Friday, February 8, 2019

Canada Rural Communities To Benefit From New Immigration Program

When it comes to immigration, most immigrants would choose to go to big cities because that is where the opportunities are. Big cities mean more businesses and more jobs available. That is why immigrants would opt to live in these big cities or in a nearby area that is not too far from where they may have found work. After all, commuting or driving on a daily basis just can be too tiring and may take up too much time, especially with traffic jams and extreme weather conditions happening every now and then.

Although a good portion of these immigrants do not really love spending time in big cities because of the high cost of living as well as the hassle that come with such big places, they cannot leave the place. Although they may want to go and live in rural or suburban spots, they are not able to do such a thing. After all, if they cannot find a good job in those areas, then it would all not be worth it. A good job will tide them over through the days and it seems like there are bigger chances of landing a good job in the cities.

The immigration pilot program

According to the Canada government, their immigration pilot program has been put together to be able to help provide permanent residency statuses for all of those immigrant workers who are already in the country. This is aimed not only at a specific skill but for a variety of skills at different levels. Therefore, anybody who has the skills can actually have the chance to be granted a permanent residency status by the country.

The immigration pilot actually is to help the economy of rural and suburban areas in the country. It should run for five years. The main target areas of the pilot program would be Western Canada, and Ontario and their communities in the northern part and their rural areas. The goal is to be able to lure in those skilled immigrant workers and then be able to keep them in the area. Some immigrants would go to these areas but would only leave after some time because the lure of the big cities just is too strong. 

Which areas will benefit from this?

Since this pilot immigration program would be focused on the communities in rural areas, here are some of the areas that will be benefitting from the program: Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon, Alberta, and Manitoba. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that those communities have to pass all of the standards as set by the Canada government. More information on how a community can be eligible can be accessed via Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s website.

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