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New Zealand Is Hitting New Immigration Figures

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Just how popular New Zealand is for those who are looking for a new country to call home is definitely reflected in the total number of people coming to the country. In fact, recently, the numbers have definitely reached yet another milestone. Yes, immigration numbers have just hit the highest figures so far. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that these are not all individuals who have decided to live in the country. These numbers include those that have decided to visit the country. It is important to consider them as it means that these people visiting the country can actually choose to continue to live there once they do like the place.

From the start of this year up until the end of May, the official numbers of New Zealand immigration have been able to tally a total of 72,000 as the net migration for the year. That number has broken previous records and is a definitely improvement over the numbers for the same period a year ago.

Who have been coming to New Zealand?

The question now is who are these people who have been coming to New Zealand? Where do they come from? Are they from specific parts of the globe? Or are they just about anybody from anywhere and just chose NZ because of everything that it had to offer.

According to the data from the official agency of New Zealand that deals with statistics and numbers, Statistics New Zealand, three immigrants out of four that have arrived in New Zealand are actually not citizens of the country. This means that most of them really are looking for new countries to call home. Only one out of the four immigrants are Kiwis and have come back to the country after living in a new country or working in another country.

Most of the new arrivals to NZ actually come from the United Kingdom, China, and Australia. China tops the list when it comes to the top country where the immigrants are coming from. It is closely followed by Britain and then by Australia.

The agency has also been able to note that many of the Kiwis who have gone abroad have also decided to start coming home.

The effect on the economy

In May of this year, the country has been able to experience an increase in the number of immigrants coming in. New Zealand was able to receive a total of 5,900 individuals. This is definitely a bit higher than for the month of April.

Satish Ranchhod currently works as a senior economist for the Westpac. On this, he said that this was expected. He believes that there would be more of this later on unless there are changes made. He is also happy to share that the economy of the country is positively strong and will continue to be such if the numbers remain the same for immigration.

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