Thursday, February 13, 2020

Immigration Canada Is Proud To Announce That It Has Kept Up With The Demands In Processing Applications

There are plenty of people from around the world who are interested in moving to Canada and become immigrants there. Many of them do their best to make sure that they are able to make it to the country. For others, they have to hold back for a bit because they have to work on the requirements that Canada asks of those who want to be immigrants on its soil.

Many of these immigrants who are already in Canada find the country to be beautiful and a wonderful place to live in. Some decide that they have found the best home for them and would not want to go back to their home country. With that, they would rather follow the country’s requirements and send in an application to be a permanent resident of the country. Eventually, they may even want to work their way towards becoming citizenship and plenty are given the chance to do so.

Are there delays in processing?

With the tons and tons of individuals who are interested in being immigrants, permanent residents, or citizens of Canada, it would be understandable if the government would need more hands on deck to help out. An article has recently been published that reported that there are new people in Canada who are concerned that the processing of their applications for permanent residency is going slow. It also continued to state that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, the official agency of the Canadian government that deals with this stuff, is not seemingly concerned about any delays.

The IRCC has taken notice of the article and it has recently announced that they do not have any backlogs in terms of the processing of applications for permanent residency. They also do not have any backlogs for citizenship applications or for just about any other applications that they have been receiving. Beatrice Fenelon works as the spokesperson for IRCC and she has shared that the IRCC has offices that are open to any individual who has concerns regarding the matters that they handle. It is best though for any individual who has concerns to set an appointment with their office.

Processing applications

Fenelon has continued to share that the IRCC has centralized the process across all of the agency’s offices in Canada. There are specific departments that work on specific applications, programs, or immigration streams. The applications come not only from the offices in the country but also from plenty of individuals from the rest of the world.

The IRCC’s offices get applications via mail. The applications are not available for public access for the security of the applicants’ information. The offices of the IRCC also are not open to helping out any individual with the entire application process.

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