Thursday, January 14, 2021

Nova Scotia Province In Canada Prepares For Recovery Of Economy By Increasing Immigration Levels

The economy is one of the things that has been badly hit when the pandemic caused by the deadly novel coronavirus spread through the globe. Countries like Canada were not spared and many of them had to impose lockdowns to make sure that the people living in their territory were safe and that the virus would not spread even further. Because people had to stay inside their homes, businesses suffered and the economy suffered as well.


Nova Scotia, one of Canada’s provinces, has accepted the reality and with the changes and developments in how the pandemic is handled, the local government is already working and preparing to help the economy recover. This would be a really good thing to do and being prepared should be the key to successfully achieving that goal. One of the things that the local government of Nova Scotia is doing is by giving approval to more and more immigrants, which they have already started doing in 2020. The immigrants would help the province recover economically in the coming years.


The approvals given to immigrants


For 2020, Nova Scotia approved more than 3,500 applications from potential immigrants. Most of these approved new immigrants were actually skilled and able to provide essential services to the province, and they include healthcare workers. They will be joining Canada once the restrictions on travel to the country have already been eased.


It is important to keep in mind that essential services are the focus for Nova Scotia and the rest of Canada for 2020 because of the pandemic. These people are the ones who provide important services that people need regularly or even during emergencies. With that, Nova Scotia was also able to keep in their territory a good amount of healthcare workers. These included physicians and nurses as well as care assistants. With the pandemic, healthcare workers were really important workers as they were the ones who helped people who were sick and were stricken with the virus. They were also the ones who made sure that the virus does not spread and that the health of the people was given utmost attention.


Lower numbers for 2020


Like in many provinces and cities in Canada, Nova Scotia was able to record lower levels of immigration for 2020 as compared to the number for immigration levels in 2019. This is not a surprising thing given the pandemic and the protocols that have to be put in place to make sure that people are kept healthy and well. This is why the local government of the province has been doing the best that it can to be able to bring in as many new immigrants as possible despite the current situation.




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