Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Immigration Revolution In Atlantic Canada Continues To Happen

The number for immigration has been continuing to rise for Atlantic Canada and this is a good thing for this region in Canada. For 2019, the region has been able to open its doors and welcome around 18,000 new immigrants to its territory. A quarter of the total of the newcomers in Atlantic Canada has come from India. The rest have come from different countries in the world.

Atlantic Canada has been working on bringing in more immigrants each year. The region includes the provinces of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick. They have been working hard and creating good routes that would attract and bring in the needed new immigrants to the area. Their efforts have definitely worked well since the number of immigrants has continued to rise for the area. This is good news as immigrants are highly needed there and the new additions have been more than welcome.

The need for new immigrants

While other countries have been putting limits on the total number of immigrants that they would be accepting each year, Canada has not. Instead, it has put a minimum number of immigrants that it would be welcoming to their territory each year. And just like the rest of Canada, Atlantic Canada is also in need of more immigrants to help out.

The region has been suffering from a population that is rapidly aging. There is also a low birth rate in the region and high rates of locals who have chosen to leave the place. Atlantic Canada has also had to deal with a low rate in terms of migration of people from other provinces in the country. With this situation, the local government and the organizations and businesses in the region have been working together to create a plan that would help bring in the people that the place needs. There have been new strategies made and put in place to attract new immigrants. There are also strategies on making sure that these people remain in the region.

The start of the immigration revolution

The immigration revolution for this region in Canada started in 2016. During this year, the revolution has definitely been quite strong as the area has been able to bring in around 5% of the total of new immigrants that entered Canada for that year. That time, the huge influx of new immigrants has been because the region has been open to welcoming a good number of refugees from Syria. Aside from that, they have also brought in more economic immigrants. The year after that, the government of Canada has created additional programs that have helped promote immigration to the region and that has proven to be quite effective given the continued influx of new immigrants.

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