Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Study Shows Germany Needs Around 260,000 Immigrants Annually To Meet Demands In Labor

In a recent report, it has disclosed that a study was done on the need for immigrants in Germany. Germany has a number of jobs that are not being filled because of the lack of people in the labor market. The population in Germany is aging and so there are not enough individuals who can do the jobs that businesses need to be completed. That is why Germany has been thankful for the freedom of movement that is open between European Union member nations. Immigrant workers have come to Germany and they have been very helpful in getting jobs done.

However, in a study that had been published recently, the number of immigrant workers from the European Union would be going down and this could highly affect the strong economy that Germany is currently enjoying. Without enough workers, businesses may close shop or may have to operate for shorter hours and that is not good for the economy. As per the study, the country should be able to bring in at least 146,000 immigrant workers annually and these individuals should not come from countries that are part of the European Union.

The results of the study

Starting 2020 until 2060, Germany should be able to bring in at the very least 260,000 immigrants each year. There are labor shortages in the country because of the lesser amount of immigrant workers who would be coming in from the European so this country should go and look for more immigrant workers from outside the country and outside the European Union. This number would help fill up the need for laborers which is all because of the decline of the number of suitable laborers from the country, thanks to the aging population.

The research was done by the Bertelsmann Foundation who also published the results of the study they did. With more and more Germans aging each year, by the year 2060, the number of people in the labor force would go down by at least 1/3 and that is a huge number. 1/3 of the current labor market in Germany amounts to 16 million individuals and that does not even include the immigrant workers in the country. A shortage in laborers would definitely be in the works if the German government does not tap immigrant workers from other countries and this shortage can be detrimental to the economy of the country.

The skilled workers needed

Given the situation, it is safe to say that Germany is in need of immigrant workers who can work in all the industries. All of the industries would be in need of workers and the country just does not have enough of that. The strong economy is pushing businesses to do better and work better and that could only be accomplished by having enough employees to help out.

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