Monday, May 14, 2018

Canada Universities Are Attracting More Immigrant Students From US

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More and more students in the United States are looking for better options when it comes to getting higher education. Not many really are keen on continuing their education in the US because the cost of going to a university there can be quite expensive. Although there are a lot of educational loans and other types of loans that could help students who are interested in going to university, a loan still is a loan and it means that there would still be something to pay for. Most students who do go pursue a degree in a university may have gotten the degree that they want but they start their life after school with a degree and with a big loan to take care of for the first years that they would be working.

Many experts who have been looking at the situation are more than happy to share that this kind of situation in the United States is what is bringing a lot of immigrant students from the US to go to Canada. This is because Canada has a far better offer when it comes to higher education and citizens of their neighbor are more than happy to jump ship to get the degree that they want to have.

The difference between US and Canada universities

Experts have compared just how much getting a college degree would cost an individual in the United States as compared to an individual who is going to college in Canada. It seems like getting an education in the US is far higher than that of Canada’s. Canada has been a godsend for many students as it means that they would have to spend a lot less. They can start living a life with a college degree without a humungous loan to pay off.

Those who have studied in Canada and are from the US have mentioned that rent is far cheaper in Canada which also helps them save up on cash. This allows them to save their money to purchase things that may be needed in school.

Canada is welcoming immigrant students

Canada has always been open to immigrant students. In 2016 alone, the government of Canada has given a total of 6,349 permits for individuals who are from the United States and are looking at Canada for further education. This is definitely higher as compared to 2015’s number which was a total of 5,683. With a much cheaper option available in Canada, it is definitely not surprising that plenty of the students are choosing to get their college education here. While Americans are slaving over paying off their student debts, those who have graduated from Canada are enjoying their new lives without having to deal with the responsibility of paying off debts.

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