Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Canada Enjoys Strong Economy, Thanks To Immigrants’ Contributions

In a recent round table, a discussion has been done among a number of leaders regarding the development of the economy in Alberta, Canada. The leaders included Adrienne Clarkson, the former governor general of Canada; Abdulfatah Sabouni, Aleppo Soap’s CEO; Arif Khimani, the head of the finance and administration department of the MobSquad; and Jason Ribeiro, the director of strategy of the Calgary Economic Development. Clarkson has been one of the founders of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and this group assists the new citizens of Canada become involved and be a part of life in Canada.

During the discussion, the group talked about immigration and immigrants. Clarkson had shared that each immigrant is courageous because they have left behind them everything that was familiar to them even if what was familiar to them was not good things. However, that was what made everything familiar to them and it was theirs since they were kids. So to be able to pack up and become an immigrant in a new country and try to make a new life there is something that takes a lot of courage.

Benefitting from immigrants and immigration

According to Ribeiro, immigration has played a vital role in Canada and its provinces. Alberta has been one of the places in Canada that have been benefitting a lot from this. Ribeiro has also been looking at the numbers and the data of immigration in the country. He has said that Canada has brought in a huge amount of immigrants and they are quite good to the economy.

Among the total immigrants, 45% of them are well-educated, having completed bachelor’s degrees or even higher. Ribeiro has mentioned that the economy in Canada is flourishing, thanks to the immigrants, with high education or not. The country is open to making the economy even better and Ribeiro said that it is not just about focusing on expanding and growing technology. The economy that Canada is working on is going to be inclusive, diverse, and also quite flexible so as to be able to accommodate all types of people. Ribeiro has also mentioned that Canada is going to do this by attracting the best talent and brains to help out.

Searching outside Canada

Businesses in Canada that include startups are more than open to employing skilled immigrant workers to help out with the tasks and duties. Some business owners have even moved their headquarters from other countries and brought them to Canada. They have also brought their workers with them during the move which allows Canada to benefit in terms of the economy which is a good thing. However, businesses also make sure that they tap into the communities and find laborers from Canada. There are jobs that they have that can be done by the locals.

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