Tuesday, March 24, 2020

High Earners Get Fast Tracked Process For New Zealand Residence Visas

Skilled immigrant workers who have chosen New Zealand as their new home are definitely going to love this new update from Immigration New Zealand. According to the agency, many skilled immigrant workers in the country are high earners and that makes them a priority when it comes to processing residence visas. High earners have become a top priority for the country and their applications for permanent residency have been fast-tracked.

There have been reports though that plenty of immigrants who have been applying for permanent residence visas are complaining that the process is taking too long. This is why Immigration New Zealand has created this solution to make things go faster. The agency would be able to process more applications by first prioritizing those who are skilled immigrant workers who are high earners. The agency believes that this would help make the queue go faster and it would be able to process all of the applications coming in.

The priorities of Immigration New Zealand

As per an announcement from Immigration New Zealand, the skilled immigrants in the country who are high earners would be the ones who would be given priority. To be considered as a high earner, a skilled immigrant worker should be getting $106,080 at least as their annual salary. Those skilled immigrant workers who have jobs that have occupational registration as a prerequisite would also be included in the list of individuals who are going to be given priority.

The new system of processing applications for permanent residence visas would be taking out the old system which was to process the first ones that come in. As per an expert on immigration who has been looking at the situation in NZ, this new system would be a good way to ease out any complaints and get the ball rolling. It would also instill and stop any complaints that are coming in of how Immigration New Zealand is handling the applications.

The need to prioritize

As per the Immigration New Zealand, they are saying that there is now a need to prioritize so that the applications would be processed a whole lot faster. Experts who have been analyzing things have mentioned that this is a good move from the agency because it means that the agency is quite open to changing and adapting to what is needed from them. There may have been a delay to their response but it is quite a good thing that they are moving forward and being proactive about it. This move from Immigration New Zealand should also push and encourage more people to go on and continue with sending in their applications. The agency has to make sure that these applications are processed since New Zealand is in need of skilled immigrant workers and their skills and services are needed.

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