Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Huge Number Of Immigrants Brings Population In Nova Scotia, Canada At Record High

In Nova Scotia, Canada, the population has grown and has recorded the highest number in terms of growth so far. According to experts, the growth has been because of immigrants who have made their way to this province. It is also thanks to individuals from other provinces who have decided to make Nova Scotia their new home.

The growth is something that the province welcomes and is really not a problem because it really needs more people on its territory. As per Statistics Canada, the official agency of the Canadian government that deals with statistics and data, this province had a growth in population that amounted to an additional 12,339 individuals who became residents for the year that ended in October. Among those are 7,165 people who are immigrants and decided to make Nova Scotia their home in Canada. This means that over half of the growth of the province was because of immigrants choosing Nova Scotia to be their home upon their arrival in the country.

The numbers tell the story

The growth amounted to 1.28% and it is noted as the biggest and fastest increase in the population of Nova Scotia for a period of 12 months. The last time that such a big increase happened was back in 1972. As of present, the growth made the population of this province in Canada to go up to a record high of 976,768 and that is as of the 1st of October 2019.

From the 1st of July until the 1st of October in 2019, the growth of the population in Nova Scotia also became a new record for a three-month period. As for the 3rd quarter of the year, Nova Scotia was able to grow its population by 5,373 individuals. The total number of immigrants for this number was 2,471. As per the local government of the province, this was a quarter that had been able to record the highest amount of immigrants coming in basing on the data that the province has been gathering since World War II.

An analysis of the growth

As per the government of Nova Scotia, there were 1,090 new individuals who have become residents of the province and these individuals have come from other provinces in Canada. For the 16th consecutive quarter, the province has experienced an increase in migration from other Canadian provinces.

Lena Metlege Diab works as the province’s Immigration Minister. On the growth in population, she said that the increase is a reflection of the positive effects that immigration brings to Nova Scotia and the province is grateful for the people who have chosen to be residents there. She also continued that immigration has become a priority for the province and is a key factor in fulfilling the continuous needs for workers in the labor market. It is also a key factor in helping increase the province’s population.

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