Thursday, October 4, 2018

UK Locals Have Positive Attitude Towards Immigration, Says Study

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Culture is important. In fact, it is so important that countries and governments must make sure that their culture remains rich. It connects the past with the present. It tells a lot about the history of a country. And it shows the rest of the world just what that country is all about. That is why it is such a good thing that the government of the United Kingdom has recognized the importance of its rich culture. With that, it has made sure that it works on keeping it rich and beautiful.

Recently, a study was done and the results of this study have shown that the attitude of Britons when it comes to immigration is quite positive. In fact, the results reflect that most Britons are positive when it comes to how the immigrants are able to integrate well into the UK society. It was also further discovered via the study that out of ten people, six of those feel that immigration brings positive results for the whole country. With that kind of results, it definitely is going to be good for immigrants in the country because they do know that they would have most of the support of the locals.

The study that was done

The study done is known as the National Conversation on Immigration. Behind such are two groups – Hope not Hate and British Future. British Future is a thinktank that has a goal of making sure that people are involved with conversation with each other. As for Hope not Hate, this group has an aim of making sure that racism as well as mistrust is eliminated from society and it does so by taking advantage of education, public engagement, as well as research. Together, they have done a survey that looked at British attitude on immigration.

As per the study done, there were three factors. The first factor would be the focus group discussions that were done right through 60 cities as well as towns from around the country. The second factor that was part of the study was a survey that was done online. This was kept running for 18 months and there were 9,327 individuals who took part in the survey. The third factor was another survey – this time done on 3,667 adults in the country and were only done for one month which was June of 2018.

Valuable to the UK

The study also discovered that the out of three locals who took part in the study feel that these immigrants are actually valuable to the country. After all, these immigrants are always ready to take on jobs. And so, the locals believe that their skills are really a big asset of the UK.

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