Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Reasons Immigrants Are Choosing Canada During These Times

No country is really safe from the coronavirus and Canada has been one of the countries that is doing its best to contain the virus so it does not spread and wreak even more havoc than it already has. Canada has been doing the best measures to do this and has advised that people should not go out and just inside their homes instead. Borders in and out of the country have been closed and are only open for important trips. But the way that Canada has been handling the situation has been attracting the interest of many potential immigrants.

Many things may have been put to a halt in Canada but the system for immigration definitely has not. As per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (also known as the IRCC), the country is still open to receiving applications from potential immigrations and they are working on processing the applications. Many immigrants are very interested in living a better life in Canada even with the pandemic being a threat. These immigrants have various reasons why they are choosing Canada and here are some.

Canada is in need of immigrants.

Before the crisis brought about by the coronavirus had found its way on Canada, the government of the country had just released its plan on the newest immigration levels that it was aiming for. The target for the year would be 390,000 right up until 2022.

The crisis may already be in the country and there is still a need for immigrants in Canada. The country still needs to help its population. Immigrants have been helping bring down the average age of the country’s population, which is currently aging. There is also a need for immigrants to help out in the labor force.

Applications today would ensure that immigrants arrive in the country after the crisis.

Starting on the application today can help individuals make it to Canada at the soonest time possible. The application can take some time given the current situation but it does not mean that it would not be processed. The government is looking at around six months to a year of waiting for the approval or disapproval of any application. However, it also means that those who apply right now and get approved later on would surely not have to worry about the coronavirus crisis since, hopefully, it would be gone by the time they get word back.

Canada is working on a quick recovery plan.

The government of Canada has been working hard and long to create a plan that would help the country and the people in it rise up once again after the crisis is over. Aside from that, the government is also working on measures that would help make sure that the country would not be too affected by lessening the impact of the crisis.

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