Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Canada Tech Industry To Benefit From Brexit And Trump

The Canadian technology industry is still growing as we speak. It is estimated to provide 182,000 jobs by the year 2019. This should be good news for the country until you take a look at the worker statistics. There are not enough Canadians who can fill those positions. That is why the country is open for immigrants. And with a huge number of Americans planning to flee their homeland because of the Trump presidency, this should be good news for Canada. Aside from that, there is also Brexit which should give Canada a good number of workers to get the jobs filled.

Escaping Trump As President

With the recent elections in the United States of America, many Americans are not pleased with the results. The results show that Trump has been elected as the newest president of the country and many want to leave the US and escape Trump.

Their plan? To leave the country.

With that, a huge number of visitors went online and checked out the immigration site of Canada, possibly to find out how to migrate there. That huge number of visitors to the site brought the site down and made it crash. Relocating to Canada seems to be a popular choice among Americans right now and that is not surprising as it is quite near their country and the country offers seemingly better options for its residents.

Trump will be serving the US as president in the next four years and this has definitely not made a lot of Americans happy.

The Brexit Factor

If you have not heard about Brexit, you may want to learn more about it. In June this year, Britain has decided to exit from the European Union, thus the term ‘Brexit’.

Brexit came into being because the United Kingdom wanted to have stricter rules when it comes to immigrants. Thus, Canada becomes a very popular choice as getting into the country would be way easier.

Although Brexit may be quite a huge factor when it comes to more and more individuals choosing to migrate to Canada, this has yet to be finalized. There are still a lot of lawmakers who are not keen on stricter laws when it comes to migration flow in the UK.

Canada and Its Tech Industry

As for Canada, the country is home to 71,000 companies that are part of the technology industry. This is a huge amount and such an industry actually is responsible for more than 7% of the country’s economy. Aside from that, these companies also provide 5.6% of the employment in the country. Now this is definitely good news especially for those who wish to be an immigrant in Canada.

At present, the country is known as the last of the “safe harbors” for those who seek to be immigrants. Canada is also known to be quite open when it comes to immigration as well as to diversity.


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