Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Immigration Has Been Helpful In Keeping Healthcare System In Germany Strong

For years, Germany has been experiencing a shortage when it comes to doctors. As of the previous year, a warning from the German Medical Association has been sent out which says that there may be bottlenecks in considerable amounts in the country’s medical care. That is why the German government has been doing the best that it can to bring in the needed immigrant doctors to help out the entire country. Germany has been suffering from an aging population and low birth rates which means a lower number of people are in the labor market.

With the coronavirus pandemic at present, Germany has seen the importance of immigrants in providing medical care for the people in the country. Immigrants have been quite essential in keeping the medical industry strong in Germany and the government recognizes this. The government has created measures to make sure that the virus does not spread a lot and help the healthcare system not get overloaded. It has also made sure that the healthcare industry is well-equipped with people to help out and that includes immigrant workers.

Tapping immigrant doctors

With the pandemic creating chaos in the healthcare system in Germany, the government has decided on tapping potential resources that could help them out. One of the groups that have been tapped to help out provide support for the health industry is the immigrant doctors in Germany who are still waiting for their accreditation. They may not have accreditation yet but they have already been asked to help out by providing their services and skills to those who need it. Thanks to the Saxon State Medical Association, this initiative has been put together.

Knut Kohler works as the spokesman for the association and he said that the organization has first sent out their call through Facebook. This initiative is based on data that the association has put together. By adding more staff to the healthcare industry, the current workers would not be overloaded with the jobs that they have to do. The pandemic has brought about more patients to hospitals than usual and many of the healthcare staff have become overworked and overloaded. Kohler has also shared that the immigrant doctors who are still waiting for their accreditation have been tapped by the government already to help out but they would only be working if they are supervised by physicians licensed in Germany.

Responding to the call

There are around 130 immigrant doctors in Germany who are now practicing medicine even without the needed accreditation. They have responded to the call for the need for more immigrant doctors to help out beat the coronavirus pandemic. There are hospitals in the country that are in dire need of doctors and the response from these doctors has been very helpful.

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