Friday, May 25, 2018

No More Downward Spiral For Immigration To Ontario, Canada

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For more than a decade, there was a downward spiral when it comes to immigrants entering Ontario, Canada. This was not a really good thing as it meant that the very reason why Canada has been pushing for a high rate of immigration is not really happening for Ontario. That is why it is quite good news that this downward spiral for Ontario has already stopped and the numbers are slowly becoming better as we speak. Ontario is now welcoming a lot of new immigrants to their soil and it is quite a happy thing to have.

Now, Ontario would not have to deal with a shortage in terms of laborers. It would also now not have to deal with an aging population as more immigrants mean a more youthful lot coming to live there. See, a huge portion of immigrants are actually younger individuals and so the average age in Ontario would be going up as well.

The numbers show the story

According to official data from the immigration department of Canada, the province has welcomed 111,925 individuals to the place just last year. This is definitely a huge number and something that Ontario really is more than happy to have. This amount actually takes up 39 percent of the whole total of new immigrants in Canada. This number was definitely higher as compared to the 95,828 immigrants that came to Ontario back in 2014. This lot made up only 36.8 percent of the whole total of immigrants to Canada that year.

Back in 2005, the province was able to mark around 54 percent of the whole total of immigrants to Canada that year. So this means that the province still has a long way to go to be able to get the mark that once was theirs. 54 percent means more than half of the total who came to Canada that year had decided to stay in Ontario and live there.

More numbers

Of all the immigrants in Ontario for last year, 85,500 of those actually decided to stay and settle in the area of Greater Toronto. So this means that there was definitely more people choosing to stay in the area as compared to the number two years before. Last year’s gain was around 5.4 percent.

For January this year, the province has already welcomed 10,870 individuals as the newest permanent residents of Ontario. This is an increase of 48.6 percent as compared to the number for January of 2017. January of 2017’s number only noted around 7,315 individuals who became permanent residents. This means that more and more are now choosing Ontario as their new home and it is helping the province a lot. Hopefully, in the coming years, the downward spiral would not happen again and the upward climb would continue.

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