Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Record Numbers For Immigration In Canada For Q2 of 2018

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Canada has really remarkable policies on immigration. The government of the country knows just how important this is to the country. And so, unlike other countries, they have a policy on immigration that allows them to get more immigrants rather than put a limit on the maximum. In fact, instead of having a maximum, they put a minimum limit. This definitely means that the more immigrants they accept to the country, the better it would be.

As per recent news, it does seem like the country is getting what it wants. It seems like there is a huge amount of immigrants coming to the country. In fact, as per data, it has been reported that the growth of the population of the country that had happened from April 1st until the 1st of July this year has been remarkable. And from that growth, 82% of that can be attributed to immigration. Now that definitely is a big number and it shows just how much people really want to move to the country and live there.

The numbers for immigration in Canada

According to a report that was published recently, the country has accomplished quite an exceptional number when it comes to immigration for the mentioned period earlier. With this big immigration number, the population of the country has definitely gone up. In fact, this has been noted to be quite the second biggest number that the country has ever been able to record for a period of just three months. The biggest total of immigrants coming to the country that the country has recorded was back in 1971.

Because of the huge number of immigrants coming to the country, the population of Canada had gone up with an additional 168,687. This is just for the second quarter of the country. Of this total, 82% of the whole increase actually was thanks to the immigrants coming to the country. This 82% amounts to a total of 138,978, which is definitely huge. For a period of just three months, to be able to accomplish this big a number is a huge thing. In other countries, this number could simply be the maximum number of immigrants that they would allow. But definitely not what is happening in Canada.

The analysis of the data

Statistics Canada is the official agency of the Canadian government that deals with numbers on immigration and population. According to the agency, this is quite a high level for immigration. And according to them, this phenomenon has not been seen before for any three months. The growth of the population definitely was thanks to this phenomenon. And it was not only the whole country that experienced that growth but also provinces in the country did the same.

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