Monday, July 16, 2018

Canada Makes 71 Immigrants The Newest Citizens In Halifax

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For some immigrants, the goal would only be to study in the country that they are in and they would only like to get the education that they would want to have. After finishing their studies, they would be off to their home country to share what they have learned. For others, it is about finding a good job that would be able to feed their families back home. And then there are those immigrants who are in a country to be able to work on being awarded a citizenship status.

Recently in Canada, the country has given citizenship statuses to 71 immigrants. This awarding of permanent resident statuses to those individuals happened in Halifax and it was during Canada Day that this happened. So for those 71 immigrants, Canada Day would definitely be two big things – the celebration of such a day with the whole country and the day that they were given the thing that they have worked long and hard for.

Pier 21 and the 71 immigrants

The whole Citizenship Ceremony happened just quite recently and it was held at Pier 21 which is in Halifax. The ceremony gave citizenship to 71 immigrants and they came from 18 countries from around the world. it was quite a good day as they have been given the citizenship status that they all have been waiting for and have worked hard for.

Pier 21 has been a place where immigrants as well as refugees found their way to this North American country. This has been happening for around fifty years already. More than a million refugees and immigrants have made their way to the spot from the 1920s right up to the 19702. Pier 21 is not necessarily just a pier but it has now been converted into a facility that serves various purposes. But its original purpose which has been to welcome the new people to the country still stands true at present. And to have the citizenship ceremony happen here is quite a big thing.

Known as the gateway

Lena Diab works as the immigration minister for Nova Scotia and she has stated that Pier 21 is definitely doing what it is supposed to be doing. It is known as the gateway to the country and the gateway for those immigrants who are going to be the newest citizens of the country. The newest citizens have had to speak the oath and have been sworn in. They are now currently living their life and having a good time enjoying their new status. They have responsibilities to do and they also have got benefits that they can enjoy as the newest citizens. Those 71 immigrants who are now the newest Canadians definitely are happy with how things are going and they are happy that all that they had worked hard for have now paid off.

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