Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Keep The Doors Open For Immigrants, New Zealand Government Urged

The whole world is in chaos in the sense that nothing is normal anymore. Because of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and is transferred from human to human, the movement of people has been limited. This is the case in all countries all around the world and that includes New Zealand. The country has been one of the fastest to respond to the virus by putting a lockdown and closing its borders. Only those who are deemed as essential workers are allowed to move and that is why the country has been one of the fastest to recover and to slowly reopen businesses.

New Zealand felt the blow though because it is a country that has been built because of immigration. Experts who have been looking at the whole situation have been urging the government of this country to keep its doors open for immigrants, especially for immigrant students. Having immigrant students come in, and stay in the country has proven to be very useful for the country as these individuals eventually create and support businesses. They are seen as innovators with fresh minds and creators of job opportunities for people in the country.

Encouraging immigration in New Zealand

Many countries in the world have looked different at immigration because of the pandemic. Because of the lockdown, many have stopped bringing in new immigrants but only for the time being. Economy experts are saying that the government of New Zealand should not look negatively on immigration given just how huge the contribution this has brought to the country. Potential immigrants should be encouraged to move to the country especially immigrant students who are eyeing the country as a good place to get their education.

There are also some people who are saying that immigrants take away the jobs that are supposed to be for the locals. However, in the case of New Zealand, there is just not enough locals to help out do the tons of jobs that are available in the country. This is what has spurred the government to look outside the country and lure in the skilled immigrants and help out with the jobs that need to be done.

The need for more immigrants

The pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in how things are done not only in New Zealand but in the entire world. One of the major things that has changed is which jobs are now considered to be essential and which are not. Nowadays, those that work with the essential goods and services are the ones that are important and that includes those who work with farming, agriculture, and hospitality. With that, New Zealand is in need of more people who will work in these industries to be able to supply the essentials to the people in the country.

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