Friday, February 1, 2019

Behind Canada’s Push For Bringing In A Lot Of Immigrants

A lot were intrigued when Canada has announced its plans of bringing in a minimum of 350,000 immigrants and giving them permanent residency statuses. This is not just for this year for three consecutive years until 2021. Who would not be intrigued when the total of new permanent residents of Canada would total to over a million by the end of 2021? This sure is a huge amount when there are plenty of countries around the world who are trying to keep the number of immigrants in their country low.

This sure has got a lot of people interested and gave the previous immigrants in the country to have high hopes that their dreams and aspirations of becoming a permanent resident of the country would definitely become real soon enough. After all, over a million of new permanent residents would mean high chances of them getting closer to their goal. This is a big move from Canada and it sure has got a lot of people talking about it.

The reasons behind such a bold move

In a recent report, it seems like the government has explained why it has chosen to have this huge amount of new permanent residents in the next three years. According to the Canada government, by pushing through with this plan, the immigrants would actually help balance out and make better the population of the country that is currently aging. When a population is aging, it means that there are a lot of citizens who are seniors and are not capable of doing more work. There would also mean a lot less youthful individuals who can help do the work needed to keep the country doing well.

Aside from this, the government has also disclosed that the new citizens of the country would also be a good thing to make sure that the labor market in the country also gets bigger. The country has been looking for skilled immigrants to do the jobs that the locals could not really do. With these people already in the country, it means that businesses can easily find the laborers and employees they would need without having to look abroad.

The statement from the Canada government

According to the report from the Canada government, this plan will be able to bring in the workers who have the talent that the country needs. They would also have the individuals who would be a great help to the economy. The plan would also be able to bring together families that have been separated because one has to be in Canada while the rest are left back home. Refugees would also be able to have the new life that they want to have and not have to worry about being deported and homeless.

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