Thursday, January 30, 2020

Tech Jobs In Canada That May Need Skilled Immigrant Workers This 2020

Canada is now becoming the new Silicon Valley. Many tech companies are now bringing their businesses to Canada and setting up headquarters in the country. This is good for Canada’s economy with new businesses coming up. However, it also means that the businesses and Canada would have to find ways on how to find the right skilled tech workers to do the jobs needed. That is why experts who are looking into this situation are saying that it is possible that skilled immigrant workers may be needed to come in and help out.

Experts who have been studying the trends have mentioned that this year, 2020, the tech sector in Canada would be needing a whole lot of new people to help out. The tech sector in the country has been growing and will continue to grow this year. This would mean that it would also need more skilled workers to help out. Immigration just may be the answer to fill those vacancies that may soon be popping up.

The need for skilled immigrant workers

There will definitely be a shortage in the labor market for tech workers and that is why the government of Canada has created programs that would help bring in those needed skilled immigrant workers. Two of the programs for immigration are specifically for British Columbia and for Ontario and they are aimed at recruiting the needed skilled immigrant workers. The program for British Columbia is the BC Provincial Nominee Program (also known as the BC PNP) has been extended until June 2020. For Ontario, there is the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (also known as the OINP) and it has already been in effect having draws just for candidates for immigration who already have tech experience.

This is a good example of how huge the tech industry in Canada is becoming that is why the government is doing what it can to help out. There is a definite need for more tech workers and Canada understands that it is not able to supply all of what the tech industry needs. That is why it is doing the best that it can to bring them in.

Potential tech jobs this 2020

As per the study, there are a number of tech jobs in Canada that would be in demand this year. The list includes developers, programmers, IT project managers, quality assurance analysts, data analysts, IT business analysts, senior software engineers, network administrators, and technical support specialists. These are jobs that really need technical expertise and it is not easy to find them as compared to general positions. Businesses in Canada are looking for the best right in Canada and the government is also helping them get more by recruiting tech skilled immigrant workers.

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