Monday, July 9, 2018

Population Growth In UK Slows Down With Lesser Immigrants From EU

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Although a lot of people in the United Kingdom may believe that the government has done a good job in terms of choosing to exit from the European Union, one cannot simply deny that the immigrants from the EU are definitely contributing to the growth in the population of the country. It is highly important to keep in mind that the population in the country really needs the help of new blood as the growth is quite low and there are a lot more elderly people than younger ones so that the average really is quite high.

In a recent study, it has been discovered that the growth in population in Britain has definitely slowed down. In fact, it has been noted to be at its slowest rate in the last 14 years and that definitely means something. With the upcoming exit, more and more EU nationals are choosing to stay away from the country and this means that there are far lesser immigrants in the country. But this is not a good thing as it means that lesser immigrants mean a lower growth rate which the country desperately needs.

The data and the numbers

The numbers are from the Office for National Statistics, which is also known as the ONS. It is the official arm of the government that works on numbers and such. According to the data from this government agency, there are definitely a lot lesser immigrants from the European Union. And with a limit put up for immigration, there are a lot lesser immigrants coming in each year. So it is definitely not surprising if the numbers and the rate would really become low as what is currently happening to the country.

The current growth rate, as per data from the middle of last year, actually is only at 0.6 percent. This is definitely a low number and is known to be the lowest that the rate has ever reached since the middle of 2004. The population for the middle of 2017 amounted to 66 million and this is the first time that such a number has ever been hit.

The immigrants and jobs

When it comes to the total individuals who are entering the country as they already have jobs waiting for them, the number has remained the same and is quite stable. The only problem is the number of immigrants coming to the country and would only start to look for work. That number has gone down by already 43 percent.

The ONS has been more than happy to share that more than 75% of the decrease in the number of immigrants in the country has been basically all because of the decision of the citizens from the EU not to join the UK. But this is good news for other potential immigrants as they would have a lot more chances of entering the country with EU citizens out of the picture.

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