Monday, December 12, 2016

Jeremy Corbyn Aims To Curb UK Immigration Restrictions Post-Brexit

You can definitely count on Jeremy Corbyn to stand up against restrictions on UK immigration after Brexit. Corbyn, as the leader of UK’s Labour Party, has been outspoken when it comes to this. Though he has received a number of jeers on his stand, he continues to address the country saying that he will not back any restrictions on immigration to the UK.

In his speech during the Annual Party Conference of the Labour Party, Corbyn has stated that these immigration restrictions would curb limit free movement of the labor force and that could make “Britons pay the price in tit-for-tat retaliation”. The Annual Conference was held in Liverpool.

Bringing back the public’s trust in immigration

For Corbyn, he strongly believes that to be able to bring back the public’s trust when it comes to immigration, what is needed is organization and harmonization of the working conditions and the wages all across the continent. Putting a restraint on free movement would not be able to solve the issue at hand.

The Labour Party head also engaged in a number of TV interviews. During those interviews, he declared that he sees all migrant workers of Europe having a huge contribution to the country in terms of health service, the educational system, and all other services for the public. This is a big deal and it should be given the proper acknowledgement.

Restrictions to UK immigration would not give such worthwhile contributions justice.

No immigration restrictions for the UK

Under the Labour Government of Tony Blair, European Union workers were able to easily move to the UK. This was in 2004. Most of the members of the EU had already put restrictions on immigration for all new member countries.

It was only the UK, Sweden, and Ireland which did not follow such a trend in the EU. They allowed for immigration and no restrictions were put in place.

This was in 2004 and the UK experienced a high number of immigrants than what was expected. These immigrants came from the new members of the EU that year and were from Eastern Europe. Poland had the most number of immigrants.

Corbyn’s alternative

Corbyn’s analysis on the stricter immigration rules would be harmful for Britons if implemented. He says that these would make all Brits have a difficult time if they wanted to travel anywhere in the continent for leisure or for study.

That is why he has an alternative to restraining the free movement of individuals. He has a plan and that plan is to encourage Europe to have equal wages and working conditions. With an equal footing in all countries, people would have easier movement across the continent. How he is going to do this, he has not disclosed yet but it does sound like a good plan.

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