Friday, January 8, 2021

Haggis And Whisky: A Guide On Food In The United Kingdom For Immigrants

A person who does not experience the local food is missing out on a lot. This goes true for travelers and tourists who still try and eat only the foods that they are familiar with. However, in the case of immigrants, trying out new dishes is something that they cannot really do away with as they are living in a new country and looking for food that is familiar to them can be a difficult task and can also be quite expensive. That is why immigrants who are living in the United Kingdom are urged to try out the local cuisine. Haggis and whisky are two foods that people in this country should try out and these foods have yet to disappoint.




Haggis is a dish that is Scottish in nature. It is what is considered to be the fish and chips of the Scottish people. It is a dish that is quite known in that part of the world and plenty of people really do choose this to have. Tourists, immigrants, and locals really do love haggis. But it is the ingredients of this dish that can be quite a challenge. See, haggis is made from various organs of a sheep, along with some oatmeal, suet (which is kidney fat), and onions – these are then stuffed right inside the stomach of sheep. Then, it is then boiled until it becomes firm. Slices of this dish are then made right at the table.


This dish can be quite interesting because it is very unusual. It looks really not that appetizing as most people would expect dishes to be. However, one has to overcome the dish’s appearance to be able to appreciate its taste. It is quite so delicious that even the famous poet from Scotland, Robert Burns, has even created a poem that gives accolades to this delectable dish. This dish can be found in the UK and should be something to try.




Scottish whisky is one of the top exports of the United Kingdom that is alcoholic. It is spelled as ‘whiskey’ and it is known the world over as being the best one in the entire world. The real deal is actually made using malted barley which is basically a process that is entirely unique to the whole process used to distill Scottish whisky. It is also a legal requirement for the real deal to age for three years at the very least. They should be aged in casks right in Scotland and there are only 115 distilleries in the country which have official licenses. People who do get this drink are surely in for a great treat as it is world-class and is quite a unique experience.




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