Tuesday, February 18, 2020

New Brunswick, Canada Is Open To More Immigrants

New Brunswick in Canada is aiming at increasing the population of the province. Its goal is one million in population by 2040. This province is Maritime and it is also bilingual. As per the most recent reports, the local government of New Brunswick is targeting to bring in 10,000 new people for each year until their target date. This is not surprising as many immigrants who have chosen Canada to be their new home have usually flocked to huge cities and provinces. New Brunswick is not one of the popular locations for immigrants but it is now making its way into the knowledge of potential immigrants via projects and routes from its local government.

Blaine Higgs is the province’s Premier and he has disclosed that the need for more new people in the province is because of the aging population that it is currently experience. There is also a shortage in the labor market because of this. This is as per the Premier’s recent speech on the state of the province.

The strategy for growth

Higgs has also disclosed in his speech that the local government has created a strategy to grow the population of the country and it has been released just last summer. In this new decade, the province will also be able to grow the number of jobs there to up to 120,000 new ones. This would help bring in the needed immigrants to the province since there are job opportunities. Many immigrants are choosing the big cities and provinces because of job opportunities. If there are new jobs available in New Brunswick, then it would help bring in immigrants to the province rather than them go to the big cities and provinces in Canada.

As part of the strategy for growth of the population in New Brunswick, the local government is increasing the total of economic immigrants that would be choosing the province. Each year, the amount will grow by 7,500 until 2024. This is the number set though by the federal government. Higgs has disclosed though that New Brunswick is still urging the federal government to increase that number to 10,000 annually until the given date.

The plan

To be able to bring in the needed immigrants and get the word out regarding New Brunswick, Higgs disclosed that the local government is setting up new offices which would be in Europe as well as in India. These offices would help the province promote the province for potential immigrants that would help share their talents and skills as well as for those who wish to invest in Canada. By promoting and getting the word out about the province, it can then find the needed immigrants that would help grow the province’s population and reach the target amount by the target date.

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