Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Biometrics And The Canadian Immigration System

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For all of those individuals who are interested in making it to Canada as an immigrant, it is important to know just what is required of them by the government of the mentioned country. By knowing this, they would be able to prepare all of what is needed from them so that their applications are processed. It would also allow them to gauge if they can be approved to be an immigrant.

One of the things that is required of them would be biometrics. This is a requirement for all of those who would want to be an immigrant in the country. Read on and learn about just what it is about biometrics and how it would be used by the Canadian immigration branch for one’s application.

Who needs biometrics?

An individual who would like to be an immigrant in Canada must submit all of the requirements. Two of those requirements would be their fingerprints as well as their photograph. This is a requirement before they are all actually able to step on Canadian soil. It is a new thing in the whole process of immigration and it is a need that this is fulfilled.

Those who would be asked for such would include those individuals who have sent in their applications to get a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa. This would also be asked and required for those individuals who are applying for a Study Permit, a Temporary Resident Permit, a Permanent Residence status, and a Work Permit.

When did this start?

As per news, this requirement for biometrics had started back on the 31st of July this year. All of those who would be hailing from Africa, the Middle East, and Europe would be asked to provide such requirements to the government of Canada. By the end of this year, December 31st, this requirement would be asked for all of those potential immigrants who would be coming from the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Asia.

This requirement would be asked only for those who are still outside of the country. However, for those individuals who are still in their home countries and have yet to step food inside Canadian territory, biometrics would be a must. The officials are saying though that this may be just what is planned but there are more future plans for biometrics. It is quite possible that by next year, biometrics would be a requirement for those applicants who are already in Canadian ground.

Why the need for biometrics?

According to the government of Canada, this requirement would be needed so that they would have information on immigrants. It would allow them to have a good grasp on their identities and that would be part of their plan to make sure that Canadians would stay healthy, safe, and secure. That is their priority above anything else.

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