Thursday, July 13, 2017

Businesses Petition UK Government For Lesser Restrictions On Immigration

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With talks about the possibility of the United Kingdom doing an exit from the European Union, what most people know is that with this move come stricter immigration policies. After all, the very reason why the government of Britain is pushing for this to become reality is so that the country can actually have more control of their borders as what they claim. However, studies have shown that stricter immigration rules can actually do more harm than good.

Stricter immigration rules would mean that there would be a lot less individuals coming to the country. With that, it also means that the country would have to deal with a lot less people. Truth of the matter is, a lot of businesses in the country attribute the success of their endeavors to immigrants as they have proven to be reliable and hard working employees. With a lot less immigrants, businesses would have to make do with what they have and what they have is not a lot.

The option of lesser restrictions on immigration

The government may have been listening to what business owners are saying. See, recently, the government has announced that it will be sending out a new policy on immigration especially for those immigrants from the European Union. These will have lesser restrictions as compared to the first set of policies that have been proposed.  These new policies should be sent out in a few weeks’ time.

After all, the businesses in the United Kingdom have been pushing and petitioning for a new system of immigration that would allow the country to take immigrants without less restrictions as earlier proposed. This would mean that the country would not have a shortage of immigrants who come with talents and skills which the businesses need badly. The business owners have also been pushing for easier entry to the country for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the country as well as experts in technology.

Business owners speak

London First is a non-profit group in the United Kingdom and it has a mission which is to ensure that London becomes the top city in the entire globe for doing businesses. This group has sent reports and proposals regarding the immigration issue and their documents state that business owners should be able to fill in the blanks by training locals.

Of course, this cannot be done as swiftly as most may think. The organization is asking for a transition period after the UK decides to really exit the EU and that period should take up to half a dozen years. This would be a long time and the country would still need immigrants for all of the jobs that need to be done.

Immigrants really are a huge factor in the economic strength that Britain is enjoying and so the government really must make sure that this is not overlooked and should be given priority.

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