Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Immigrant Workers Are Satisfied With How Germany Treats Them

With Germany in need of many personnel especially in the medical field, the government of the country has already decided and worked on a plan to bring in skilled workers who could help out their labor market. The government has already created pathways that would bring in the needed immigrant workers who have the necessary skills that the country is in need of. It would be unwise to bring in immigrant workers who have skills that are not needed in the country or the country already has a surplus of.

Immigrants who are already in Germany and have been working there are all happy and satisfied with how the country treats them as a whole. There are countries in the world where workers (both local and immigrants) are not treated that well. Many workers just stay for the sake of having finances that they can send home to their families. But that is not the case in Germany. Here, workers are happy with how things are going for them.

Respecting the workers

Immigrants working in Germany are happy to say that they feel respected in the country. Germany is known for being respectful of its citizens and so it does follow that it also knows how to respect immigrant workers who are sharing their skills and knowledge to the businesses and companies in the country. Immigrants who are already here are encouraging individuals who plan on working abroad to try their luck in Germany because it is a good place.

Fewer hours

What many people do not know is that people who work in Germany actually work a lot fewer hours as compared to other countries. The country also has a low unemployment rate and so those who are just trying their luck may be able to easily find a place of work in no time.

Other benefits

Regular workers, both locals and immigrants, in Germany also get to enjoy 30 days of vacation leave at the very least. In case, they are laid off their jobs, they are given a month’s worth of wages for each year that they have worked with that business or company.

Women who may have gotten pregnant and have given birth in Germany are entitled to get 14 weeks as maternity leave without having to worry about their finances because they get 100% of their salaries. Men whose spouses may have given birth can also avail of paternity rights.

Workers in Germany get to enjoy the country’s health care systems. The country is home to one of the best in the entire world and workers can avail of this benefit. The law of the country states that employees should be insured to be able to access medical care.

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