Thursday, May 28, 2020

E-Learning Is Germany’s Newest Investment To Help Immigrants With Their Integration Courses

The pandemic brought about by the coronavirus has made a lot of things come to a halt. Many countries have been gravely affected by this and Germany is no exception. Because of this, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (also known as BAMF) has recently mentioned that it has invested around €40 million to offer digital courses for immigrants in the country. By doing so, it should help those who need the courses to continue on with their learning. These digital courses are all about integration and language.

BAMF has also mentioned that at present, the pandemic has stopped the lessons taken by the immigrants in the country. That is why the government of Germany has decided on bringing the lessons to the people via the internet. After all, there are around 220,000 immigrants already in the country who need the courses but could not continue. Thanks to the digital courses that the government has invested in, these immigrants can now continue on with learning about integration and language which they would need to be better individuals in the community.

Suspension of services from the government

Suspension of services from the government has happened in Germany, thanks to the pandemic. Among those that have been affected include the integration courses and language courses that are being coordinated by the office of the German asylum. All of the classes have been suspended starting last March 16. This meant that those who were taking the courses had to stop learning and taking the courses because they were not available for the meantime. After all, the pandemic meant social distancing and closure of non-essential businesses and other services to make sure that the virus does not spread that much.

BAMF wants to help as many immigrants in the country as much as possible despite the restrictions that have been put in place because of the pandemic. And that is why it has decided that the best way to help the immigrants in Germany that are taking the courses would be to invest around €40 million so that they can take the physical classes and make them become digital. With the courses now digital, immigrants can continue on with their lessons in the safety of their own homes.

How the digital courses are going

At present, there are now around 83,000 immigrants who have actively joined the digital courses, as stated by Uta Saumweber-Meyer, the department head for BAMF. Saumweber-Meyer also continued to disclose that there are over 7,000 tutorials available online that the BAMF has already approved. This includes virtual classrooms where lessons are given through video conferences. This is an important step especially for the immigrants in Germany since there is no assurance when normal classroom lessons would resume.

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