Tuesday, May 29, 2018

New Zealand Employers Are Luring Skilled Immigrants

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Good news for all of those individuals out there who are trying their very best to make it to New Zealand as immigrants! Recently, more and more employers in the country are actually trying to lure and bring in the skilled immigrants that their business needs. This means that those immigrants who would be able to get to the country as a skilled immigrant would not only be fulfilling their dreams of being in New Zealand but would also be able to tide themselves daily as they would be having a job once they are in the country. This is definitely good news and it does not quite happen that often.

In a recent update, it is now easier for employers in New Zealand to actually bring in all of those skilled immigrants that are essential to their business. Previously, there are a lot of requirements to be passed to be able to do that and it includes making sure that they have exhausted trying to find those skilled individuals from locals first. This time, there is no need for such. Employers can directly find the needed employees from outside the country.

Before the changes were made

Before there were such changes to getting the needed employees, it is important to look right into how things were. For the financial year 2016 to 2017, only 716 businesses were given the go signal to go ahead and lure those skilled immigrants to New Zealand. However, for the current financial year, the numbers have definitely gone up. From 716, right now, there are 899 businesses that have been given the go signal to find those skilled immigrants that are going to benefit the businesses. This is definitely over 25 percent in terms of increase.

This situation is now pushing those businesses that are part of the construction industry to go ahead and find those immigrants as soon as possible. A chance like this does not come too often and so taking advantage of it would be really great. At present, the construction industry really needs a lot of skilled workers as there are a lot of projects that are up and ready to go and some have already been started.

Looking beyond New Zealand

The very reason for this change is because of the LookSee Build programme and this actually allows for more projects. And with more projects means a bigger need to find the right people to do the jobs. There is a really big demand at present for those skilled workers and the country just does not seem to have the right supply of it. That is why the government has taken out the limitations and is now allowing businesses to look further than New Zealand.

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