Thursday, November 8, 2012

New rules for UK nationality applications

As of summer 2012, those applying for British nationality from outside the UK must send their applications to the UK Border Agency in Liverpool, England for processing. It is no longer possible to submit applications in British High Commissions or Consulates in countries around the world.

The only exception to this rule is in Hong Kong where applications will continue to be accepted as before.

All documents provided in support of applications must be originals where possible. You should make every effort to ensure that they are sent by a secure route. If the correct documentation is not provided, your application will be delayed and may fail.

Citizens of various countries are not permitted to send their passports abroad by post.

These countries are

• Afghanistan
• Albania
• Armenia
• Azerbaijan
• Belarus
• Georgia
• Iran
• Kazakhstan
• Kyrgyzstan
• Libya
• North Korea
• Morocco
• Pakistan
• Russia
• Tajikistan
• Tunisia
• Turkmenistan
• Ukraine
• Uzbekistan
• Western Sahara

Citizens of these countries should obtain a copy and have it certified by a notary or solicitor.

Once the decision has been made, your local British High Commission or British Consulate will contact you. If successful, you may be required to attend a citizenship ceremony when your documentation will be returned to you.

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