Monday, February 4, 2019

Immigration Good For Britain, Says Locals

Immigration has been happening in the United Kingdom for many years already. The country has a long and colorful history of immigration. A huge portion of the country’s population is made up of immigrants and individuals who have immigrant lineage. One cannot simply deny the fact that immigrants are now a part of the United Kingdom and they must be bringing something good for the UK to continue to be one of strongest economies in the whole world.

There may be other countries around the world that are not so keen on having immigrants on their land. However, in the case of the UK, the locals believe that immigration has been bringing good things for the whole country. This is a good thing because it means that locals are all for immigrants. There is no animosity between the locals and the newcomers so this means a good place to live in for everyone. A new study has shown that a huge portion of Britons believe in immigrants being good the country.

The study that was done

A study was recently done and it was spearheaded by the World Economic Forum (which is also known as the WEF). It was a poll and there were more than 10,000 individuals who took part in the study. In the study, it involved people from all over the world and it took into account immigration. Most of the respondents have mentioned that immigration is a good thing and it is something that many countries benefit from this. This definitely reflects a positive attitude from people around the world.

The study also reflected that more than half of the respondents from the United Kingdom have disclosed that immigrants coming to their country are actually good for the economy. There may have been some issues that were basically against immigrants like that in the issue on the exit of the UK from the European Union. However, it does seem like there are still more Britons who believe that immigrants come to the country bringing with them benefits.

The plans after the exit

When the exit happens, the UK government is definitely prepared. It already has its new plans on immigration ready. One of the rules included is to make sure that there is no prioritization of those individuals who are citizens of European Union member nations. Another one of the rules is to approve immigrant status to those individuals who have jobs that are earning $38,000 at the minimum each year if they were to work in the UK.

With immigration being one of the major points for the exit, it sure is good that the government is still focusing on immigration policies for the country.

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