Friday, January 3, 2020

New Immigration Rules In The United Kingdom After Exit Can Hurt Businesses, Employers Claim

Owners of companies and businesses in the United Kingdom are starting to get worried about not having enough skilled workers who would do all the labor needed by their ventures to continue running smoothly. The owners are concerned that they would soon not have access to the skilled immigrant workers who they usually count on when there is a need for more laborers. This is after they have learned about the new immigration rules in the United Kingdom.

With the upcoming exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, this would entail that the country would not be part of the freedom of movement that is happening between the citizens of the European Union member nations. Thus, the UK had to device a new plan that would allow them to control how people come to the country. The new immigration system has already been shared and employers in the UK are saying that it is quite complicated and could mean having a shortage in the country of skilled immigrant workers.

A study done

The Confederation of British Industry (also known as the CBI) has done a study where it surveyed over 300 businesses in the UK. As per the results of the study, over 70% of the businesses that were included in the survey had disclosed that the employers were worried about having a much more constricted access to skilled immigrant workers. They also believe that these would be a big threat to the UK’s labor market, which is definitely not a good thing.

Aside from that, over half of the surveyed businesses and companies have also shared that if the government of the United Kingdom does not tweak the policies on immigration that would be set in place after the exit, the businesses would suffer. The employers are calling on the UK government to simplify the policies so that employers like them can easily find and hire skilled immigrant workers who are vital to their business operations.

The urge for changes to the improved immigration policies

Matthew Fell is the policy director for the CBI. On the results of the study, he has disclosed that employers and business owners were basically and clearly asking the UK government that the upcoming immigration system would be quite a difficult road for them to bring in the needed employees to help them out. The Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson, had been proposing and working on a points-based system to use for immigration and only those individuals who are “exceptionally talented” are the ones who would be fast-tracked to make it to the country. However, not all employers are looking for such, thus their call for tweaking the upcoming rules before they are implemented.

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