Thursday, January 2, 2020

Ontario Is Asking Government To Double Economic Immigrants In This Province In Canada

For the province of Ontario, the local leaders believe that there is a need for more economic immigrants. That is why it is asking the government of Canada to double the economic immigrants that are coming to the province. This is to help the province of Ontario deal with the shortage that it is currently experiencing with skilled workers. The local government has been doing what it can to be able to get the needed workers but are unable to get enough. That is why they are urging the federal government to help them by bringing in more economic immigrants who would help out with the shortage.

As per Vic Fedeli, the federal government should help Ontario deal with the shortage. A review of the current pathways would be a great help and should be a great way for the province to bring in more immigrant workers that it needs. The businesses and the employers in the province have been crying for more employees to help them with the operations and the growth of their business ventures. Fedeli works as the minister for economic development.

The move towards asking for more immigrants

Fedeli’s move was to ask for help and he did that by sending a letter addressed to Marco Mendicino. Mendicino works as the new minister of Canada for immigration, refugees, and citizenship. In his letter, Fedeli has asked Mendicino to up the number of economic immigrants that are accepted for Ontario alone. The present number of immigrants for an economic program for Ontario is at 7,000 for 2019. The letter indicated that that number be increased to 13,300 in the coming two years. He also shared that the province has already asked for 1,000 more immigrants accepted this year but it has only been able to get 50.

There are plenty of individuals around the world who wish to become immigrants in Canada and they do not really have a preference on which part of the country that they would want to go to as long as there are job opportunities. The government should be able to take heed of that request and tap these individuals who are looking for ways to make it to the country and provide their skills and expertise there to the companies and businesses that need them.

A word from the federal government

According to a spokesperson for Mendicino, the federal government of Canada has already looked into this request from Ontario and is already committed to bringing in more immigrants to Ontario as per the local government’s request. The Ontario government would have the autonomy to choose which immigrants would be good for the province and which ones would be the best to help the needs of the province’s labor market.

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