Thursday, September 13, 2012

Australian government launches new leaflet to help immigrants settle

The Australian government has launched a new leaflet to help inform recent immigrants to Australia about the government's settlement policy and to inform them of the services that are available to help them settle.

The Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Senator Kate Lundy, said that the leaflet, which is called The Settlement Journey: Strengthening Australia Through Migration, will be available in libraries and migrant resource centres and from councils and other community organisations. Ms Lundy said 'The Australian Government's settlement policy is calibrated to capitalise on the economic, social, and humanitarian benefits of migration so that new migrants can flourish and Australia can prosper.'

She added 'Australia's settlement services aim to address the needs of new arrivals to help them develop the knowledge and skills they need to become full participants in Australian society.'

The leaflet sets out the key principles governing Australia's treatment of its immigrant population.
1. Welcoming migrants and humanitarian entrants
Humanitarian entrants (asylum seekers) attend the Australian Cultural Orientation Program offshore before being granted entry to the country. Other migrants can find information online. On arrival, migrants should obtain assistance from settlement grants providers.

2. Providing support based on need
Various different agencies exist to help migrants with their needs, however complex, on arrival. English tuition is provided for those who cannot speak the language. The Settlement Grants Program should be able to help migrants to find the services they need.

3. Maximising opportunities for migrants and humanitarian entrants to participate and contribute to Australian society
The Australian Settlement Program aims to provide help for all recent migrants by connecting them with mainstream services such as education and employment providers and by linking them with the wider community.

The Australian government will be monitoring its performance and will report on the efficacy of its programs in 2015.

Ms Lundy said 'Migrants and refugees contribute to Australia's prosperity and success through their ingenuity, drive and determination and our settlement services are an investment in Australia's future.'

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