Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Aiming For Automation: Immigration New Zealand Gets Qrious For Help

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In this day and age, going automated is a big thing. Automation helps keep processes going smoothly and a lot faster. It also allows workers to spend more time doing other more important tasks as they would not have to deal with working with the laborious and tedious tasks that the automation program or hardware can do. Clients and customers would also not to have to wait for long to be able to get the processes completed as the waiting time would be cut shorter. Definitely a good thing to have around.

In the case of New Zealand, the country’s branch on immigration, Immigration New Zealand (which is also known as the INZ), has already seen the benefits that come with automation. And that is why they have decided on bringing automation to help out with their processes. The main goal of investing in such is that it should help all of those individuals who are aspiring immigrants to the country to be able to have a guide that would show them the way towards getting all of the application requirements and objectives done without going through much hassle. By using automation, the INZ can definitely serve more customers.

The goal in mind

As per an interview with the Immigration New Zealand, the government agency has disclosed that this was a big thing for them as they wanted to make sure that they were able to help out get the process done faster for those immigrants that are included in the list of those will skills. Those potential immigrants to the country can actually get help through automation. The INZ would be sending them the information that they would need to make sure that New Zealand is at the top of their list when it comes to choosing the country that they would be going to. The INZ also disclosed that automation would also be able to provide those potential immigrants with the support that they would need once they do pursue applying to get to the country and getting there.

Automation would be very helpful was it would be then sending out the information to those potential immigrants and the messages would be personalized. The more personalized it is, the better it would be for the immigrants as they would be able to see that they are being handled as an individual and not just as a person coming from a whole group of other aspiring immigrants.

The automation from Qrious

The automation would be coming from the platform known as Ubiquity. This has been a product of Qrious, one of the top companies in the world that works on creating programs that could help out a lot of people.

This automation would be fed some information by the INZ. Once it has received that data, the automation would then send out personalized messages via email that would include all of the pertinent information so the country can lure the top skilled individuals from around the world.

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