Thursday, July 16, 2020

Immigrant Students Get Help From Changes Made By Government Of Canada

As per a recent announcement from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), there will be changes in the rules for immigrant students which would help the learners go on with their plans of getting an education in Canada. This is a move from the government of Canada because immigrant students have been bringing in huge contributions economically and socially to the country and that is why despite the pandemic, the country is still doing its best to help get more immigrant students be interested in pursuing education in Canada.

Canada has been one of the top countries in the world which has been a popular destination for immigrant students. That is why it is not surprising that before the pandemic pushed countries into lockdowns, Canada has been able to bring in more than 640,000 immigrant students. If the lockdowns have not occurred, the country could have been able to bring in more by this time of the year. With an education system that is renowned around the world, it is not surprising why plenty of immigrant students wish to get educated here.

The help from IRCC

The IRCC has mentioned in its statement that the changes would be able to help immigrant students who are planning on studying in Canada in a number of ways. The statement also continued that the IRCC will give priority to study permits and process them first. These would be for the immigrant students who have already sent in their applications online and these applications are already complete. A complete application would make things go faster for potential immigrant students.

Another way that the IRCC would be helping immigrant students is via an approval process where there are two stages though this would only be temporary. Those who wish to be immigrant students in Canada but could not submit all the requirements yet can submit their applications. These individuals, if approved, can already start their study program in their home country via the internet. This would be applicable for those who already wish to start studying this fall and their applications should be sent in before September 16, 2020.

The need to help immigrant students

Aside from making sure that the applications of potential immigrant students to Canada are processed, the IRCC also said that it also has prepared measures and these have been rolled out to make sure that those who would like to start their programs already by the fall can do so. The government of Canada has recognized that the crisis brought about by the novel coronavirus may not go away as easily as some people may think and that potential immigrant students may be uncertain about their plans because of this. This is why the IRCC is doing the best that it can to help these individuals push on with their plans in the middle of the pandemic.

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