Tuesday, October 9, 2018

New Immigration System For UK Announced By Theresa May

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Many rumors have been going around on whether or not the government of the United Kingdom is actually doing or planning something about the immigration system in the country. After all, the plan of the government to make the country do an exit from its membership in the European Union is just about to happen very soon. With that, it just may mean that the immigration system would have to be changed or just tweaked. It was the issue of immigration that has been one of the major reasons why the government has decided to do the exit.

Now, recently, the Prime Minister of the country has announced that the United Kingdom would be having a huge change when it comes to the immigration system which would soon be in place. Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Britain, has mentioned that the new immigration system has been designed around a certain plan. This plan is to actually put more favor to those potential immigrants who come with skills that the country needs. This is in terms of those who would be coming from European Union member nations.

The overhaul that has happened to the UK immigration system

According to the UK’s Prime Minister, she is working her best to make sure that there is an overhaul when it comes to the immigration system that the UK currently has. This would mean that with the exit, there would also be an end to the freedom of movement that is happening between the United Kingdom and all other EU member nations. And to replace that would be a new system for visas where any citizens who have come from the EU would not be treated any different from those who are coming from anywhere else in the globe.

Indeed, this is definitely a good plan because it definitely shows no favoritism. It also shows that anybody from anywhere can get into the country as long as they follow the requirements that have been set out for them. Aside from that, the country of origin would not be a big problem since everybody would be treated the same.

The plans of the new immigration system

The statement that came from the Prime Minister mentioned that the new system would be used so that there would be a lot less of immigrants coming in the country that had a low set of skills with them. Highly skilled individuals are what the new system is aiming for. This is not just basically about those from the European Union but also from just about anywhere else in the world. So for those who are planning on applying to be an immigrant in Britain, getting more skills and enhancing what one currently has would be a big help.

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