Monday, January 11, 2021

2020 Numbers Of Skilled Immigrant Workers Joining Germany Did Not Reach Target

Many countries in the world have become highly dependent on skilled immigrant workers to help out with jobs and tasks that businesses need done. One of these countries is Germany. The very reason for the country to be dependent on skilled immigrant workers is that the country has a low birth rate, an aging population, and thus, fewer people in the labor market. By bringing in skilled immigrant workers, businesses in the country can benefit from their skills and expertise and have the tasks that need to be done completed by these people.


The reality is that many positions in Germany as well as in other countries in Europe have remained vacant and the pandemic has not been helpful at all. Immigration became even more challenging for Germany and also for the potential immigrants to make things happen. The government of Germany may have had created plans and programs to bring in the skilled immigrant workers but the pandemic has brought a lot of difficulties that made bringing those people in quite the challenge.


Fewer immigrants joined Germany


The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees of Germany has disclosed that the pandemic caused by the disease known as COVID-19 had been a big factor in why there were fewer immigrants who joined Germany. Skilled immigrant workers are essential to Germany to get many tasks done and it has been quite difficult during this time, especially for those individuals who were coming in from countries that were not part of the European Union.


A spokesperson for the office said that they were expecting to see some kind of development in terms of the number of skilled immigrant workers coming in however, they were not able to see such for 2020. By the spring of 2020, Germany experienced a slump in terms of the number of these skilled individuals coming in. However, in the second half of the year, Germany’s numbers started to show some hope and started to go up. This definitely is an indication that the changes done by the country and the protocols that they have set in place are already starting to work in their favor.


Reasons for the lower numbers


One of the reasons why Germany experienced a lower number of immigrants coming in is because of the travel bans that were put in place in a number of countries around the world. Aside from that, there were also issues with the German embassies around the world. Because of the pandemic, some embassies were not open while there were those who were open but only with limited functions. There were also countries that did not allow their skilled immigrant workers who were part of the health and medicine industry to leave so these individuals can help out in their home countries.




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