Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Immigrants In Canada Will Have Vaccines For The Novel Coronavirus Available For Them

Many people around the world have been waiting for the vaccine for the coronavirus to be available so they can get their shots and be protected from the deadly virus. With the billions of people all around the world, having access to this precious vaccine can be difficult as production is still ongoing and the distribution can be another issue. Aside from that, governments have to work on having enough budget to purchase these precious shots. It is a good thing that countries like Canada are working hard to be able to acquire more than enough vaccines to give to their citizens. In fact, Canada is working hard to make sure that not only citizens get the vaccine but immigrants in the country as well.


According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, the official agency of the country on public health, when it comes to the rollout of the vaccine for COVID-19, the immigration status of a person in Canada should really not be a factor at all. In fact, the PHAC has continued to say that the vaccines that are approved, and recommended would be available for all people who are in the country. So this means that not only citizens would be getting the vaccine but even immigrants would be getting their shots too.


The approved vaccines


For people who are over 16 years old and living in Canada, the government has already given the green light for the vaccine made by Pfitzer-BioNTech. The Moderna vaccine, on the other hand, has also been approved by the government to be given to individuals who are older than 18 years old. The people who would be getting early vaccinations are those who are residents of care homes as well as the staff of these facilities. Other groups of people who are also considered as priorities are those are over 70 years old, adults belonging to indigenous communities, and health care workers.


The website of the government of Canada has also disclosed that when more vaccines are available, that would be when the rest of the population of Canada would be able to have them. There would still be priorities as per the next batches of vaccines and that would include residents of shared living spaces as well as the staff working there. Aside from them, prioritized groups would also include immigrant workers and essential workers.


Rolling out the vaccines


Last January 21st, there were already 935,700 vaccine doses that were already sent and delivered to Canada. Of that amount, around 729,600 doses have already been administered throughout the country. With more doses coming in, the government of Canada has been working on data and recommendations so as to better plan the distribution and the priorities.




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Monday, January 25, 2021

Immigrants Have Been Enjoying Classic And Present Music In Germany

Music has got to be one of the best things in life that humans have discovered and honed and created. It is something that has some magical powers that have been great for all people – even animals enjoy music! The magic that music has is quite amazing because it transcends age, race, country of origin, and a whole lot more. That is why it is definitely not surprising when new immigrants in Germany are able to appreciate and enjoy listening to music in the country. Sure, there are songs that are known worldwide but there are also songs that are only popular in Germany but immigrants sure still love listening to them.


It does not matter if the music is classical or if it is modern music. The music in Germany is definitely something that people enjoy a lot. Well, that should not be quite a surprising thing since the country has a long history of delving in music and the world knows a lot about the best musicians and composers and artists that the country has honed.


Classical music in Germany


The world has gotten to enjoy the work of many classical composers that has called Germany their home. Included in the list are Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven. They were geniuses and their compositions are still famous even up to this day. People may have already heard their compositions and be familiar with them but not all people can really say that they were the works of these musical greats. Their music has transcended time and everything else that came and went.


Here are some of the greatest classical composers who were born and lived in Germany: Johann Sebastian Bach (known for Air On The G String); Ludwig van Beethoven (known for Fifth Symphony); Johannes Brahms (known for Ein deutsches Requiem); George Frideric Handel (known for Messiah); and Georg Philipp Telemann (known for Musique De Table). Of course, they are just a few of the many musical geniuses who have created names worldwide. Immigrants are often surprised to learn that these greats lived in Germany.


Current music in Germany


Music is still quite alive in Germany nowadays and the songs that people can hear on the radio are current, of course. The country is also home to a lot of music festivals that cater to various types of music, which immigrants definitely enjoy a lot since they can choose which type of music to go to. The country is also home to the biggest music festival in the entire world which is known as the Rock am Ring where plenty of artists, performers, and fans who come from various countries make their way to Germany to be part of the music festival.




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Friday, January 22, 2021

Understanding The Arts And Popular Culture In The United Kingdom For Immigrants

The arts and culture of a country is a very important aspect that affects how things happen daily in that place. This is something that many immigrants should be able to understand because they would be living in that new country for a long time (or maybe even for the rest of their lives) and so understanding how things go would be a really great help. In the case of the United Kingdom, the arts and culture of the country are definitely very interesting.


Without further ado, here are some important things about the arts and popular culture in the United Kingdom that can help immigrants in the country understand things better.


Interactions because of popular culture


Through the years, the people of the United Kingdom have been enjoying having social interactions because of popular culture. This has not only been happening in recent years but it has also been happening for centuries. A good example of this would be theaters which have been the venue for many events related to music, drama, and comedy. This was a good place where artists would show off their skills and talents and the audience would be very happy to be there and be entertained by the shows.


The cinema is also a good example of a place where people can enjoy art and popular culture. There are also a good number of social clubs in the United Kingdom where people can gather and enjoy entertainment.


Music in the United Kingdom


Music is said to be able to speak to the heart and the soul of people and that seems to be true in the United Kingdom. In fact, a ton of famous artists around the world have been born and bred in the country. The list of homegrown talent includes the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Adele among many others.


The country is also home to a good number of music types which encourage people to dance. These include Grime, Dubstep, and Jungle.


Even centuries ago in the UK, music has always been a good factor in keeping communities entertained and happy. Social gatherings cannot be complete without any type of music. Traditions and events have always involved music. There are areas in the UK where folk music has always been accompanied by dancing. There are also groups in the UK like the people from Wales who are quite popular for having really good voices meant for singing.


Art in the UK


Art has also always been alive in the UK and is part of the culture of the country. This can be seen in the huge number of galleries that show off the best and the greatest pieces of art in the UK.




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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Caesar And BeaverTails: Two Things In Canada Which Immigrants Should Try

Food is an essential part of living. Without it, people would just shrivel up and die. It is the source of human’s strength and energy and there is a need to have this every day. Of course, there are recommended foods that are healthy for the body and taking too much is always never a good idea as it can hard the body. Given how humans have concocted really creative and delectable dishes, eating has never become a difficult thing to do. Ask people who are living in Canada, like immigrants, and they would be more than happy to share just how much they enjoy the local cuisine.


In connection with this, here are two from Canada which would be great things to try. These are Caesar and BeaverTails. Yes, they may sound different. The first one may sound like an emperor while the second one may sound like the character of a cartoon. But, honestly, these are food in Canada that immigrants who are living there should try at least once.


What is Caesar?


Caesar is not the name of the famous ruler centuries ago. The Caesar that is quite popular in Canada is not a person. In fact, it is a cocktail and it came into being in 1969 when it was invented by Walter Chell. Chell is a manager of a restaurant in Calgary. From its inception, it became quite famous in the country. There are even some who say that over 350 million of this delicious drink are consumed and sold each year.


Caesar is actually made up of a variety of ingredients. The main ones include vodka, Clamato juice, and Worchester. It is then served in a cocktail glass that has salt on the rim. Restaurants in the country have created various things with this drink and there is even one that has made it to be a part of a meal known as Checkmate Caesar where the drink is served with a full chicken that has been roasted, some cheese hotdog with pulled pork and mac and cheese, brownies, roasted vegetables, chicken wings, and a cheeseburger.


What are BeaverTails?


This dish from Canada is quite a popular one. BeaverTails is its name and it is basically a donut that does not have a hole and that has been flattened. This food has been made by the family of Graham Hooker and it has remained there for many years. It was only in 1978 when it was then released for public consumption. A year after that, Hooker continued on to open the very first shop for this treat. It is very popular especially when it comes covered in sugar, some Nutella, and a mix of other sweet stuff like chocolate chips and the like.




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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

An Immigrant’s Guide To Learning The Lingo In New Zealand

English may be the common language used in New Zealand but there surely is lingo in the country that immigrants should be used to hearing and speaking. There are a ton of lingo but learning and understand the basic ones should be a great help. It is important to keep in mind though that the lingo may sound English but even if people do try to have a grasp at it, they can mean differently. That is why here is a quick guide to some of the lingo that is commonly used in New Zealand.




Chocka may sound like chocolate but it does not relate to chocolate in any way. This lingo used in New Zealand actually means ‘full’.


Bobby didn’t have a bite at dinner today. He said he was chocka.




Choice in New Zealand does not mean like the usual ‘choice’ that people know. In the country, Kiwis use this to mean that something is ‘excellent’ or is ‘fine’.


We went to Sean’s house today and it was choice.




Does the term ‘chur’ have anything to do with churros? Well, not exactly. In New Zealand, this word actually means ‘cheers’.


To Cecilia and John’s great life together! Chur!




While in other countries, the term ‘cuz’ actually can be a shortened form to mean ‘cousin’, in New Zealand, it actually is used to mean a relative or a friend (who may already be like family to them).


Roger went to the pub today and he introduced us to his cuz.




Dairy is definitely not the usual meaning of dairy for most countries that speak English. When in New Zealand, this is actually slang for the corner store or for a newsagent.


Bill’s mom was so scared that her son wasn’t in the house. Turned out, Bill was in the dairy and met a friend there.




Dag is not the shortened form for dagger or is not in any way connected to dog. This slang actually is used to refer to a character or to an amusing person.


You’ve got to meet Stacey! She’s a dag!




In most English-speaking countries, dork is the term used to refer to a person who may be too nerdy or too silly that they have become a misfit socially. However, in New Zealand, this is the slang for a person who may be an idiot or one who is physically uncoordinated.


Roberto had to be careful around the baby. He is a dork most of the time, you see.




This one may be easy to guess as it is also the slang used in many English-speaking countries to refer to money.


Can I borrow some dough? I lost my wallet on the way here.




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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

15,000 New Immigrants Made Their Way To Canada In November 2020

When lockdowns and quarantine were put in place to help keep the COVID-19 disease at bay and stop its spread among people, countries like Canada had to deal with a lower economy and a lot of other trials. The movement of people was also curtailed which made getting things running a whole lot more difficult. There were businesses that had to close that also meant more people becoming unemployed in the midst of a pandemic. However, countries have been able to create protocols that would make sure that the economy went back to its former glory and things would become normal like before.


Canada has been working really hard to make sure that its citizens are kept safe from the disease without having to sacrifice the economy. And the economy of this country is highly reliant on immigrants as they are the ones that help businesses and bring in more transactions and ventures. Immigration has been definitely hit hard by the pandemic and it is a good thing that Canada is now slowly recovering.


Bringing the numbers up


According to the government of Canada, the country was able to bring in around 15,000 immigrants for November 2020. This is the third month in a row that Canada was able to achieve this despite the pandemic still happening. As per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, there were 15,300 total new individuals with permanent resident visas just for November 2020, which is just about the same number for September and October 2020. This number may be quite big already but it is still a long way off from the usual numbers that the country has been able to bring in when there was still no pandemic.


The usual number that Canada is able to have for new immigrants would be 25,000 to 35,000 per month. However, with the lockdowns and travel restrictions that were put in place last March 2020, the numbers dwindled and it is a good thing that the country is now able to start bringing the numbers back up again.


More numbers for Canada immigration


From January to November 2020, there were around 174,000 new immigrants who made their way to Canada. This is the first time that the country has only been able to record new immigrants that were below 200,000 in total. The last time that this happened was back in 1999. To see the difference, the 2019 number of new immigrants in Canada was around 341,000. This surely shows just how huge the difference is for 2020. However, looking at it in a positive light, it is a good thing that Canada was still able to bring in new immigrants in the midst of this difficult time.




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Monday, January 18, 2021

Germany Has Fewer Immigrant Skilled Workers For 2020 Because Of Pandemic Despite High Need For More Immigrants

Immigration has played a huge role in how many countries in Europe work keep up a strong economy and bring their population growth up. European countries like Germany have been reliant on immigrants to help out. Most of these immigrants come as skilled workers who are then employed by many businesses in the country. However, the pandemic that is still continuing to wreak havoc throughout the world has not been helpful in bringing up the immigration levels in the country. In fact,


Without immigration, many job positions in European countries remain vacant. The pandemic has not only made immigration even more difficult, but it also slowed down the efforts of the German government to attract nurses and other skilled workers. Immigrants are highly needed in Germany to help out in various businesses and organizations that provide services and products for the market. The country has been counting on immigration to help them and getting new immigrants during the pandemic has been quite tough, especially since the country has been targeting immigrants who are not from any European Union member nation.


The immigration situation during the pandemic


A spokesperson for the BAMF, the official agency of the German government that deals with migration and refugees, have said that the situation in terms of immigration in Germany was definitely not the situation that they were hoping for 2020, however, it was quite understandable given the crisis that the whole world was facing. It was a good thing to note though that by the spring of last year, the immigration numbers have slowly started to go up which shows that despite the pandemic, the programs and plans that the government of the country had put into action were actually starting to work. 

This surely is a better thing to have as compared to having a total slump in terms of the numbers for immigration for 2020. Having something in the midst of a pandemic is something that the country can already be proud of and thankful for given the importance of immigrants to Germany.


The reasons behind the slowdown


According to the agency, one of the main reasons why there were fewer immigrants in the country was because of the ban on travel that some countries have put in place. Aside from that, another reason would be the embassies. There were embassies that were totally closed during the lockdown while there were some that were open but only the skeletal staff were the ones at work.


Despite that, there were still a good number of work visas granted to immigrants in Germany from January until September of last year. A good portion of them were health care workers as well as nurses, which are deemed as essential workers during these hard times.




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Friday, January 15, 2021

Pimms And Gin For Immigrants: Two Alcohol Drinks Which The United Kingdom Is Proud To Serve

Trying out the local cuisine is one thing that immigrants should do when they are in a new country that they would be living in. They would definitely be there for some time so learning how to appreciate the local cuisine is a very important thing. However, aside from that, immigrants should also be able to appreciate the local alcoholic drinks especially if they are in the United Kingdom. See, the country has a cold climate and getting some alcoholic drinks can help keep themselves warm during a really cold day.


Two of the alcoholic drinks that the United Kingdom is proud to serve to everyone are Pimms and gin. These are two of the popular drinks that can be found in the country and have proven to be quite the experience. Read on and learn about these two alcoholic drinks that people can enjoy in the country.




Pimms is a type of punch that is alcoholic and also quite refined. It is made using alcohol and some fruits. The effect of drinking Pimms is slow but it can give those who have it a buzz. There are times when the alcohol would slowly creep up unlike other alcoholic drinks that can automatically give quite a good kick.


This drink is usually served in a big bowl since it is a punch. It also comes with a lot of ice and some fruits that have been cut into pieces. The most common ingredient that is added to this punch are cucumber slices. To have some of this drink, a ladle would be used to get the drink into a glass.


It is said that Pimms is a traditional drink that the upper classes have. However, nowadays, the drink is also quite popular with just about everyone in the UK. It is most likely prepared and served during the summer. Students who may have had ended their term for the summer have parties and prepare huge amounts of this delicious and refreshing drink.




In the United Kingdom, gin is yet another alcoholic beverage that people can have. It is normally served in a classic concoction which is combining gin with ice, lemon, and some tonic. This combination is quite popular even nowadays and many people trudge to bars and pubs to have this mix. Of course, there are plenty of other ways that one can have gin. Some choose to have it up straight, with no other additional ingredients except for ice. And then there are others who may choose to liven up the taste with fruits or other mixes. This drink is quite available all over the United Kingdom and it is also quite a popular drink all around the world as well so immigrants who may want to taste something familiar can have this.




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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Nova Scotia Province In Canada Prepares For Recovery Of Economy By Increasing Immigration Levels

The economy is one of the things that has been badly hit when the pandemic caused by the deadly novel coronavirus spread through the globe. Countries like Canada were not spared and many of them had to impose lockdowns to make sure that the people living in their territory were safe and that the virus would not spread even further. Because people had to stay inside their homes, businesses suffered and the economy suffered as well.


Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s provinces, has accepted the reality and with the changes and developments in how the pandemic is handled, the local government is already working and preparing to help the economy recover. This would be a really good thing to do and being prepared should be the key to successfully achieving that goal. One of the things that the local government of Nova Scotia is doing is by giving approval to more and more immigrants, which they have already started doing in 2020. The immigrants would help the province recover economically in the coming years.


The approvals given to immigrants


For 2020, Nova Scotia approved more than 3,500 applications from potential immigrants. Most of these approved new immigrants were actually skilled and able to provide essential services to the province, and they include healthcare workers. They will be joining Canada once the restrictions on travel to the country have already been eased.


It is important to keep in mind that essential services are the focus for Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada for 2020 because of the pandemic. These people are the ones who provide important services that people need regularly or even during emergencies. With that, Nova Scotia was also able to keep in their territory a good amount of healthcare workers. These included physicians and nurses as well as care assistants. With the pandemic, healthcare workers were really important workers as they were the ones who helped people who were sick and were stricken with the virus. They were also the ones who made sure that the virus does not spread and that the health of the people was given utmost attention.


Lower numbers for 2020


Like in many provinces and cities in Canada, Nova Scotia was able to record lower levels of immigration for 2020 as compared to the number for immigration levels in 2019. This is not a surprising thing given the pandemic and the protocols that have to be put in place to make sure that people are kept healthy and well. This is why the local government of the province has been doing the best that it can to be able to bring in as many new immigrants as possible despite the current situation.




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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Communication With The Kiwis: A Quick Guide For Immigrants In New Zealand

Communication is one of the things that immigrants need to learn when they are in a new country. In the case of New Zealand, many new and potential immigrants believe that they do not have to learn anything when it comes to communication because the country is basically an English-speaking country. However, what most people do not know is that English-speaking countries still do have their own lingo and slang and that is something that immigrants should learn first. After all, these lingo and slang are often incorporated in normal conversations and though they may sound English, their meaning just may mean a totally different thing.


Here are some things that immigrants should know about communication with the locals of New Zealand, who are known as Kiwis.


Saying no.


As a general rule, Kiwis are oftentimes ready to provide help as much as they could. They have huge and kind hearts and helping is something innate in them. That is why immigrants in New Zealand would find that these people are really not quite fond of saying “no” to people. However, there may be times when they really have to say “no” to people for various reasons but what is interesting about this is that the Kiwis would say that in a way that is unclear that new immigrants in the country may find that “no” to be a confusing one. Kiwis can say that they are “not sure” or may even say “not really” which can really be confusing statements. There are also those who may say “yeah nah” which can actually mean to be “probably not”. On the other hand, when Kiwis say “yeah right” and it is done in a sarcastic manner, this definitely means “no”.


How the Kiwis speak


New immigrants in New Zealand would also have to learn how to adjust to how the Kiwis speak. See, the locals of the country can speak quite fast which can make understand sentences a whole lot more difficult, especially for those who are not that used to using the language. Aside from that, the locals of New Zealand also are known for using plenty of slang, which can make understanding the message from the locals to be quite a huge challenge. The words and terms may sound English but listening to them and trying to comprehend them may be very difficult since they just do not seem to make any kind of sense.


The key to overcoming this would be to actually be polite and brave enough to ask the other person just what they were trying to say. Explaining to them that English is not a language that they used regularly can help the Kiwis understand your situation and adjust how they speak. They can slow down or maybe repeat what they had said. Some of the locals may even try to explain things in English without using any of their slang.




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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

More Immigrants Expected To Join Canada In 2021 With COVID-19 Vaccines Becoming Available

When the entire world seemingly came to a total standstill because of the COVID-19 pandemic being spread via person-to-person contact, many countries including Canada had to enforce lockdowns. Only essential travel was allowed and people were required to just stay at home, except for those who were providing essential services. This was a sacrifice that many countries had to do to protect their citizens from the dreadful disease. And for countries like Canada, this also meant having to deal with fewer or even no new immigrants at all, which is not a good thing for them.


However, now that vaccines have already been given a green light and the manufacture, production, and distribution of these vaccines are already going on, Canada is positive that there may be a surge of new immigrants to the country this year. The vaccines that have been developed by many countries are now being given to many people and with that, it could start herd immunity which is very helpful in protecting those that still do not have the vaccine. This may also be the start for countries to lift any restrictions to travel that they have put in place.


Rolling out the vaccine


Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, has said that as per the government’s plans, they are targeting to have a majority of the locals get the vaccine by September. This would be a good goal to have since it would mean slowly having a huge amount of people getting the vaccine and start building herd immunity. This means that a huge part of the population of Canada would be already immune to the disease because of the vaccine and that would mean that the disease would not be able to spread any further. It would also mean that things may slowly be going back to the way they were before the pandemic hit.


Experts who have also been looking at the situation have said that things may be looking good if the plans do happen as they should. An epidemiologist had said that when a disease is really infectious, it would mean that to be able to achieve herd immunity, a huge amount of the population has to be immune to the disease.


Jumpstarting the economy


With the vaccinations happen, many cities and provinces in Canada would soon be reopening their borders which would help jumpstart its economy. This would also mean that the country would then be able to encourage more and more immigrants to come and join them there. Immigrants have been a really important part of Canada as they help with the population growth, with the economy, and with plenty of other things. This is why the country does its best to bring in as many immigrants as it can each year.




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Monday, January 11, 2021

2020 Numbers Of Skilled Immigrant Workers Joining Germany Did Not Reach Target

Many countries in the world have become highly dependent on skilled immigrant workers to help out with jobs and tasks that businesses need done. One of these countries is Germany. The very reason for the country to be dependent on skilled immigrant workers is that the country has a low birth rate, an aging population, and thus, fewer people in the labor market. By bringing in skilled immigrant workers, businesses in the country can benefit from their skills and expertise and have the tasks that need to be done completed by these people.


The reality is that many positions in Germany as well as in other countries in Europe have remained vacant and the pandemic has not been helpful at all. Immigration became even more challenging for Germany and also for the potential immigrants to make things happen. The government of Germany may have had created plans and programs to bring in the skilled immigrant workers but the pandemic has brought a lot of difficulties that made bringing those people in quite the challenge.


Fewer immigrants joined Germany


The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of Germany has disclosed that the pandemic caused by the disease known as COVID-19 had been a big factor in why there were fewer immigrants who joined Germany. Skilled immigrant workers are essential to Germany to get many tasks done and it has been quite difficult during this time, especially for those individuals who were coming in from countries that were not part of the European Union.


A spokesperson for the office said that they were expecting to see some kind of development in terms of the number of skilled immigrant workers coming in however, they were not able to see such for 2020. By the spring of 2020, Germany experienced a slump in terms of the number of these skilled individuals coming in. However, in the second half of the year, Germany’s numbers started to show some hope and started to go up. This definitely is an indication that the changes done by the country and the protocols that they have set in place are already starting to work in their favor.


Reasons for the lower numbers


One of the reasons why Germany experienced a lower number of immigrants coming in is because of the travel bans that were put in place in a number of countries around the world. Aside from that, there were also issues with the German embassies around the world. Because of the pandemic, some embassies were not open while there were those who were open but only with limited functions. There were also countries that did not allow their skilled immigrant workers who were part of the health and medicine industry to leave so these individuals can help out in their home countries.




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Friday, January 8, 2021

Haggis And Whisky: A Guide On Food In The United Kingdom For Immigrants

A person who does not experience the local food is missing out on a lot. This goes true for travelers and tourists who still try and eat only the foods that they are familiar with. However, in the case of immigrants, trying out new dishes is something that they cannot really do away with as they are living in a new country and looking for food that is familiar to them can be a difficult task and can also be quite expensive. That is why immigrants who are living in the United Kingdom are urged to try out the local cuisine. Haggis and whisky are two foods that people in this country should try out and these foods have yet to disappoint.




Haggis is a dish that is Scottish in nature. It is what is considered to be the fish and chips of the Scottish people. It is a dish that is quite known in that part of the world and plenty of people really do choose this to have. Tourists, immigrants, and locals really do love haggis. But it is the ingredients of this dish that can be quite a challenge. See, haggis is made from various organs of a sheep, along with some oatmeal, suet (which is kidney fat), and onions – these are then stuffed right inside the stomach of sheep. Then, it is then boiled until it becomes firm. Slices of this dish are then made right at the table.


This dish can be quite interesting because it is very unusual. It looks really not that appetizing as most people would expect dishes to be. However, one has to overcome the dish’s appearance to be able to appreciate its taste. It is quite so delicious that even the famous poet from Scotland, Robert Burns, has even created a poem that gives accolades to this delectable dish. This dish can be found in the UK and should be something to try.




Scottish whisky is one of the top exports of the United Kingdom that is alcoholic. It is spelled as ‘whiskey’ and it is known the world over as being the best one in the entire world. The real deal is actually made using malted barley which is basically a process that is entirely unique to the whole process used to distill Scottish whisky. It is also a legal requirement for the real deal to age for three years at the very least. They should be aged in casks right in Scotland and there are only 115 distilleries in the country which have official licenses. People who do get this drink are surely in for a great treat as it is world-class and is quite a unique experience.




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Thursday, January 7, 2021

Fewer Immigrants Coming In Because Of Pandemic Has Resulted In Slower Growth Rate In Canada

The world seemed to come to a total pause when the pandemic caused a lot of chaos and uncertainty in most people all around the world. Countries like Canada had to create protocols that would help stop the spread of the virus that causes the disease known as COVID-19. Lockdowns were put in place so that there would be a lot fewer people moving about as the virus is being spread via person-to-person contact. Only essential travel was allowed in most countries and wearing face masks has become a necessity.


Because of the pandemic, Canada had to put a pause to bringing in immigrants to make sure that the health of the people in the country is a priority. With the country trying to bring in as many immigrants as it can on a yearly basis, 2020 proved to be quite a difficult year since the lockdown did not allow the country to bring in new ones, especially during the start of the lockdown. This caused Canada to experience a lower growth rate in its population as compared to previous years.


The numbers of Canada’s population


According to official details from the government of Canada, the growth rate of the population of the country did not move significantly during the third quarter of last year – this period is from the 1st day of July until the last day of September. Canada was able to experience an increase in the population of just around 2,767 individuals. As per the data, this is the lowest growth that the country has ever been able to record since quarterly data has become available which was in 1946.


With the pandemic bringing about a lot of fear in people and causing them to be uncertain about a lot of things and the future, some people who may have had plans on moving to Canada as immigrants had to postpone their plans. Aside from that, the lockdown and the limited travel did not allow for a lot of people to make it to Canada. There were also more people leaving Canada as compared to people moving to the country.


More numbers


From January to March 2020, the population in Canada has increased by around 70,000 new immigrants. There were also about 10,000 new Canadians that were added naturally – this is the difference between deaths and births in the country. The numbers show that Canada was definitely on its way towards hitting its immigration target for that year but the lockdown took place around the middle of March and so the country had to make do with what they can bring in. The lockdown and the pandemic definitely put a lot of plans on hold and there was nothing that Canada and the people could do but wait it out and make do with what they have in the meantime.




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Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Immigrants In New Zealand Find Bungy Jumping An Exciting Activity To Try

There are activities that would allow people to relax and just chill like going to the spa and getting a massage or maybe having a quiet afternoon tea with a number of friends. And then there are activities that could bring the excitement to the table and that includes bungy jumping, which is an activity that can be tried by both locals and immigrants who are in New Zealand. And as experts say, New Zealand is the best place for people who would like to try to do this activity for the first time.


The origin of the activity


There is definitely no place better to try this exciting sport than New Zealand. The reason behind this is that the sport that really goes right for one’s adrenaline production actually originated from this beautiful country. The very first jump actually happened on the Kawarau Bridge which is near Queenstown. The very first person to do the jump was a man known as AJ Hackett, who now owns his very own company which is successful and also his namesake.


The scenes in New Zealand


With the tons of sites where bungy jumps can be done in New Zealand, people who would like to try this activity out would have various spots to choose from. Each site can cater to the different things that a person would like to experience. Each of these spots have beautiful spots that people can enjoy while jumping off from a height.


The experience


It is very interesting to note that the bungy jump operators in New Zealand are all qualified and experts. They make sure that the service that they deliver is of top quality. They are really good at the whole thing and they make sure that all of those who would go there and try to do the jump would be really safe.


The whole jump is actually quite short and it can also be expensive, but the whole experience is something that a person will never forget in his or her whole life. Plenty of people who do this have crossed this amazing activity from their bucket list. Plus, they also get to take home really epic photographs that they can boast to all of their friends and family since not all people are able to face their fears and do the jump.


The organizers of the jump would be very willing to take photographs of those who would like to have their photos taken. However, that would usually mean an extra payment for photos and for videos. However, those people who have the right equipment for taking photos or videos like a GoPro can actually bring that with them when they jump. Of course, the jumper has to make sure that the equipment is properly attached to themselves since the organizers do not have any responsibility for lost or damaged equipment that the jumpers bring with them.




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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Skilled Immigrant Workers May Soon Enter Canada Via A New Newfoundland And Labrador Immigration Program

The applications from individuals who are interested in becoming immigrants in Canada are being accepted already by the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. This is because the province has a new immigration program which they had launched just last January 2. With that, more and more individuals who have been planning on moving to the country and living there are as immigrants would have a new path that they can take to be able to make it there.


The new immigration program is targeted towards bringing in new immigrants to the province in Canada. The new immigrants should have high education and with high skills. They should also have specialized experience for the industries and jobs that they would be needed. Most of these areas and industries are the ones that need new people who can do the jobs well since the local recruitment and training moves have not been successful. Most of these areas and industries are those in the ocean sciences and technology.


The goal of the immigration program


The immigration program made just for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada has its details available on the website of the government which was made available when the program was launched. Basically, the immigration program was actually created so that it would help provide a solution to the shortages that the labor market in this Canadian province is experiencing. It would be giving priority to the individuals that would meet the requirements set for this program. The individuals should have one-year work experience at the very least. They should also have high skills and should have held occupations that are high in demand in Canada. It is also leaning towards individuals who have post-graduate education. This should be a Masters degree or a Doctorate degree and the individuals should have already completed these post-graduate degrees in three years at the Memorial University. These are the basic requirements that are under this new immigration program.


Welcoming new immigrants


According to the minister of immigration of Newfoundland and Labrador, Gerry Byrne, this province in Canada has put in a good amount of time, finances, and effort to be able to bring in the new immigrants that the province needs. The province also invests in helping the new immigrants get the education and training that they need to better adapt to the province and the rest of the country. Furthermore, the province is also working on making sure that the new immigrants do not just get to the country but they also stay in the province, have great careers, and be able to raise their families there. This is definitely a good thing since such are goals for many individuals who are looking at moving to Canada.




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