Thursday, July 6, 2017

Canadian Western Provinces Receive More Immigrants With Updated Program

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More and more immigrants are finding their way to the western provinces of Canada. This is primarily thanks to a program that the Canadian government has put together to help bring immigrants to those areas of the country. Like in most countries, immigrants flock to the top largest cities where the jobs are. And this means that some parts of the country would lack the needed people to do the tasks needed to keep their own economies growing.

It is with programs for immigrants that countries like Canada can bring people to the places that are not really populated much but also offer jobs that would help sustain their daily lives in the country. Three of the western provinces of the country are now thankful for the program that the government has put together as they are now welcoming new people to their area and these people are helping out with the jobs and with getting services provided.

The rise in immigrants in some areas of Canada

There has been a rise in the number of immigrants in some areas of Canada that really do need the numbers. These areas include the British Columbia (or BC), Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba. The rise is indeed worth looking into as these areas are in need of workforce.

All of the increase can actually be attributed to the country’s Provincial Nominee Programs, which is also more known as PNPs. According to the data, in the past weeks since they have put up the program, over 2,500 people have already signified their interest. Of the total who have signified their interest, some of those have sent in their applications so as to be able to get a certificate for the provincial nomination. The remainder of the group has been given invitations for the certificate.

The changes so far

In Manitoba, for two months, the category on skilled workers had experienced inactivity. But thanks to the nominee program for this province, they were able to send out Letters of Advice to Apply (common known as LAA) to over 600 individuals. They sent such letters to those who had signified an interest in living in there.

In Saskatchewan, the province had gotten around 1,200 applications which came from workers who had skills. This is a good thing as it means that the businesses in the area would be able to get the help that they would need.

British Columbia also did the same thing as Manitoba did. The province also sent out invites to those that have signified interest in living in the province.

As for Alberta, the province has been receiving quite a huge number of applications too. The current number of applications that they have been processing has reached over 2,800 already just for this current year.

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