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Why Canada Is A Popular Immigration Destination

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Do you know any immigrants? If you do, try and ask them what their reasons are for actually moving to another country. Ask around a hundred immigrants and you would be getting a variety of answers as per why they have chosen to move to a new country. Some can be really deep reasons while there are some reasons that can be too shallow for most people. But reasons are reasons and nobody can tell anybody not to be an immigrant just because.

One of the top immigration destinations in the world is Canada. This North American country is neighbor to the United States of America and it has recently just celebrated its 150th year of being a nation. That is big news! It means that this country has been around for quite a long time already and so for those wishing to move there, it means that the country is still in its infancy and is still trying to find how to work out its politics and other national concerns.

So the question now really is: What makes Canada quite a popular immigration destination? Here are some reasons why.

Government is socially broadminded.

The Canadian government is known to be socially broadminded. Not a lot of countries have that.

Just recently, the Supreme Court of Canada has already made same-sex marriage legal. This is a big step despite this modern world. See, many still believe that same-sex marriage totally wrong. However, Canada believes that marriage of people of the same-sex is something that should be made legal and should be supported by the government. Not a lot of governments are as open-minded as that of Canada’s.

Open to immigrants.

While other countries are making sure that they put bans or strict policies on immigration, Canada has made sure that it is open to immigration. It believes that those that need a new country to call home should be helped and given assistance. That is why it has opened its doors to all of those who may have no country or are looking for a new country to live in.

The country has also put a minimum to the number of immigrants that they would be welcoming. For other countries, they put a maximum limit. It is the total opposite for Canada. Canada has put a minimum limit of 300,000 individuals. So that means they will be accepting 300,000 at the very least.

Free health care.

In other countries, citizens have a hard time looking for the right health care because it can be quite expensive. That is why those would rather choose not to get checked because getting healthy can be too much on the pocket.

In Canada, health care is free. It just reflects just how much importance the government has for its citizens.

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