Thursday, January 9, 2020

Population Growth In Canada Driven By Immigration In 3rd Quarter Of 2019

The biggest rise that has been recorded in Canada in terms of the growth of its population happened in the 3rd quarter of 2019. As of the 1st of October in 2019, the population of the country has been estimated to be at around 37,797,496 as per a report from Statistics Canada. Statistics Canada is the official agency of the Canadian government that works on data and statistics. The agency has also disclosed that the population recorded on October 1st is actually higher than what has been recorded on the 1st of July by 208,234.

This increase is the very first instance that the population of Canada has gone up by over 200,000 in just one quarter. The increase for this quarter marks 0.6% of the entire population. Statistics Canada has disclosed that this is the biggest growth that they have been able to note since it has been using the accounting system for the demographics of the country which they have been using since July of 1971.

The story of immigration for the quarter

According to Statistics Canada, the increase in population has been mainly because of immigrants joining the country. It also is because of non-permanent residents who have decided to go to Canada and work there temporarily. For that quarter in 2019, Canada welcomed around 103,751 new individuals who came to the country as immigrants. There were 82,438 individuals who came with non-permanent residency statuses for that same period. The agency has disclosed that this is the first time that such a huge gain was noted in just one quarter.

Immigrants who will be in the country temporarily or permanently have taken up around 83.4% of the entire population growth in Canada for the mentioned quarter. British Columbia had taken the highest amount of growth for the quarter with an increase of 0.7%. Newfoundland and Labrador took the least amount of growth in population for the quarter with an increase of 0.1%. The rest of the increase which amounted to 16.6% of the total was because of the number of births in the country minus the total amount of deaths.

The future of population growth in Canada

Experts who have been looking at the phenomenon have shared that they believe that the population of the country will continue to rise because of the high levels of immigration that Canada is experiencing. Immigration is the main source of growth in population. Experts believe that when it comes to natural increase (which is the number of births minutes the number of deaths), the numbers will continue to go down. Canada has a population that is aging and it also has a low rate in terms of births. If not for immigration, the country would most likely have a population that would continually decrease.

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