Monday, October 1, 2018

New Immigration Plan For UK To Be Announced By PM Theresa May

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One may not notice it but the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will be happening sooner than most people think. This is why there are some groups and individuals who are updated and know what is happening that they really do try and find answers to the possibilities that could happen after this happens. After all, the exit is a really big deal and it really can affect the country in a negative way if the government does not prepare well for what could possibly happen.

In recent news, one of the things that have been reported was the country’s Prime Minister and the possibility of a new announcement on what the country’s immigration plan would be right after the exit happens. Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, has spoken of agreeing to an immigration system that would be set in place right after the exit happens. This new system could potentially offer immigrants the chance to get visas. Those who would be given such would be all based on their qualifications, their skills and their wealth. The system that would be used would be tiered.

The predictions on the policy

In a recent report, it seems like the Prime Minister is planning on announcing the new plans on immigration for the United Kingdom really soon. The new system on immigration is assumed to be a kind of flagship policy. Experts are saying that it is quite possible that the announcement on the flagship policy would be disclosed by the Prime Minister during a conference that will be held by the Conservative party. This event is going to happen by the first week of October this year.

As per information, it is highly likely that the new immigration system would be focusing on individuals with skills. Those who do have the skills that the country needs and are more than willing to be employed in the country are the ones who would have higher chances of getting those precious visas. Those who do not have skills may not be given top priority. It is also quite possible that the new system would not be giving any favoritism to the country of origin of the potential immigrant. This means that even if one is from the European Union, he or she will not be given any preferential treatment.

Trade deals that could open up

There may be some favorites being played when it comes to individuals who come from countries or areas that are able to get a trade deal that is free with Britain. This also includes the European Union. Those who do that will have its citizens be given a higher chance of getting to the country via their skills. Right now, Canada and the United States are not yet included in the list but there seems to be a good chance that this would happen later on.

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