Thursday, February 27, 2020

Germany Is Proud To Report That Refugees And Immigrants In The Counter Has Quickly Become Integrated Into The Labor Market

There are various reasons why some countries choose not to bring in refugees and immigrants in their territory. One of the top reasons is that they may have a culture there that needs the newcomers to integrate well into the society that they will be living in. Germany has been open to many refugees and immigrants for the past years and it has created programs that have allowed these newcomers to be able to integrate well and quick in the society that they have chosen to live in.

Some may ask why do countries like Germany need newcomers to integrate well into society? Well, that is because individuals who have become integrated into society are able to function better and be able to help out communities better. They are able to do the things that they are supposed to do and can move about just like the locals do. It is beneficial not only for the locals but also for the businesses and the country’s economy as well. They can work well and help out the economy.

Integrated into the labor force

To help out the economy, refugees and immigrants in Germany can work and provide services to businesses and companies in the country. Some of the businesses need the employees to have certain skills and by having the right training and experience, refugees and immigrants can have those jobs. There are also cases when these newcomers have to learn how things go in the country so that they can integrate better and be part of the labor market.

As per the Institute for Employment Research, for 2019, the main goal was to have around 400,000 refugees become part of the labor market for that year. That is just for refugees alone. For immigrants, the numbers could even go higher especially since most of them find their way to the country with job offers in hand or with skills and experience that they can use to be part of the labor market in Germany. The agency has also shared that it has become quite satisfied with the integration of both groups.

Employing refugees and immigrants

Herbert Brücker works as the chief for the International Labor Market Research department of the IAB. He said that he is also satisfied with the integration of the two groups in the societies in Germany as well as in the labor market of the country. He mentioned that it may be a long process for the newcomers because they also have to learn the language as part of their integration but is proud that the newcomers have been able to do just that. Many of the newcomers have already been employed as per data for 2019 and many of them are working for four main industries – construction, cleaning, catering, and security.

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