Monday, July 17, 2017

New New Zealand Immigration Proposed Policies Not Working Well With Businesses

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There are groups who have been looking at the immigration situation in New Zealand. It is definitely not a secret that, recently, immigration numbers for the country have definitely gone up. In fact, the numbers have broken previous records. This means that there are definitely a huge number of people coming to the country each year.

For some people, immigration numbers are too high and this is bringing on a lot of negative changes for the country. Some believe that cities are too crowded while there are others who say that the huge influx of immigrants have brought about problems like the lack of housing. However, for those who have studied deep into the issue, the truth about the crowded cities is that this is where a lot of people go but there are really a lot of nice not-so-populated spots in the country. Also, as per the housing issues, the truth is, the issue has already been there and it is something that can be easily solved with the proper move from the government.

Policy changes

With these in mind, the government had proposed some changes to the immigration policies that the country has. For the government, it is all about making sure that there would be a lot less immigrants coming to the country as opposed to the number that the country is welcoming today. However, these policy changes have been met by opposition from business owners as these businesses rely on the immigrants to get the work done.

Simon Wallace works as the chief honcho for the New Zealand Aged Care Association. On the immigration situation, he said that the proposed changes are not really going to do much good as there is a need for more workers to provided aged care. This is because there are a lot of aged individuals in the NZ population and they need care. An elderly cannot take care of an elderly that easily and so the youthful ones are needed for such a task.

Lobbying against the proposal

A huge portion of those who provide care and healthcare in New Zealand are actually immigrants who hold work visas. According to statistics, they make up around a third of the total of such care givers. The country currently has 22,000 immigrants working as caregivers for the aged, as well as 5000 immigrant nurses.

Gordon MacLeod is the chief head for Ryman Healthcare and he is doing his best to make sure that the immigrant workers in the company stay with them. They have gone ahead and informed their staff regarding the changes and what could happen. However, they are also doing their very best to lobby against the proposal and hoping that the government listens to what they have to say about the issue.

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