Monday, July 13, 2020

Asian Talents Not Able To Work In The US Find Warm Welcome In Canada

The issuance of work visas in the United States has been suspended via an executive order from the country’s president just recently. This suspension would be taking effect for the entire year. With that, plenty of potential immigrants who were supposed to be going to the US were now left in limbo and not knowing where to go. It is a good thing though that the neighbor of the United States, which is Canada, has been more than open to these immigrants and was more than willing to open its borders for these talented immigrants.

This is definitely good news for these potential immigrants who were more than willing to leave their home countries and offer their skills, talents, knowledge, and experience to companies in the US. With the suspension of work visas in the US, Canada can now reap the benefits that come with welcoming these individuals into their soil. These immigrants can share their services with the businesses in the country and help with the economy.

Welcoming the tech talents

On this, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada has told immigrants that if they cannot or do not like to go to the United States, they can choose to go to Canada instead and they will be warmly accepted. This was the Prime Minister’s statement during a tech conference a month ago. This was also a good attempt by Canada since it has been working on pushing the tech industry in the country and it has been supporting it for years now.

One of the ways that the Canadian government has been helping the tech industry was by trying to lure and retain professionals that were highly skilled to join the country through an immigration system that was easier and with a lot less hassle. Canada has been aiming at helping the tech industry become huge and energetic and it encourages tech businesses to set up shop there. With the newest update in the US, this could be a really good way for Canada to be able to bring in more tech immigrants.

Welcoming tech immigrants with open arms

Trudeau also continued to share that businesses in Canada who may be eyeing someone from outside the country to do tech jobs that were of high value or needed high tech skills can get the support of the government to help bring in that person. In two weeks’ time, a person can be granted a work visa so they can move to Canada and start working there. He also continued that what may be happening in the United States will definitely not affect Canada’s plans. Canada is more than happy to welcome immigrants who have chosen to live in the country.

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