Monday, July 6, 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic Has Helped Bring More People Interested In Being Immigrants In Canada

While some people may think that the current pandemic brought about by the coronavirus has dampened the plans of many individuals around the world to move to Canada, it seems like this is not the reality. The pandemic has had great impacts on economies around the world but people still are not deterred from doing what they need to do to become immigrants in Canada. Individuals around the world still believe that despite Canada being hit by the pandemic, the country is still very capable of handling its economy better than others and it will soon rise again and come back even stronger.

This is the result of a study that has been done recently that looked into any behavior or thought changes in people who may have had plans of moving to Canada as an immigrant. The study surely showed that people are still raring to move to the country because they believe that this country is resilient and strong enough to make it through this difficult time.

The study that was done

A survey has been recently done with 4,615 people joining as respondents. As per the results of that survey, 38% of the people have mentioned that they were interested about being immigrants in Canada. 57% of the respondents have mentioned that the coronavirus pandemic has not affected their interest in moving to Canada. Only 5% of the lot said that their interest in moving to Canada became a lot less. This is quite surprising given the global effects that the pandemic has. This surely shows just how well Canada has handled itself in terms of containing the virus and in terms of keeping its economy strong despite it.

The survey has been conducted just this April. It was around a month since the lockdown of borders of many countries in the world including Canada. That was a bit early to look at the numbers but it surely showed just how well Canada has been handling the situation despite the early stages of the whole chaos.

The participants of the study

Those who took part in the survey were not in Canada when they participated. They said that the COVID-19 situation made them even want to move to Canada because of how the country has responded to the whole thing. Many of those who mentioned that Canada was a good place to move to despite the pandemic were from Nigeria, China, and the Philippines. More than half of the participants in the survey have also disclosed that they believe that the pandemic is not going to have any impact on any expenses that would be incurred should they be able to move to Canada. Only 35% did share though that the pandemic may be a cause for them not to have the financial ability to move to Canada.

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