is a country that has been built because of immigration. Experts who have been looking at the whole situation have been urging the government of this country to keep its doors open for immigrants, especially for immigrant students. Having immigrant students come in, and stay in the country has proven to be very useful for the country as these individuals eventually create and support businesses. They are seen as innovators with fresh minds and creators of job opportunities for people in the country.

Encouraging immigration in New Zealand

Many countries in the world have looked different at immigration because of the pandemic. Because of the lockdown, many have stopped bringing in new immigrants but only for the time being. Economy experts are saying that the government of New Zealand should not look negatively on immigration given just how huge the contribution this has brought to the country. Potential immigrants should be encouraged to move to the country especially immigrant students who are eyeing the country as a good place to get their education.

There are also some people who are saying that immigrants take away the jobs that are supposed to be for the locals. However, in the case of New Zealand, there is just not enough locals to help out do the tons of jobs that are available in the country. This is what has spurred the government to look outside the country and lure in the skilled immigrants and help out with the jobs that need to be done.

The need for more immigrants

The pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in how things are done not only in New Zealand but in the entire world. One of the major things that has changed is which jobs are now considered to be essential and which are not. Nowadays, those that work with the essential goods and services are the ones that are important and that includes those who work with farming, agriculture, and hospitality. With that, New Zealand is in need of more people who will work in these industries to be able to supply the essentials to the people in the country.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

All About Tea: One Of The Most Popular Drinks Immigrants Will Encounter In The United Kingdom

Tea is one of the most basic things that immigrants in the United Kingdom will be encountering once they are in the country. This is because the Brits really love their tea and they consume it seemingly at all hours of the day. As they say, they will always find an excuse to have their tea. So it is not surprising if immigrants get to have this kind of thinking as well as they stay in the country even longer.

This drink is being consumed a lot in the United Kingdom. The locals take them in various ways that it would not even be surprising if they have already invented other products straight from tea. They take it strong, or brewed. They steep their tea from tea bags or even from loose leaves. The United Kingdom is quite known for having a huge love for tea and they really are so happy about having this drink.

Looking for tea

A trip to the supermarket will give an immigrant an idea on how great the Brits are when it comes to tea. There are a lot of types and varieties of tea that can be found on the shelves and it would definitely be unlike the tea options available in their home country. That is how much they do love their tea. It also reflects just how much they love consuming it. If there was no market for such in the United Kingdom, the supermarket would definitely not have a whole lot of them available for consumers.

Just about every type and kind of tea available in the world market can be found in the United Kingdom. Producers of tea know that the market is huge in the country and that is why they make sure that their products are available in this part of the world. The supermarket may hold a whole lot of options for tea lovers but immigrants in the country may be astounded at the even more huge options that can be found in a proper tea shop. Yes, the UK has tea shops which can make choosing the best tea to purchase an even more difficult decision.

Pure tea or not?

How the Brits take their tea is yet another interesting thing to look into. Some take it as it is. There are those who love having their tea with milk or maybe with some lemon. There are also Brits who would choose to have sugar in their tea. But there is one thing for sure – it does not matter what time or what season it is. They are surely going to have their tea and immigrants in the UK should be used to that in no time at all.

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Monday, June 29, 2020

More Than 80% Of Growth Of Canada’s Population Is All Thanks To Immigration

A study has been done recently by Statistics Canada and as per the results, it showed that the population of Canada has grown from January to March 2020. It grew by 76,000 and 82% of that growth has come from immigration. At present, the population of this country in North America already has reached just about 38 million people. This, though, is the smallest amount in population growth that the country has experienced for the first quarter of a year since 2015. This can be attributed to the pandemic brought about by the disease known as COVID-19.

Since March 18, 2020, Canada has put a restriction on unnecessary travel because of the novel coronavirus that has made its way to Canada back in January. With the virus being spread from person to person, travel has surely been affected a lot. Restrictions had to be done to make sure that the spread of the virus would be reduced. With this, the study has seen that fewer immigrants and Canadians made their way to Canada as compared to the same period a year ago and that has been a huge factor in why the number is a lot less.

A strong start

It was a strong start for Canada in terms of the growth of its population for 2020 as compared to the number for 2019. For the first quarter of 2020, around 70,000 immigrants had been welcomed in Canada. This is definitely a higher number in comparison to the almost 66,000 immigrants that arrived in Canada a year earlier. With the experts looking at the numbers, it does seem like the immigration rate in Canada would have even gone higher if it were not for the coronavirus pandemic. The immigration rate had started to falter by March especially when the lockdown was imposed.

Arrivals of individuals with temporary residency visas were around 80% less as compared to the number in 2019. There has definitely been a downward trend to the arrival of immigrant students who have chosen to go to Canada to study. Many people want to be immigrant students in Canada but the virus has put their plans on hold.

The impact of the pandemic

The study from Statistics Canada reflected that the pandemic has had a huge impact on the number of immigrants coming to the country. The study also showed that the impact would even be greater for the second quarter of this year, especially in the number of permanent residents and temporary residents. This is going to be a huge thing for Canada and should be something the country has to prepare for given that it is a nation that is highly dependent on immigration to grow its population and also to help keep the economy strong.

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Friday, June 26, 2020

Entry In Germany: What Immigrants Coming To The Country Need To Know About

The Federal Foreign Office of Germany has recently sent out an explanation about the changes and tweaks in the country’s rules with regards to entering the country in the middle of the pandemic that has put a lockdown and travel restrictions to all countries around the world. Many countries have suffered from all of the lockdowns and the freezing of movements that are put in place to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. Now, the countries are doing the best that they can to start reopening their borders, bringing in the needed immigrants and have tourism start back up. Germany is not any different and its government has created a plan to get things going once again.

It is important for any person traveling to Germany to know the rules so that they would know if they are allowed to get there. It would also help that they understand what to expect for any newcomers to the country given that many countries around the world impose quarantine for those who come from outside their territory. The rules in immigration and entry to Germany have changed as the response to the coronavirus outbreak also changes.

The exemption of the travel ban

One of the things that the government of Germany has done in response to the pandemic that has been creating havoc all around the world is to put a ban on all travelers coming to the country, especially those who are not part of the nations that are members of the European Economic Area. Of course, the country also has put in exemptions. Those who are exempted are the nationals of Germany, as well as the nationals of members of the European Union including close members of their families. The nationals of the countries Switzerland, Lichtenstein, United Kingdom, Norway, and Iceland including close members of their families are also exempted.

The last two mentioned categories are given permission to travel to Germany and through it if that is the way that they need to take to get back to their home country and if there are no other routes available during the lockdown. Individuals who have legal residency status in Germany are also allowed to enter the country. Those people who cannot give any kind of proof that their entry in Germany is urgent have been refused.

The need to undergo quarantine

As regulated by the government of Germany, people who are entering the country are required to undergo quarantine. Individuals who are also coming from countries like South Korea, Italy, China, Japan, or Iran should provide the government with information regarding their trip and that is when a disembarkation card will be given to them.

Immigrants who are allowed to enter Germany should be ready to go through more secure and strict checks. There will also be more questions that are comprehensive and immigrants and travelers will be asked such. Health checks are also going to be done as per the discretion of the federal government of the country.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Which Immigrant Workers Can Now Enter Canada?

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada has recently sent out an update with regards to the guidelines that would be very useful for all of the immigrants with work permits and who are exempted from the current strict rules so they can now enter Canada. It is important to keep in mind that despite the strict rules right now that have been in place because of the global pandemic, the government of Canada has disclosed that it is still up and open for applications. The IRCC is accepting new submissions and they are also processing them.

The travel restrictions are still in place in Canada however, the government of the country understands that it needs immigrant workers. And that is why it has worked out a plan that would allow the country to bring in the essential immigrants who are quite important to the economy of the country. To clarify things, the IRCC has shared information to help guide individuals and know which immigrant workers are exempted from the restrictions.

The exemption from restrictions

The travel restrictions in Canada started on March 18th and it was put in place so that the COVID-19 disease would not spread fast and wide over the population. It is still in place and would end on the 30th of June. In the midst of all these, those who have work permits have been exempted from the restrictions given that they are traveling to the country because of important reasons and this is known as essential travel.

The guidelines on this have been given out by the IRCC so as to help give clarification to many people around the world who may have work permits in the country. It is important that people should know what is known as essential travel and what is not to avoid further movement of people and save everybody the trouble and avoid getting the virus which can be deadly. With such a clarification, people are able to know when they can travel to Canada and if they cannot so they can stay home and be safe.

Immigrant workers with a work permit

All immigrant workers who are classified as temporary foreign workers and are outside Canada are exempted from the travel restrictions as long as it is for essential travel. These individuals can be people who are citizens of other countries and have a work permit in Canada with them. They can also be individuals who have received an introduction letter from the IRCC but have not yet received their work permits from the country. Those who belong to the second category should be able to present that letter before traveling to the country. These individuals are the ones who do important and essential work in the country.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Restrictions In New Zealand Border Eased For People And Immigrants Involved In Sports, Infrastructures

With the way that the government of New Zealand has handled the pandemic, the country is now reeling in the benefits that come with it. The country was one of the first nations in the world to impose a lockdown on its borders and so immigrants and other people who wished to enter the country had to put their plans on pause. But that sacrifice has been quite beneficial now that the country has controlled the spread of the novel coronavirus and it has also started to ease the restrictions on its borders, which is a good thing.

In recent news, the country has already eased the restrictions that it has put in place for certain people. Individuals who will be participating in over a dozen events in sports in the country can now start flying to the country. Aside from them, New Zealand is also easing the restrictions for immigrant workers who are involved in projects in infrastructure. They are the ones who are now qualified to enter New Zealand.

Those who can enter the country

Not all sporting events are included in the list of those who can enter the country. Those who can make it to the country are those individuals who are part of the Ironman competition. Also included are those who are a part of the championships for junior badminton. Those who will be participating and will be working as crew members in sports events like America’s Cup and New Zealand Golf Open are also allowed to enter the country. Also included are those who are part of the world cups for cricket and women’s rugby which will happen next year.

As for those involved in infrastructure projects, those that can enter the country are the ones who would be working on the building of hospitals as well as upgrading roads in New Zealand. They also include those who would be working on water treatment plants. The immigrant workers who would be entering the country have to be involved in projects that have been given approval by the New Zealand government. They also are not required to meet the annual income threshold of $106,000 which is needed for those who are considered as long-term immigrant workers.

Easing the restrictions

The changes in the restrictions for these individuals have already been imposed recently. The companies that are involved in these events and projects would be the ones to shoulder all of the costs that come with putting them under quarantine, as is required by the government of New Zealand. Immigration New Zealand has also disclosed that is recognizes that any restrictions on the country’s borders have been a cause of hardship for many of the immigrants in and outside the country, especially those who had to be away from their families and loved ones and those who were not able to go back to their jobs.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Salt Beef Bagels And Welsh Tea Breads: Two Foods That Immigrants In The United Kingdom Should Try

Food is a necessity for every person and there are people who go on adventures with the goal of exploring new places and exploring new dishes. Think Anthony Bourdain and his travails in the various parts of the world where he shared with his audience the stories in those countries, the culture, and, most importantly, the food. Food is definitely a huge part of life and so immigrants in the United Kingdom and in any other country should learn the taste and explore the local food because that would be the only source of food that they have. They may want to eat food from their local country but that would be difficult to come by especially if they are in a new country.

That is why it is important that immigrants in the United Kingdom should try and be familiar with the local food that the country has to offer. The food in the country is delicious and it is all about learning to be adventurous and eat whatever is available there. After all, sustenance is something that they need and the local food is what would give them that.

With that said, here are two foods in the UK that immigrants in the country should try out at least once – the Brick Lane salt beef bagel (a traditional food), and Welsh tea bread (which is also known as bara brith).

Salt beef bagel from Brick Lane

Immigrants who are in the United Kingdom can take a visit to Brick Lane which is in London. It is a beautiful place to explore and the best spot to get the traditional salt beef bagel. The Jewish community of the country is the one behind this delectable meal and many of the locals have come to love this food.

This food was concocted back in the late part of the 1800s. They used boiled beef which is a staple in the country and then tweaked the whole thing by adding in some spices used for pickling (which is a reflection of the way food is prepared in Central Europe). The beef is then sandwiched in a warm bagel, along with English mustard. The end product is a beautiful meal that is not expensive and quite delicious. From that time on until present, the salt beef bagel has become a favorite in the country.

Welsh tea bread

This is also known as bara brith which actually is a Welsh term that means “speckled bread”. It is a classic bread that is served with British tea. It is baked using spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and then given additional dried fruits (like apricot, currants, and raisins). The end product is a bit moist but has a beautiful texture and has a flavor that really goes well with tea.

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Monday, June 22, 2020

Some Centers For Visa Application To Canada Are Reopening

Sometime in the middle of March, plenty of countries around the world had put a lockdown on their borders and in their communities, Canada included. This is because of the pandemic that was spreading all around the world known as COVID-19. This put everything at a standstill and people had to adjust to a new normal because the virus causing the disease was spread through humans. Now, humans are highly suggested to wear masks when going out in public, go out of their homes only when completely necessary, avoid mass gatherings, and even avoid face-to-face meetings. Movement in Canada has been restricted so that even immigrants have to put their plans on hold.

Now that there are places in the world that the pandemic has been contained, some of these countries have started to ease up their lockdowns. In Canada, several Visa Application Centers (also known as VACs) have also started to open and entertain clients though with only limited services. This may seem like too much of a hassle but it surely is better than having them all closed.

The VACs that have opened so far

Many of the VACs of Canada that have opened are in various countries around the world. This means that these spots would be able to accommodate all of those potential immigrants who are trying to apply and send in their requirements. Individuals can go there and provide their biometrics which is very important for their applications.

At present, there are already 23 VACs that are already open but provide limited services. Here is the list:
  • Austria – Vienna
  • Bahrain – Manama
  • China – Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Jinan, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai, and Shenyang
  • Germany – Düsseldorf
  • Greece – Athens
  • Iraq – Erbil
  • Israel - Tel Aviv
  • Italy – Rome
  • Japan – Osaka, and Tokyo
  • Malaysia – Kuala
  • The Netherlands - The Hague
  • United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi, and Dubai

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) have made sure that safety measures have been put in place in these VACs so that all of the people coming there (both applicants and employees) are safe from the virus. Included in the safety measures are making sure that social distancing is practiced, hands are clean, temperature checks are done, and face masks, face shields, and gloves are used.

Movement in Canada

There are still travel restrictions in Canada and these will be so until June 30. At present, those that are exempt from this are the immediate families of citizens. Holders of work permits are also exempted especially if they have to do an important or essential job in Canada. Students who have study permits that were approved on or before March 17 are also exempted. All individuals coming in should undergo quarantine for 14 days when they arrive in the country and they should also show that they have a proper plan for their quarantine.

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Friday, June 19, 2020

Greeting People In Germany: A Quick Lesson For Immigrants

Living in a new country would mean having new adventures and enjoying the new surroundings that would be available there. It means having to adjust to everything as they will all be definitely different from the country of origin that a person may have come from. And in the case of immigrants who are in Germany, one of the many things that they need to learn would be the language.

German is the language spoken in the country and the locals are very proud of their language. While in other countries, English is the best language to use, in Germany, it is all about German. The locals know how to speak German quite well and one can find only a few who can speak English well. As new people in the country, immigrants have to be the ones to adjust and not the other way around.

One of the basic things that an immigrant in Germany has to learn is to know how to greet the locals. It is a great way to make a great impression from the locals. Plus, meeting people will definitely not be avoided so greeting them properly is the best way to go. The phrases for greeting Germans are quite simple. Here are some of them.


This greeting means “Hello”. It can be used any time of the day that you wish to greet someone in Germany.

Hallo, wie geht’s?

This greeting means “Hello. How are you?” Immigrants can use this when they would like to ask someone how they have been.

Guten morgen.

This greeting means “Good morning”. This is used to greet other people in the morning.

Guten tag.

This greeting means “good day” literally. However, if used to greet people in Germany, it is usually used to mean “Good afternoon”.

Guten abend.

This greeting means “Good evening” and it is used to greet other people at night.

Gute nacht.

This greeting is used to tell someone “Good night”. Usually, it is used to greet someone before they go to sleep.

Vielen dank.

This is a quick phrase which means “Thank you very much”.

Ich danke ihnen auch.

This actually means “Thank you, too”. It is often used as a reply when some other person tells them “Thank you.”

Tschüss, bis zum nächsten mal.

This sentence means “Goodbye. See you next time.” It is a great sentence to use at the end of a conversation with someone in Germany.

Schönes Wetter heute, nicht wahr?

They say that the weather is a really great conversation starter. So for immigrants in Germany who may want to strike a conversation with a local, using this sentence can be a good way to do that. This actually means “The weather is lovely today, isn’t it?”

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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Immigrants In Canada: What Country Is The Leader This Year So Far?

From January until April this year, Canada has been able to bring in 74,000 new individuals that are now immigrants in the country. This may not be as what the country has initially planned for the year, but with the havoc that is being spread about by the coronavirus and movement has been greatly restricted not only in Canada but in many other countries around the globe, Canada has to make do with what they were able to bring in.

The country had to put a lockdown along with many other countries around the middle of March this year which put a halt to bringing in new immigrants. However, before that, the country was already receiving and bringing new immigrants. The immigration rate has been quite high which was definitely going as planned. Before the lockdown was even imposed, the immigration minister had just announced that there was a new plan which was quite ambitious but was not impossible. The country was planning on bringing more than a million immigrants and make them permanent residents. This was going to happen this year until 2022.

Working with what they can work with

Interruptions have definitely been one of the obstacles that Canada is facing right now especially with immigration. The country has been highly in need of more immigrants and so it has been making do with what they can work with. Right now, despite the restrictions and such, the agency handling immigration has already gone back to work and has started processing applications from potential immigrants. There are definite restrictions to movement but the agency is trying to do the best that it can.

There have been definite changes in terms of how immigrants are being allowed in the country. There have also been an easing of some restrictions but major ones like social distancing and avoidance of face-to-face meetings have been taken into consideration. By doing so, the virus is contained and it does not spread any more than it already has, which is a very important thing to achieve.

What country leads in terms of immigration?

The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC) has released new data which shows just where the new immigrants in Canada has been coming from for 2020. India still remains as the top country where the new holders of permanent resident visas have come from. Those who have come from India made up 24% of the total amount of new permanent resident visa holders from January to April 2020.

Experts suggest that the main reason why India has been a leader in this regard because the people living in the country know how to speak the English language fluently. Another good reason is that the locals of India has the key characteristics that are needed in making a person eligible for immigration in Canada. These characteristics include having credentials from a college or university and also having work experience.

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